…danm life… just when i started to get confidence that i can make a game a new problem came up and this problem can not be fixed… i must farewell… i do not want to get emotional ( not that i am that sad :wink: ) but yeah @musiclover i need to listen to ur raps before i leave… its about soccer this time u must understand how much i love soccer…goodbye guys :-((


i am really sorry, damn i left vamp kid once again… i had made some people dislike me overhere i have to say srry before i leave but i will leave my demigod game up so u guys can praise it :P… jokes k and srry to every1 that i have to say it to… and yeah good bye guys… hope u forgive
you better or iam gonna hunt u down :wink:


Irule you are a really melodramatic kid what happen to you now?


i just like being dramatic :wink: but i am accually a little tiny tiny tiny bit sad :stuck_out_tongue:


What happen now? You are hard to follow you post really random


to be truthful being dramatic makes me think that u guys feel srry for me so u forgive me and all that and i am going to reveal all my secrets now…

  • i accually m not that srry but still a little bit well i am srry to vamp kid
  • i swore at mara when i got mad at her… srry bout that :wink:
  • i accually loved CJW’s work i think he is a master of coding…
  • i accually want to listen to ML’s raps for real

yeah that about it


oh srry if u dint understand its about soccer ( aka football)


What you go now?


goodbye cog… i will check on this after a while to see how many people care about me ok… i want more people to say goodbye right now …


Irule you are really the emo troll worst case i never seen if you wanna go do it no yelling about it like Emma in zombie exodus


hey that was suppose to be funny oh well don’t insult me before i leave


Go away or stay but dont post a discussion for that before break your word another time with vamp


First off, where are you going?


Good question


ok i will ignore mara as i can see she is getting mad hope she forgives me and ML i am leaving cog and i need to listen to ur raps and i have setteled my matters with vamp kid i allready told him before that i might have to leave because of soccer and i am being open with u guys here other wise i would not have told mara that i swore at her once and yeah any1 else wants to spit there anger about me out because i am really curious to know how wat people think about me… ok i am sounding really evil now


and yeah just want u guys to wish me luck on my soccer carear if u care… and yeah i posted this disscussion because i just wanted to tell every1 iam leaving so they don’t think i am still here


and mara if u r grumpy at me u just ignore this discussion because i made this for people who care… truthfully i want to know if any1 even cares like is ML even my friend… it deosnt feel like it


and i bet a mod is gonna close this cause i am really not being very nice to mara well i have to tell the truth before i leave thats how i feel about it


ok gotta sleep now lets see wat people say see ya guys tommorow


Irule if you go something against me please send me a pm i dont insult you i only say what im thinking