Fallen London and role playing


Beforehand, I was not talking about Role-playing here. That’s against rules. There is a website and now on Android role-playing choices story game called Fallen London. It is so great with steam punk magic and many options. With great art design. It is free. And allow a great interaction with friends. I played a lot years ago but like I didn’t know anyone I stopped. However, I now all of you now. So I was wondering if someone want play with me. Well It was just that


Oh man fallen london bring back memories. Did you see sunless sea?


I didn’t realise Fallen London actually allowed for roleplaying. I used to love Echo Bazaar. I remember playing it around the same time I discovered Choice of Games. (I was pointed to both by reviews at JayisGames that said they included non-binary options, and same-sex relationships.)

My favourite was

The Starveling Cat!
The Starveling Cat!
Comes for the child
Who acts like a brat!

The Starveling Cat!
The Starveling Cat!
It likes your bones!
It prefers your fat


Nope, like it was only on steam I never played it. Fallen London was just released for Android i received just the email. So I was thinking in return with friends from here. My Spanish friends aren English fluent so I am alone.


I will definitly come around if you’re looking for peoples. Its on IOS too!


You and me pal … I am already not alone :hugging: this’ll fun…


What devises does it use? If it’s android or kindle I can play.


Android Ios or web. I would use Android


Ooh, heard of this before. Totally forgot about it until today!

Okay, I’m lost. What do I do here… :confused:

Edit: Found the help page. They could’ve made it more obvious :confused:


It’s for playing a cog style game that allows some interaction and messaging in game. It is the closest we have to play together same game

Aso they added non binary choices and a squid race


I think I’ve discovered my new favorite game on android :joy:


I already invited your character to a tea party in my home there will be gossips!
Edit in the Game i am Poison Mara . If you send an invitation plwase say who are here in the forum.


Just the game who wouldn’t open anymore on my phone, so I’m logging in on web instead.
Trying to see your message right now.


Oh well it works well in my phone. But web it is ok too


I got up to like level 10 years ago… before I discovered I was trans… hoo, boy… I need to restart.


There’s no binary choices right now. And squids


There always were nb choices, well, for as long as I can remember anyway. I just didn’t think they applied to me. I was, like, 12.


First, I’ll need a home (lodging) XD

Edit: I got a pet slug.


Nah, you don’t need a home. I don’t have one yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Flails around… I miss my +80 stats…

I found my old account!!! Can people give me some fate so I can stop being EW

Edit: apparently u can’t change gender boo. Maybe I can write to failbetter? They’ve changed the character gender for another trans person before.