Fallen Hero: Revelations (WIP) Updated: April 7 2024

True, true. Very villainous.

Anyone else crossing off days on their calendar? :grin: :calendar:


Well waiting for my ending to be released. I guess having this many variable ending must get difficult.
I got the ending 1.1.1 (I don’t think its very popular tbh). But I like the idea of the perfect crime ending where you win(don’t get caught) and also get the primary Love Interest( Ortega).


I’m waiting for this set of endings as well, though mine is the 1.1.4 (the one where you stay at Elena’s ranch). I’ve been looking forward to meeting her since the end of Retri when I discovered that staying in her place was an option (and to be honest, I’m also curious to know more about the goat lol)

1.1.3 and 1.1.2 are pretty good too.


2.3 and 3.2/3 are the paths I’m most looking forwards too. Step in the worst position possible, curious how they’ll claw back.


All routes where the MC has broken legs are less attractive to me because I hate playing a character who is helpless (well, Sidestep isn’t completely helpless as a telepath, but still has to rely a lot on others with these damages).

I am very curious about 2.1 and 2.2


I want to be helpless broken legged puppet. I love playing an absolute failure of a person! :smiley:


The worst position possible is 2.2 without Mortum being in love or caring about you.
Being in arrest means that you are also under some protection.
A puppetstep on the run (without Mortum) is a puppetstep with zero protection.


Looking forward to all the angst.


I have a doubt I think I forgot a bit of the first book . Is the puppet alive or is he/she dead? I mean Sidestep controls it completely.

We learn in book 2 why the puppet was left a vegetable in a hospital ward that was likely to use them for organ transplants.

If you case the casino as the puppet before the big auction, you run into their–old acquaintance, shall we say? A follow-up scene where you have them ask Mortum about said acquaintance shows exactly what happened, and even reveals the name the puppet went by before being left to the fate of death.

Sidestep picking them up was chance. Them having an important connection to a couple “big fish” later once a piece of their history was revealed a coincidence. What happens with them going forward can only be intentional.

May they favor you kindly. :sweat_smile:


I think that will be a thing to discover in book 3!

Although with high puppet independence it is easier to believe the Puppet may not be completely gone or dead and some remnant of them does remain


That’s a fun mental exercise to consider: does high puppet individuality mean that Ace is more or less present? The puppet gets very weird when you have high individuality (having breakdowns about “your boss” killing you, purposefully crashing the car, etc.) so is that the old mind waking up and reacting or is your mind rubbing off on it? If it’s the latter, is that identity number 4, who thinks they’re Sidestep…or is that a contradiction because shouldn’t it see itself as its own person?

If you regard the puppet as more of a tool, does that ironically mean that Ace is more able to wake up, or is that where we get our favorite feral identity? The fact that puppet comfort and puppet individuality are completely different stats is certainly A Thing.

So many questions and they’re all giving me a headache to consider.


Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Malin added in negative effects to a ‘too high’ individuality stat, considering they already added something similar for the respective telepathy stats. (IIRC having too high Strength of Mind or Subtle Manipulations causes Sidestep’s telepathy to do things without them or the player getting a choice about it and for the most part without them actively noticing.)


It took me a hot second to remember that gate unlocking is a consequence and not fun additional content, make that number go as high as possible!!


Why not both? It’s a fun consequence. For the reader, not for Sidestep.


With great power comes great insanity and also fun :grin:


Call me a pickle, but I’m almost dead certain that Elena Ortega is going to be making a surprise visit in Revelations to see their child no matter what we do.
Lots of fun for a Sidestep who’s laid up at Ortega’s place.


If I had to describe the new demo using music only.

I can’t wait for the update to go public and discuss it.
P.S. I hope 1.2 doesn’t get deleted


So long as the goat doesn’t tag along we’re safe.


But the goat doesn’t hate Sidestep.

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