Do you hate it? Do you love it? Tell me why, I love it, the only problem is that I have to go through tons of terrible ones to find a good one.


i love write mine, but 99’999% it’s terrible and don’t know about real lore.
.Also publish it is a copyright issue, with some companies really battle against it.

I don’t read others people fanfic, since tons of years, maybe just because, i center in become evil, and the rest is center in romance and doing unrealistic heroic actions; just because it’s cool, damaging storyline, being sincere about it, most of them never have a storyline to begin in first place


@MaraJade I agree with you, there are too many unrealistic Fanfics, but I tend to get lucky, and find special gems. Or a “Diamond in the rough.” As it were.


i love fanfics. There are some great writers out there who write amazing stories out of some books with amazing potential ideas. =D


@OKidOKI Yes, I wish those were the only people who write Fanfiction though, as they get overshadowed by stupid story’s, with unrealistic plots.


Eh. I don’t mind plot issues - canon vs. fanon isn’t a big issue to me - I read/write slash though, that may be why it doesn’t bug me as much. My problem lies with crackfics, I believe they’re called. I can’t understand why someone would intentionally write something awful. I guess it could be an outlet, but whatever.

Ummm… I don’t think I’ve ever read fanfiction that was intended to be canon-friendly.

I suppose, in line with my dislike for crackfics is my basic dislike for less than average writing? That’s in no short supply in any fandom. How can I put this… Sometimes, even mindless PWP is better than some people’s earnest attempt at fanfiction.

I guess like fanfiction because I find a lot of people will use established characters in a way that I might consider/think about but would never happen in the established universe. I see it as harmless fun and not to be considered seriously in the slightest, a way to practice writing without all the pressure.


Well TV Tropes has pages with recommended fanfics.
A few gems I’ve found (okay one):


@Caddmuss I only read story’s with a plot, or else it isn’t a… Story. All my fanfictions are canon friendly, or at least as much as they can be.

@SamuraiMantis I might read that.


I read a lot of really bad fanfic. It serves as a special little reminder that my own writing is nowhere near as awful as I think it is. That, and doing dramatic readings of it with friends is hillarious! :))


@CS_Closet My friends and I do that to.


I wrote a few canon-friendly fanfics (Resident Evil, Mass Effect and World War Z) I liked writing them because it is easier to work with an established world and you can focus on writing it well enough to fit into it.


If somebody posts a fanfic you’d expect it to at least be capitalized correctly and have mostly spelled right words right? Wrong. I see a really great description of their fanfic think to self oh this will be great. Go to read it… My eyes!!! Can’t understand half of what they’re writing because beginning of sentences aren’t capitalized or most of heir words are spelled wrong. It’s like when you’re trying to concentrate and that one annoying person thinks oh this is definitely the time to start clicking my pen nonstop.

@Nocturnal_Stillness is your WWZ fanfic based on the book or the movie?


The book.


Yes! As… Good as the movie was it lost a lot of somethings in translation in relation to the book.


Shadowrun Returns came out, and not I have a couple of pages of shadowrun fanfic on my computer. I do not know how it happened, but it did.



It was even written in the same format as the book. I thought the movie was a huge letdown although I know it has done well in the box office.


I find fan fiction a bit bemusing and slightly annoying, especially since a person I know who is into it decided not to watch a show a I’d been talking about based on the fact that he couldn’t find much fan fiction about it.


@The_Ravenclaw i also sometimes get annoyed by those stories with unrealistic plots, but i can endure it. I believe many wanna-be authors are practicing first by writing fanfictions before writing their own original stories. =D i hope they improve and someday write great original stories as well as great fanfictions.


@OKidOKi Well, I write Fanfiction because I like the universe, people call me unoriginal for it, and it annoys me to no end, especially since I do write my own original work.


@OKidOKi well, i’m glad you also write fanfictions. it would be sad if great author doesn’t write fanfictions for other works. Some of the books are too great to not have great fanfictions. If you are awesome author and love being creative, you wouldn’t miss out on amazing potential ideas from other books! Well, it always doesn’t have to be book fanfiction. Movies, TV shows, and anime and more. There are so many great possibilities! XD