Fallen Hero: Revelations (WIP) Updated: April 7 2024

  1. That sounds intriguing.
  2. Tbf, I rushed to make the comment, so that’s on me.
  3. Makes sense.

A puppet/HG meeting sounds dope.
No armour, no telepathy, no ratking.
Now that sounds like mission impossible!
(Yes Puppetstep has precognition, but it is mainly a defensive/stealth ability.)



A question about a bit from FH:Retribution, since i kinda played this path for the first time to get the proper experience for the demo

You smile a little as you [i](${che})[/i] @{sv turns|turn} the wheel, sending the car crashing into oncoming traffic. The airbag hits you like a punch.

You are wearing your seat belt. Ortega is not.
*set puppetworkforvillain true
*set puppet_proof + 50
*set ortega_clue 0
*if oc > 40
  *set oc + 10
*set crm true
*set pcrash true
*goto crash

It seems that if the puppet is in the car with Ortega and then causes the crash, Ortega always gains the knowledge that the puppet is working for Sidestep… is that intentional? Because technically you can either admit to it, or be vague at the start of the interrogation. And if it’s the latter, then it’s kind of weird/jumping to conclusion for Ortega to get so sure Sidestep is the one villain in the whole city that the puppet is working for, when they only have their unconfirmed suspicions.

edit: btw.

*comment No fuckups yet, enjoy being competent while it lasts, I wanted the demo out before it ballooned further. 

awww ;/


I’m really intrested in seeing how the green Void eyes are going to be implemented since there are references to both Sidestep and Hollow Ground’s eyes through the books. Maybe just erase any reference to eye color from flashbacks from before the Void mission and any mention of Hollow Ground’s specific eye color so you can choose the original after deciding if your eyes weren’t originally green or a different shade? Is it just going to be an extra flair for characterization or will it have some impact in the story?


While I love diving into all of the nuances of the different storylines and discovering all the secrets, so far my favourite option in the demo is playing a “greedy” thief Sidestep. Doesn’t care about what HG does or who they control, really just sees them as a source of cool things to steal. All they want is to live the high life, lie to their friends about what they do for a living, and not be bothered by anyone. But then HG dares to break their favourite toy, and they begrudgingly have to emerge from the shadows to put HG in their place…and rob them blind, of course.


“About what will happen in the future. What preparations is already in place. I don’t know how much you’re already aware of, or if you care.”

W h a t ??? :eyes:

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That was so good, as expected! Seeing the elusive, dangerous and all-powerful Hollow Ground kneeling in front of Sidestep and asking them not to hurt them was so satisfying. In this demo, you can really feel how much more powerful Sidestep has grown since the beginning, so much so that targeting and attacking Hollow Ground didn’t seem all that much more difficult than any of their previous targets. And it’s not because HG isn’t actually all that powerful, but because Sidestep is just so cool. :sunglasses: Now we just have to wait and see if and how HG will retaliate for such a bold invasion of their home.

I love how you can be very threatening without actually doing any harm, it suits so well for one of my Sidesteps. But nothing can be as fun as nailing HG’s hand to the table with the knife, of course. :grin:

It was also interesting to see how the same characters (Dove and Sky-Raider) are smoothly introduced in completely different circumstances. I can’t wait to learn more about these two. They’re new ROs, and I can’t help being excited about them even though I barely know anything about them, because romance writing is so top-notch in FH that I have no doubt I will fall head over heels for them when the time comes.

A random standout moment for me was when tall Sidestep in bulky armor failed to fit into a stadium seat and had to let nanovores devour two seats so they could actually sit properly without looking ridiculous. It was brilliant, so funny! :joy:


I liked the new demo. It was fun and interesting reading the potential connection between Sidestep and HG.


That’s because there’s (yet) no options to fail relevant checks in the demo. :v


My Step who officially got this end is my thief one. I really like the concept of playing a mysterious and sneaky villain who is paranoid enough to not show their face at the first opportunity, but that also can scare the hell out of the resident kingpin just by materializing in their kitchen in the middle of the night

And since my MC decided to show his face after entering HG’s mind/get curious about their resemblance, now there’s Hollow Ground and Ortega thinking that he’s HG lost sibling. Very curious to see where this will go.


oooooh, new update. Yes, we can kick HG’s ass now!

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Not ass, but playing with knife was fun too. I wonder how far it would go if MC did not have to leave…


Well Malin said more extreme violent options will be in once he comes back to the “meeting” with HG in their house in the other paths so then it will be kicking ass :grin:


Oh, HG will not forgive it… if they remain alive xd

But one of my Villainsteps is really bloodthirsty so I choose all the most violent options.


Hollow Ground is an important piece of Los Diablos.
It makes sense for a politically motivated Sidestep to use them in order to enact their plans.


Think their question (And mine) is what does Step mean by “preparations already in place” since Step doesn’t seem to have done much yet besides hooking up a politician and a journalist , maybe talking Blaze into digging into things (Really just that if you are a prepare them hero hunter with maybe training Herald) along with harassing/killing another politician


Something is coming…

ominous music


I thought the “what preparations are already in place” is about the things coming for the west coast since Anarchist/Hero trainer Sidestep has implied something (a monumental event or something ominous or some such stuff??) is headed toward West Coat’s way, not what preparations Sidestep has been doing.


I love the bit where you can learn that HG is a telepath and get that bit about “Of course, that’s why Ortega is the only one really concerned about them.” Such a great little detail that I’d never considered before.