Fantasy Game Interest check

Hello everyone, been practicing a bit and think I’m ready to make a game. I know there are a lot of fantasy games, so I want to feel out if anyone is interested in this.

Summary so far:
You wake from a slumber, however thousands of years have passed and the world has forgotten you. Your once mighty kingdom is destroyed and forgotten, your generals and your army gone and your memories fragmented. Once known as the mightiest magic user, you had no equal and did not expand much . However, others did not see it that way. They saw you as a danger, a ticking bomb that could go off anytime. To destroy you, the races allied and planned for a long time, going so far as to ignore the current circumstances with the Demon King and recall the Heroes. You fell in battle, but not before shaking the world with your might, however what they thought was the end was just another beginning.

You will forge a new path, whether it is of conquest or a legend depends on you. You’ll have to find your generals or their descendants again should you wish to rebuild, but will they still be loyal to you?


I think maybe a little bit more detail may be required here. This will come across as harsh, but I swear I’m not trying to be mean here, I’d just like to help you define your story a little better.

How many years are we talking here? Just a couple? Or are we getting into double digits?

This is labelled high fantasy but there’s no indication of any of that in you setting. Could you describe that a bit more? Is it a historical high fantasy? Alternate history of this world? Or is it a fictional land?

Who were we before we were somehow out into the slumber? Will there be a pre-built history or will we get to decide our own past?

On that note, do we know how we were put to sleep? Was it magic? Was it meant to help keep us alive? Or intended as a curse?

Personally, with the number of fantasy games here, and fantasy novels in general, you’re going to need to bring something unique here to draw interest.

Not saying you need to have a 100% original, never been done before deal, because let’s face it, that’s impossible. But nothing you’ve described here would make me want to pick up this title.


Im going to need more details about this too.
What claim to you have to the throne? Was your kingdom conquered, and is that why you have to rebuild it? If so, would this game be a conquest, then rebuilding game? If it wasnt conquered, why do you have to rebuild it? Why are these specific subordinates so important, that they specifically need to be tracked down?

As @saarebutts said, your going to need details that set your game about from the others out there.

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I’m with the other two. We need more information to really tell.

That said, it sounds kind of similar to another game/WIP that may be dead now. The MC awakes in a sarcophagus inside a ruined mausoleum to the sound of looters. They capture you in your weak state and… that is all that I remember (it was awhile ago).

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This sounds like The Wight King.

It’s a vauge concept, but most concepts are good and as long as you make it different enough from the Wight King, the game should be good.


Thank you @saarebutts. Didn’t know what to really say, so that’ll really help.

We’re talking about thousands of years here.

I put it as high fantasy, because it’ll be in a fictional land where there are monsters, magic and so on.

You were a ruler in the past, but not just any ruler. Most notably, one of the strongest magic user in the world. It’ll be both. You’ll decide your personality in the past, but some things will be pre-built.

You’ll be put to sleep in a battle. Though that wasn’t their original goal, however they will think you’re dead. How this battle occurs is because you’re too dangerous. Humans + Elves and maybe some others reluctantly forged a shaky alliance to attack you.

That’s true, with so many fantasy games, could be a bit hard to garner interest.

@augustus27 You’re the ruler, there is no claim as nobody is willing or wants to fight you for it. Your kingdom wasn’t conquered, it was destroyed and forgotten over time. Game would be more of an adventure game, where you have to find your subordinates again to even rebuild. Why you have to rebuild it…well good question. Nostalgia or something else? If you don’t want to rebuild it, that’s also fine. These specific subordinates are important, because they have followed you for thousands of years unwavering and steadfast in their loyalty. Moreover, they’re needed to rebuild your kingdom as a ruler cannot rule alone.

I’ve read Wight King before, but definitely it’s not like that.


See, your second description is so much more detailed. I think you should edit your original post to include some of what you say in your second post, that way people will know straight away what the game’s about (also it’s fine to describe the game as “high fantasy”, since now you’ve made it clear that a lot of high-fantasy elements will be included in the game.)

As far as being worried about there being so many fantasy games on COG… I’d actually say that high-fantasy wasn’t a particularly common setting for COG or Hosted Games. I’d definitely like to see more. :blush:


Thats a much better description, and it definitely sounds interesting. Ill be happy to help with this in any way I can. Will you be using the standard high fantasy races (dwarf, elf, halfling, gnomes, orc, things like that), or will you have made up your own races? I personally find original races far more interesting, but whatever you pick will probably be great.


I also find original races more interesting. I intend to draw races from legends and so on such as fae, goblins, elves, dark elves, vampires, slimes and so on.

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Sup. I’m just here to ask some questions. :slight_smile:

Will you create a high-lore game? Will you also introduce what kind of world the mc is in?

So I can’t be legendary with my sword and charm the pretty ladies?

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Yes, I will probably do that. I might include it in a lore only screen in the stats screen.

I wasn’t really thinking of a sword, but you CAN use a sword if you wish. It won’t be an ordinary sword though. Something along the lines of a “magic” sword created entirely out of your own magic.

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