Fallen Hero: Revelations (WIP) Updated: April 7 2024

I know. I was confused for a moment, nvm.

Actually, breakup doesn’t have to mean blocking romance permanently :sparkles: angst :sparkles:


I think heartbroken is the best relationship status you can get with Herald after the villain reveal (considering it’s one of the requirements for him to rescue you), so I don’t think you have to worry that much :')

Especially since the alternatives include him considering Step his nemesis and letting them to rot without asking Vera to break them out of the hospital.


I wonder what the Rangers were actually going to do with Villainstep [the one who committed the most serious crimes].

… if Vera or Mortum didn’t help and MC was stuck there for months. Would the Rangers have been hiding them this whole time? And then, what? Court and prison? xD


Or hand them to the cops? but probably. There must be a prison for peoples with powers. It’s called the FARM! :rofl:

The cops are wimps, they don’t deal with such dangerous villains! Rangers wouldn’t hand MC over to the Farm…st least I’m sure about Steel, Charge and Herald.


I doubt the Rangers would hand over the mc to the Farm.

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The thing is, the Rangers (except maybe Steel) don’t know about the Farm (yet), iirc. They might hand them over to one of the forms of government ruling over Los Diablos, their literal employers, who would then find a way to get the MC in the hands of the Farm.

So either the MC gets to explaining why the government isn’t to be trusted (if, you know, they aren’t an anarchist and basically screaming it from the rooftops by default) asap, or they could realistically wind up in the Farm’s hands through the Rangers.


Ortega know about the Special Directive…

And I’m pretty sure that Argent know something too. She ain’t Naive…

So that just leave Bieber Lol


Dunno. He might know something too.

“Maybe do some thinking. You’re not gonna get any of your precious answers once they drag me back to where I came from.”
“That won’t happen.” He sounds so naive. So protective despite what you have put him through.


He is an idealist, what do you expect him to say?

I meant that he still cares about MC and I doubt he would hand them over to some strangers without knowing what would actually happen with them. He may be naive, but he’s not an idiot.


Yeah sure…you&Harold can go fly in the Sun with Spider-Man song blasting, Super Hero Style!

Sidestep! SideStep! Wearing the Spandex! :joy:


Hey, don’t be mean .-.


Just teasing you :wink:

But even Harold will be told probably. Beside, I don’t see Steel just sitting on the information he gathered. So even if the mc doesn’t tell him shit…

Malin probably had a plan B around that obvious situation.


Because you can’t come to terms with the fact that for someone Herald can be favourite RO? xD

Yeh. I guess there’s no point in discussing it any longer… MC is precious and someone always saves them <3 Besides, I believe that even if that didn’t happen, they would find a way to break free.

yeah, don’t forget…if we are caught in our body, then someone else has the puppet. So maybe whoever has the puppet will come to settle a score. And vice Versa…

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Oops, wrong FH thread lol…

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The Special Directice is pretty much common knowledge, the Farm isnt. Most people just think that ReGenes are biological robots with advanced AI. The true details of their construction and the existance of the Farm is kept secret.


Patch 4.2??? It’s… ignored puppet, still free and whole

Yay. This is one of my favorite endings.



Does the Special Directive know about Catastrofiend’s possible escape? If they do, how much do they care?
(0= they don’t know)
(1= they don’t care)
(5= Catastrofiend is #1 priority)

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