Fantasy Roleplaying


This is a Roleplaying thread. You get to make your own character and choose it’s race, this is the character script
Race: (human, werewolf, vampire, fairy)
Keep your background to yourself, and at times express some of it. I will say if your character is approved
Also just to give a grip to the world, werewolves will be in packs (their social group) vampires are in clans, fairys are usually alone but get a magic power, and usually look unearthly, and humans is basically whatever, but BE CAREFUL if you are bitten by a werewolf you will turn, if a vampire sires you, you will turn, fairys you can only be born as. Here are is a example of a fairy
Name: Nix(always an odd unique name)
Race: Fairy
Magical power: invisibility
Description: purple eyes, angular bones, (usually angelic features) all mythics are hard to kill, humans are easier.
The skills in this Roleplaying thread
Strength (Vamp, Werewolf, get +5 for Str, Per and End)
You have up to 30 points
Fairys get a magical ability that’s why they dont get bonuses to skills.
Werewolves can change at anytime
Vampires lose their bonuses in sunlight but do not take damage, they also need blood to live, animal blood will suffice. I hope this isn’t too much to read, I hope all who join have fun!


Can there be more races?


If you offer I may add, sure!


trents(tree people) some of the wereclans the I know about-Werecats,Wereboars.


Naww, all of the races look humanly, and if you want to be a wereboar ect be a fairy that can shapeshift


treants?Also those are clans that I know about not wanna be


Well this is all based in new York so…


I’ll give it a whirl. Is this gonna be a serious RP, and what setting is it? Tolkien-esque, or more modern, or what?

Name: Yara Faladel
Race: Fairy
Magical power: Shapeshifting
Description: This: (The lion is one of her preferred shifted forms)
Strength: 5
Perception: 15
Endurance: 10

I’m gonna assume shifted forms give her different stats. I suppose we’ll play that by ear?


Modern and not too serious, and i guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh and I’ll play as any npcs, I might make a character at some point though
And approved


Hey when do you change(3 days or like 1 sec.




human to werewolf human to vampire


Vampire takes 3 days, going over stages (stage 1- illness, fever ect, step 2- everything slows down (reflexs kicking in) step 3- nausea (your body rejecting food) step 4- death step 5- turning into a vampire
Werewolves get angry until first full moon when they change (uncontrollably) and remember almost nothing, after 3 days of the change they can change parts of them on their own, and not too long after full transformation at any time


Hmph doesn’t seem like this interests too many people :confused: oh well


Descripition:6’0 has green eyes has a good build also wears brown clothes all the time

(Is there a cure or a way to stop from becoming a vampire or werewolf?)


Gonna need to find out :wink:


Am I approved?


Alright I’ll give this a go.
Name: Alexander
Race: Vampire
Description: Average height, pale skin, do vampires have special eyes and such? If not just Blue.
Stern face with a small little beard. Something like this
Strenght: 10 (15?)
Perception: 15 (20?)
Endurance: 5 (10?)

Uh also I’m not going to be on the internet this weekend, so if I get accepted I’ll just announce it when I’m back.


@noogai Hey, your Vampire has basically the same hood as my Fairy character. COINCIDENCE?! :open_mouth:

… Probably. But it’s still kinda funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can there be elves