Fallen Hero: Revelations (WIP) Updated: November 1 2023

For sure if they can’t see past that then my MC isn’t even going to bother trying to talk with them but I was thinking about the fact that we’re both a telepath and re-gene and how the last thing Ace himself remembers is being tortured and killed by Shroud who is a telepath and re-gene.

So with that fact and how Ace just came back from the dead which by all the information we have should be impossible and that they also have all of their memories from when we’ve been using them, so they’re like really confused, messed up and understandably having a hard time figuring out what’s going in their own mind but the only thing they do understand is that yet again a telepath re gene hurt them and that’s why I said Ace won’t want anything to do with us.

(My reason for them having those memories btw is because yes they were dead but technically as we were using them their brain was awake so it would be talking in information and storing it as memories like a normal brain would and that’s how they find us and in one ending even know to use our given name for them)

Also on a side note to anyone who would know is the 1.2.2 ending just a recap of when the rangers find out who you are and talk to you in the hospital because I finally got that ending and conversation you can have with Daniel in the demo is the same one you have with him in the last game like even the choices are the same so yeah is it just a recap?

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Even if you chose in the customization that they had already talked in Retri?

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I had to just replay the demo because I couldn’t remember and it’s basically the same conversation as in the last game yeah some bits are different but two of the lists of choices you can pick from are the same so is the text that goes with them and even if you pick yes I did already talk with Daniel it doesn’t seem to change anything as far as I can tell other then the bug of him showing up twice to have the same conversation again.

Also, I will say Ortega and Steel’s conversations are different in the demo than in the last game but it does feel like you just really talking in circles, especially with Ortega as there is a choice to tell them about the farm in the last game and that talk can be even more horrible and heartbreaking after becoming lovers so yeah basically their conversations are very underwhelming in the demo.


This puts into words part of what I’ve been chewing on, which is that I’m having a bit of trouble with notes and suggestions because I’m sure that during the character creator process I’m setting variables that are setting scenarios that are actually impossible to achieve.

The ranger chats definitely tread the same ground as some of the conversations you can have at the end of Retribution. That’s not a problem, but it would be good to be able to flag a couple of conversation markers from the end of Retribution and be able to reference them in these Revelations moments so that the player sees their choices reflected and woven into the narrative continuity. This way it’s not the player feeling like they’ve read some version of this before but rather sees this firmly as characters continuing to be at odds.

This is less an author issue and more a systemic one with the frustration of not having save functionality active. You need all the triggers, variables, etc. available to hit the beats you want earlier in the draft process. If Dashingdon is indeed going away, then whatever its replacement is should have some kind of save import built in, even a timed one that cycles them out after a month or so, so that testers can import their saves and provide authors with pointed feedback that the developers can take advantage of because the full mechanics are available to them to investigate from the jump. Honestly, and I apologize for sounding a tad dramatic, I’ve found it profoundly unfair the devs (especially those with complex systems like Jim, Paul, Thom, and Malin to name a few) have to effectively develop with one arm tied around their back. We should change that up for them as soon as possible.


Assuming the new checkpoint system is retro-deployed into the second book…

perhaps, an ending checkpoint can be copied over from the prior book and a new restore could be used in the current demo?

I agree with everything you say in your third paragraph @phimseto and I hope this is on the CoG staff’s list to do.

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Will you kill someone from main cast when they lose their plot armor?

  • Yes. All of them
  • Yes but only some
  • No!
  • I have many Sidesteps, some will kill
  • I don’t know yet. It depends
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My main Sidestep is willing to kill non-civilians, but has yet to have a reason to. Though I’m thinking she may end up killing Hollow Ground in all likely hood. She’s not likely to let the attempted brainwashing go unpunished.



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Depends on who you count as main cast. If you talking about just the Rangers then mostly likely no at least with my main Step. Maybe Argent if things go really badly with her. Currently leaning towards handing over HG to Ortega for them to decide but I can see things changing there and if HG ends up died my main Step isn’t fond of lose ends so Jake and Nocturne will have to go. You probably don’t count him but Psychopathor would be on the list if Cyrus ever runs into him again.


In addition to rangers and villains main cast would likely include Dr. Mortum and Ace.


Rangers. Mortum. Ace. And maybe HG.

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For Ace or in my case impostor Step it would depend on which one I get and what options there will be for dealing with them but Cyrus will very much want his body back. For Mortum thanks to being stuck in puppet things are going good with them so I don’t see Cyrus killing them

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I personally have one main Mc and plenty of different others…with different variables, backgrounds, and traits as well as romance. And a psycho Mc lol

My Psycho got: Ace, cacofiend, Psychodude, the Mayor, Jack, the farm, and whoever took over your body (2nd candidate) on her hit list. It may grow of course.

From the ranger, she only has 2 targets: Steel and Harold.

For Hollow Ground: She hopes they can fight together against the farm, that is if HG is willing to repay the debt. You fucked with my puppet, I get to kill Jack. Only fair… :sweat_smile:

Other potential future victims can be: Dr.Mortum, Rosie, and Lady Argent. These 3, would depend on where their loyalty land. If they end up as allies or betray my MC.


His name is Jake xD

Your hatred of Herald is well known but why Steel?



cause while my main understand his position about the whole not telling Ortega, and sentencing you to years of torture. My psycho…doesnt forgive or forget.


If he told, he could get Ortega killed…


I’m not sure if you need a certain relationship level but Steel does show remorse for what he did, of course you can call him out for it regardless. Pretty sure my Step did but still forgave him in the end especially since if Steel had gone and told Ortega and they died as a result, that confession would’ve gone a lot more different.


My Sidestep thinks she could. The buffoon. The fool. She believes herself rational and removed, LMAO.


you think that matter to an evil MC who is romancing Nobody? Nope.

Also, I don’t hate Harold. I just can’t stand him. Hate is too strong of a word. I hate Trump, I don’t hate Harold…he bore me, and he came off like a hyperactive Puppy…and then there was the crush. So yeah, no hate. Just can’t stand him. :roll_eyes:

Doesn’t mean Malin wrote him wrong, on the contrary. He is well-written, but I don’t gravitate toward those kind of characters.


My main Step would probably kill all of the Rangers (with the possible exception of Ortega, depending on how he’s feeling) to show just how weak and incapable they are to the city. He’d probably leave Mortum alone since they’re a useful ally. Ace might have to go if they can’t fall in line, they’re a huge liability in my Step’s eyes. My Step would probably leave HG alive until he felt he’d gotten everything he can out of working for HG, then it’s either coup time or straight up murder.

To be fair though, my main Step is probably my most unhinged one too. He hates the Rangers and wants revenge on them more than anything. He’s got a real issue with all heroes, to be honest, he hated how much people love the and how little they see.

The rest of my Steps would probably leave the Rangers alone and focus more on destroying their reputation so they can expose them to the public. Mortum gets to live with the other Steps as well, but Ace does not. HG is fine since my other Steps need him to keep the attention off of them.