Fallen Hero update 5 april 2015

@malinryden Thanks for the answer. I been enjoying your work and characters. Thank you for all the work you have been doing may the writing continue to go smoothly for you.

Alright, now that I’ve played this a few times and replayed some of my favorite Choice Of games, I have some more advice of the technical variety.
1st) Skill based choices. So many times I’ve played a choice of game where I choose an option that when I look at my skills I think I probably could do, but then the next screen basically just says “I screwed up” either because it used a skill I didn’t think it used or my skill wasn’t as high as I thought. The amount of times I’ve shouted at my computer for this is immeasurable.
I believe games like Life of a Mobster and Life of a Wizard have the best system: have every option work in some variation but make it to where if you don’t have enough skill for an option that option is greyed out. This prevents people from choosing an option they thought they could and then ruining the entire story because of one screw up.
2nd) I feel like what the mc is physically and mentally capable of is a bit unclear. I can’t tell whether or not he can hold out in a straight up fight (made the mission to get the super rat very unnerving) and it said that bouncing from one person to the next is a bad idea but I can’t tell exactly what the limit and repercussions to surpassing it might be.
Alright, now more technical advice for now, though I do have a question. For the romance, will other people try to initiate it or is that entirely up to you? I feel like my character will die lonely if the other person doesn’t take the first step.

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@Interestedparty, not knowing my limits is actually exactly what I like about this game. If I were a telepath, I truly doubt that there would be a fine line between what I think I can do and what I think I can’t.

This foolish Ortega! She think i am her friend! Muahahahahahahahaha!!! :joy: :joy: heroes are fools! Always fools, but i think her foolishness will be useful for me.



Thank you so much for your comments, because this is the area in which I feel the most unsure. How to balance nervousness vs confidence in your character’s proficiency? I guess part of it is personal preference, but yeah… this is something I keep thinking about a lot, and will probably change a few times before I am done.

I guess that right now, I have been focusing on the uncertainty. The MC really isn’t sure what they are capable of right now, and I wanted the player to feel that nervousness as well. That is also the reason why the past is not revealed yet. Coming more from a writing standpoint than a game designing one, I like to keep the reader/player on their toe. But I also don’t like people getting screwed over (still got Lone Wolf trauma of suddenly dying just by picking the wrong choice.).

So I guess that my approach to this is that no choice will be so bad that you can’t live with it. A lot of the time, the more amusing storylines for me are when you are trying desperately to keep your head above the water, and that is the kind of stories I like to write and play. Super unnerving is the feeling that I am going for.

For me the biggest question is how do I get this across to the player? That they don’t have to be terrified about picking the wrong option/failing because the story won’t end, it will just be different? Because this isn’t meant to be a stat based game where it’s important exactly how good you are at various things, this is meant to be a game where you make choices, and later those choices might come back and bite the player in their arse.

Not sure if I am making sense here, but thank you again for making me think about these things, because I am very aware that my head is not the way everybody works.

Also: Yes, certain people will definitely try to initiate a romance with you if things are favorable. Others will not.


A save system should be implemented now, check for instructions in the main post.

just played it again after a few months and like how it’s developing.favorite scene so far is when you learn to smile like a shark

I agree. The bit with the shark tank was unsettling, and it really stuck with me. Kudos to @malinryden.

@smile like shark ?
malin updated story again ?

I’m still not entirely sure what that means. It built it up like something horrible happened when you learned how to do that, but how would having a really creepy smile destroy your life?

Looks like some people got freaked out by a kid that smiled like a shark, is all. That doesn’t seem like it would be the crux of the MC’s life, since whatever ruined their life seems to have happened when they were an adult and doing hero work.



Since I like torturing myself with spoilers I took a look at your code today, and I noticed something odd…

You have this one variable, “argent_mindmeld”, which changes a few paragraphs in the new chapter… but nothing triggers it. I’m guessing some option during the scene in which you talk to Lady Argent is supposed to turn that variable true - but nothing does. I tried looking for it in the other chapters just in case but it doesn’t appear anywhere except in chapter 07 and the startup scene.

Paul care to tell me how you do it ?

Hehe there are a lot of things that I have in the code that has not been used yet. I keep track of a lot more variables than you see in the stat sheet.

Also, augh, looking at my code? That’s even less clean than my apartment! This is my first game after all, be gentle and hope you don’t mind the mess.

@malinryden, personally I don’t think your code is that bad. I know that some of my wips are way messier than that.

So ahem inquiring minds wish to know, will Herald be a romance option?

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… I cannot answer that for certain reasons. nods

This is so much fun to play! I can never decide if i want to be Bitter SUPERVILLIAN or HERO SEEKING REDEMPTION! Oh the choices, tearing me apart


This post explains it pretty well:


I don’t think your code is messy.
Actually I’m using it to teach myself how to properly code a Choicescript game. I’m still at the stage where I can’t write more than two pages without creating some game-breaking error…
Your code is straight-forward and not too complicated, so I can actually figure out how to make certain things happen.
I once looked at the code for Choice of Rebels, and that one was confusing as fuck…

Thank you! I have never looked at another game’s code at all, so I really have nothing to compare too.

I guess that’s why it’s fairly straightforward as well, since I am new at this I am doing the simplest things so I don’t mess things up. Once you get good at these things I assume you have tons of smart shortcuts that must look very confusing to someone just starting up…