Fate of Vampires: Book One (WIP)

When you notice that you get weaker ever day, you understand that end of Vampires is near. Not only you, but also your vampire family and friends become weak. If it continues that way, there will be no vampires in the world. All the vampires will be so weak that they will turn into normal humans.

The only way to stop this is the blood of Original Vampire’s child. Finding him/her will be so hard because there’s only one Original in the world.

Can you find the child of Original Vampire?

Mary Alven (Vampire) - Your mother
Michael Alven (Vampire) - Your father
James Alven (Vampire) - Your brother
Alice Alven (Vampire) - Your sister
Kate/Kenny Garfield (Vampire) - Your best friend (RO)

Trevor Juster (Human) - Your friend from school (RO)
Amy Carnes (Human) - Your friend from school (RO)

Jamie/James Carey (Vampire) - Your enemy (RO :smile: )

Chapter 1 will be ready soon…

Any questions?


YAY! More vampire stories!!

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How old is the MC? Are they centuries old and just going to school to fit into society? or does the MC age naturally like humans?


MC is 18 years old. He/she ages naturally like humans.

Considering they age naturally like humans: What exactly sets them apart from humans, besides blood drinking?

Can they consume human food?

Also, considering that the vampires could turn human, does that mean they started out human and were turned or were they always vampire?

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They started out humans and were turned. They are stronger and faster than humans.

What time frame does this take place?

Then how are they immortal? I mean one of the perks of being a vampire is to be immortal. Is it due to the weakening that he/she started to age?

I love vampire stories and i will be looking forward to this also what is the original is this vampire the strongest or is it just a person with special blood?

Spoiler its a Radioactive Vampire Bat :bat:

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Is there any motivation for us to stop all the vampires from becoming human? I mean, aside from losing our cool perks, there doesn’t seem to be any negative consequences.

:thinking: Do we just become so weak that we simply wither away?


Can you share some details about the ROs? Specifically the girls that can be romanced by girls


I wish we was the original


Dun forget the guys who can be romanced by guys. :upside_down_face:

Themyscira was called Paradise Island for a reason, no guys :grin:

Hmm how to make a joke that’s not in poor taste? Ahh I know time to look through every thread in the forum. I’ll be back in a few months once I get back in touch. There’s a reason Themyscira’s fictional. I dun know what it might be. Maybe you do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :upside_down_face:

Add Spices to the joke and season to taste
(I prefer Capsaicin and Sodium heavy jokes)

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