Fallen Hero: Revelations (WIP) Updated: April 7 2024

To answer your question before you got rid of it I don’t know right now. Malin said that the puppet paths were taking too long so they switched track. Malin might just write a bit for path 1 before switching back to the puppet or finished the rest of path 1.


I thought it would be probably the case so I decided to remove the ask. Thanks for answering!


As soon as I can figure out what bothers me about the puppet path, I will return to that. Will be soon.

Edit: Figured it out literally five minutes later. An open Patreon post for everyone: https://www.patreon.com/posts/103713804


The path is awesome Malin. I love being stuck in the puppet and hope it will be forever. Let’s see where the story goes. I believe in you! :blush:

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And lose telepathy? :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I suppose precognition might be useful too, but my MC would never gave up on reading minds despite all… er, side effects. But apart from that, he could probably get used to the new body, even though it’s female. He already feels almost the same in it.

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My MC has gender disphoria and hates reading minds. So he is very happy being stuck in the puppet. Also is scared of himself. So being as far away from Sidestep as possible is good in his eyes.


I think my MC would never get used to being stuck in the puppet forever. Apart from the fact that he hates not having his powers, having to interact with others for a long time while using someone else’s body always left him uncomfortable (and the fact that the puppet has a different gender only makes things worse)

But with that being said, I’m curious to see how it will end so I will probably have a playthrough for this. I just hope it isn’t permanent lol


I do really hope that all in villain Steps gets some good moments to troll the Rangers latter in this book