Fan made Choice of Games Discord Server! (Updated invite code)


Hey, hello, hi! So I started a Discord server for Choice of Games a couple days ago and I just finally thought of putting the link here. Come join us and chat!

Update: new link, December '18.

Discord Server For COG
Discord Fan Server
Tutorial videos?
The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 10/8/2018)

What is a Discord server?


It’s a text and voice chat room! Usually targeted at gamers to chat while playing games but I made one for COG players on Tumblr to chat together in one place.


Never expected someone to ask that question. :smiley: Advanced skype?


I haven’t done the whole chat thing since messenger and my deviantart days, and I hate online multiplayer gaming, so… :smile:


Can people who aren’t on Tumblr join as well?


Of course. You need to sign up to Discord, though, but it’s independent from tumblr


Oh, yeah! Totally! That’s why I posted it here! It was just originally for a bunch of us on Tumblr, where there’s no group chat.



I think I forgot my username-pass…
Don’t begin without me, guys.


Due to some hiccuppy shenanigans the url to join has been change to the following:

Hope to see you there :smiley: (we might have chocolate cookies)


Hey, unsure if I can post in this old thread or not? Seems it’s from 2016.

I tried the discord invite link and it expired, is the server still going? I would like to join in, can someone post a new invite link?


The link in my post:

Is set to never expire.
Try that one again?


A discord server, huh of all places I never thought this place would get one haha!


Yeah the code changed a couple times but this is the new, never gonna expire one:


Up-Bumping with permission


We have a new invite code! Feel free to join!


OK i just noticed this but both invite codes work for the people asking, feel free to join!!


Hello! So the server just reached 300 members o m g. Both previous invite codes still work, so feel free to come join us and chat about choice script games, and your own wips and whatever else really :smiley:


Hi! The new invite code is in the original post of this thread. It’s the only working code, any others in this thread don’t work. :slight_smile:


we ran into a few… spamming problems, but things should be better now!!! :smiley: :+1: