Fate of the Oracle (Beta Testing: Complete)

Hello Everyone,

This project is not only my first game in ChoiceScript, but also my first project that is anywhere close to being novel length coming in at around 65k words. It seems many others have posted progress of their works to the forum as they continue to write, but I am releasing this as a complete game for beta testing before I apply to the Hosted Games label. I hope you enjoy it, and look for detailed critique.

Game: Fate of the Oracle

Wake up without your memories, discover a strange ability to affect fate, and find out who is responsible. You may decide to take revenge, save others in the name of justice, or use your abilities to take over a malicious entity for your own purposes.


  • Play as male or female
  • Choose a path: espionage, violence or overthrow
  • Three romance-able options (two female, one male: sorry the other male just didn’t work out)
  • Six different endings
  • Stalk a corrupt CEO
  • Infiltrate a shady research facility
  • Use fate to your advantage
  • Build relationships with multiple characters

I will update daily in accordance with the amount of feedback I receive and post the updates here depending on how many details were changed, bugs fixed, etc…

Beta-test Complete…

Update Log

Update #1

  • implemented save states
  • fixed multiple pronouns depending on gender
  • implemented disable_reuse in places where options should only be selected once
  • fixed spacing and punctuation in multiple areas
  • Director Leon and Julia were old names; updated that to Director Bowers and Jordan

Update #2

  • after you get the medicine, you can no longer return to the 24th floor

  • fixed a few more gender issues and grammar mistakes

To Do:
@Vashnik There are a few points where you might pass by options depending on selection order. I did this so players who didn’t care about certain details could skip them, but I have trouble finding a way to make this more obvious to the player which options progress the story vs. which ones enhance story detail (without blatantly stating it)

Okay, so I went back to check this out and got a little confused. The endings that involve doing good things (aka Oracle shuts down), you actually do reunite with Emily and Jack. It’s only the endings that would disturb Emily, where violence or overthrowing the company is involved, that you cannot reunite with them. Are you suggesting this should be changed or did I miss something?

@Hearts I don’t think you should be able to lie to Emily about destroying the lab. She can basically sense emotions at that point which would give you away.

Thanks for all the feedback, waiting to see if it will be published under the Hosted Games label.


If I decide “Check the nightstand” first and then “Head to the bathroom”, I can’t get the third choice “Explore the rest of this house” :thinking:

I’m also a little confused with this part:

He sits down at the booth where you just had ‘your’ meeting with Julia from Oracle Research. Must be the real Director Leon.

In my meeting, the director’s name was Bowers and my interviewer was a man named Jordon Grayson

Change maam too sir

I like these theme of overthrowing and killing while having ROs. Also, the save system doesn’t seem to work. Love the happy ending for the Espionage path.


should be girl, my MC is a female.

I chose the second option, but it didn’t goes blank? Like it’s still giving me a choice to choose it again.
I know MC is asking the kid’s name, but it honestly just sound like Emily just have more than one.

24th take me to the same page. (I was able to go on 24th, after I finished the 25th floor)

little mistake here.

The first option take me to the same page.

Sounds like a interesting game I’m going to check it out

I enjoy the game, but the ending seems like a bit of a false dilemma.


The family needs to disappear when the MC sends basically the entire company to prison why?

And fine, even if they disappear, the MC can’t use their abilities to find them when the MC is sure everyone is safe because???

So that leaves two options where, if the MC is so inclined, can shut down the company and be with the family if that’s what the MC desires- Convince them they will be safe without hiding, or finding them when shutting down the company is done.

Everyone started kinda hating my mc for taking the deal to free them. No body understands poor mc. :cry:


Also when emily ask to choose between going with her or destroying the lab? even we really had to make the choice, couldnt we just lie, go with her and blow everything up later.

I dont remember if we can lie when making the deal. Can we lie when making the deal? If not, it would be nice to have the option, immersion and all that.

Me agree. Maybe a stats check like relationship > 00 ?

Oh just thought of a third alternative option for the ending.


Call the police and then disappear with the family if she really can’t be convinced they’d be safe otherwise. It’s not like the take down is presented as being dependent on the MC’s eyewitness testimony or anything.

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Ms Harper trust should’ve gone up when she tells you about son and decides to leave with you.

making you the man you are today

“the person you keep thinking about is…”

Pulling them your pants off your ankles

NO SEX SCENE?!?!?!??!?!?!


With that question still in mind, a man steps calmly steps in through the double doors at the opposite end of the room with a small porcelain cup in hand

black mist

“Lock him down!” You hear the director scream as blood spills out of his neck.

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