Fanfiction Games


I don’t know if this is just me, but it would be rather interesting if there was a separate host for ChoiceScript games set in a pre-established universe. Credit would be given where credit would be due and no money would be made from the games.
It’s probably just me though…


We’re not allowed to make fanfiction games. There’s legal issues, unless you get actual permission from the author of the world.

You can write fanfiction based on any of the games which are copyrighted to choice of games as long as you’re not making money off of it and provide appropriate credit.


So basicly you can just write fanfiction as long you’re not making money on it


Yes, you can write fanfiction of games which Choice of Games hold the copyrights to, as long as you don’t make any money out of it. I don’t think you can make fan-games of them though.

You can’t make fan-fiction games of anything, regardless of whether you intend to make money or not, unless you have the author’s express permission to do so. I think there is one game on the forum where the game creator does have the author’s permission.


I could make a fan fic of ZE called 1000 ways to kill Emma due JimD give me permision i even have a tiny demo its only for fun, and is only a mission never have the idea make a real game of it.

If you ask and dont did nasty think like porn of ultra dirty they would let you. But you have to ask and give author the credit deserve


well fanfiction of a CoG of Hosted game is basicly a DLC for it


No fan fiction never could be a dlc. Due not same authors and fan fiction never could have comercial distribution and profit so nope is totally different to a Dlc


I think it’s a waste of time to do fan fiction…you can’t get it published and it’s too limited, since you have to go off of someone’s completed ideas as opposed to making your own.


@Samuel_H_Young is useful to learn write a story and create your own style using for learning characters already know in a setting defined. I do some in my teens and help me to polish my style.


That’s true. Still, I’d rather have a finished work that I’m able to have published and have the satisfaction of knowing that I created all of the ideas myself.


I knew the legal issues that would prevent it from ever being published, I just wanted to know what everyone else thought if it were possible. I really should learn to keep my mind and mouth shut XD


@Aquos_Boost you dont have to learn that, why would you learn it



fan-fiction can help those writers who lack confidence to get more into writing it also can help you learn how world building works.


If you start with something familiar its a bit easier to ease into the unknown. You already have the preset ideas to build off of and you can always go back and check up on it if you need to.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing fanfiction. In fact I think it’s wonderful that people can share a love of a work of fiction in such a manner that it inspires their own creativity. It brings fans together, allows them to share stories, that’s definitely not bad.

As long as we’ve been telling stories, we’ve also been putting our own spin on things. It’s just such a natural part of storytelling. Legalities make it something we can’t do with choice games.


Well it has a lot of pro’s, but the main reason I said that was because it can’t be published, which sucks for the author, even if they aren’t doing it for money.


Why would it suck for a writer to do what they love?


I love writing so much I hope to finish a story I’ve been working on since eight grade (I’m a senior now) and get published one day, finish the fanfic I’ve been working on for three years, and maybe one day work at Bethesda or Bioware as a video game writer. (And today my goal in life is to avoid having the Applebee’s staff sing Happy Birthday to me)


-.- because if you don’t get money, you can’t write as much or as seriously. You completely misunderstood what I said. I said it would suck to not have it published because you don’t get as much recognition and no money, I didn’t say it would suck for a person who loves writing to write. That’s just absurd.


I’m not sure if anyone’s already mentioned this, but with the release of, certain fanfiction authors actually can receive payment for their work. The glories of the Internet.