Father of Evolution WIP & DEMO Chapter Three complete!

You are a the captain of a ship designed to keep colonist alive and ready to be delivered to a new colonial planet.

You are Aboard the U.C.F.S (United Colonial Federation Ship) Eden And you are tasked with keeping the crew and as many of the colonists on board alive as possible.

On the way you’ll have to navigate minefields, Go through warzones and make quick decisions to save your colonists

This is set in a future where mankind has already spread out among the stars but are now locked in a war where new colony ships are pretty much an colony ship and a warship attached together. After you have delivered your colonists, your ship will revert back to it’s original designation. The UCFS Dreadnought Fearless, THIS is the reason why you signed up to be a captain THIS is the reason why you are Proud to be who you are! As the story progresses you’ll enjoy being a part of this!

This is the new link for the Demo!: https://dashingdon.com/play/classified/father-of-evolution/mygame/

Questions? Comments?
Post them below, They help keep me going on this story!

Update: 2017-07-31 7:52Pm
fixed the repeating scenes in the prologue that go on forever and ever…
BIG UPDATE!: 2017-08-02 3:57Pm
Chapter one is released!
Updated: 2017-08-06 4:33Pm
Chapter 2 is released!
Updated: 2017-08-14 3:00Pm
Chapter 3 updated!

  1. What’s the political situation like?

  2. Are there any aliens and are they hostile to the government this ship is associated with?

  3. What’s the deal with this planet we’re going to and what’s stopping us from going to another planet?

  4. Without spoiling much, what nature of questionable decisions will we be making? i.e. do we sacrifice some colonists to slavers in order to keep the ship alive?

  5. This sounds similar to an early CS game called The Fleet in the sense that you are supposed to keep civilians safe while reaching for an ultimate goal. What’s the difference between your WIP and that game?

Sorry if it sounds like I’m grilling you here, but I feel it’s important to set up some sort of F.A.Q. to get confusion out of the way.


Thanks for your insight into setting up an F.A.Q.
Your main goal is the well being of your crew members And your decisions may affect The overall morale of the crew. If things get bad enough which is where your questionable choices come in They may decide to mutiny against you. The deal is with the planet is that This planet is only the 6th colonization and what makes this special is that it’s the only one that’s completely habitable because it resembles earth almost perfectly. Nothing’s stopping you from going to another planet this one is just better and doesn’t require terraforming. I might add some form of hostile aliens when they’re passing through a system But I still need to give it more thought. Feel free to ask more questions! :wink:

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This sounds similar to a Hosted Game. Quarantine Agent or something like that. You are the head of a group of crewmen and decide what is allowed with the colonists on a new world.


Well, mixed with Apex Patrol and… The Fleet? (All hosted games).

Are these an inspiration?

From what little you’ve told us, I’m certainly interested.

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I’ve played through several of those games but no that isn’t where i’m getting my inspiration I will be adding choices where you could choose to complete the mission set for you or you could always go off the beaten path and see where that takes you! Each choice will affect the ending you’ll get


Hmm, this sounds like a game I would love to make or play. One thing I would say, is that if the game focuses on the freedom of choice, then it would more than likely be quite a huge project to undertake.

Just a few development questions.

  1. How many people are going to be working on the game?
  2. How big do you expect this game to be?
  3. How fictional is this game going to be? (How realistic is this game going to be? More realism, means more research, which means more work) - Or are you going to avoid realism all-together?
  4. How much would you be willing to work on this game?

Starting a game is one thing… continuing to work on it, and committing to it, is a challenge in of itself for a big game.


I’m more of a we’ll see where this goes person. As for how many people who will be working on this game it’s just going to be me so i’ll occasionally need to seek other people’s guidance. Just like you I don’t expect this game to grow too big but who knows? It might expand and become huge! This Game will largely be focused on fiction, with some parts of realism in it. As for how much i’m willing to work on it…I’m willing to work as much as it takes to get this completed. I’m going to be spending all my on free time on this which I have quite a lot of. This is going to be one of my first project which I hope will be successful like yours. I got inspired by the work you were doing and I wanted to follow in your steps!

Comment deleted. Offer rescinded.

If I get to command a starship, I’m in

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does anyone else get an eroor when you try to look at your stats

yep, I don’t think he has implemented the stast yet.

Ok thanks
20 characters

Chapter one will be released sometime today, keep a look out!

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HAHA!! My pod malfunctioned and I died immediately. :laughing:

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CHAPTER ONE has been released :rofl:
Hope you all enjoy!

Lmao looks like you found one of my surprises i plan on putting many of those there to keep it interesting

Stats will be implemented by chapters 4 or five, still figuring it out!

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I’ve decided to change the focus of this game! Instead of just going through a bunch of hurdles to get the colonist to where they should be(Mildly interesting, but not enough) I’ve decided to mix it up a little more you’ll get to deliver your colonists And then you’ll be set a different task To complete (Aid in wars, remove insurgents Etc etc) During which you’ll have plenty of time to explore your way through star systems!

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Chapters 2 and 3 will be released in about a week together for alpha testing! The wait will not be long!

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Chapter 2 updated early! Keep a look out for chapter 3! That’s when things get…interesting.

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Love the update!!

Just a few things I noticed:


Chapter 2 should be on its own line. Currently it shows “Chapter 2 A New Home As your crew…”

Same page:
""Well…shit"You manage to say."
Should be a space between the quotation mark and “you”.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll get on that right away! Cheers! :smile: