Fallen Hero: Revelations (WIP) Updated: April 7 2024


Wouldn’t MC be able to break through them? As far as I remember, during the meeting with HG there was an option to use telepathy despite the dampeners.
Though,they’re not in the best shape after the accident, they could have had a concussion or something. But maybe… Eventually? (assuming the version where Vera didn’t get them out).

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If you have +80 subtle, you can bat away the red threads even with the dampeners on. But it seems like there’s different strengths of dampeners (portable, Steel’s armor, and the ones in buildings), and I’d assume that HG needs some leadway to string their threads so they’re not as powerful as it could be.

But also yeah, Sidestep didn’t have a concussion there and considering their status, the rangers probably doubled up on their dampeners to make sure they couldn’t be overcome.


Just woke up from a nap, and had this weird dream lol

I dreamed that Hearbreak was talking to someone (Couldn’t see who it was), and she sounded pissed. The only thing I caught was ‘’…Sidestep was the youngest, and her favorite of the 3’'. She (HB) was mad at this unknown person for hurting (Or picking on) the mc. In my dream I also though ‘Hey, if sidestep is the youngest, does that mean Hollow Ground is the oldest?’.

Also, if this turn out to becoming true lol I won’t be mad if Mommy wanna take the mc body for a ride for revenge :joy: As long as I get front seat and watch her eviscerate whoever and kick ass lol


Saying no mean nothing. I need proof.

So go to patreon : P

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I like my dream, so HG gonna get my mc a poney :stuck_out_tongue:

Reporter: As you can see…Jim can you get us closer? Dear viewers, today we bring you a sight to behold! Right now we are over Los Diablo and right down Misery Avenue…Jim closer damnit!..there! The newest villain that blow up the museum riding a Donkey…that’s a donkey right Jim? Quick…get us closer!

The chopper get closer :helicopter:

Reporter: Pein! Pein…Closer Jim! Pein you are Live…can you tell the audience why you are racing down this street…on a donkey?
MC: You didn’t hear? And you call yourself the Number 1 News of Los Diablos!
Reporter: heard what exactly? Jim damnit…closer!!
MC: Ortega and yours truly of course! She claim her bike is faster! I’ll prove that Ranger wrong with my Bella!
Reporter: Well you heard here dear Viewer…not a day goes without excitement in Los Diablos!
MC: You can say that again! Btw I’ll be signing Autographes at the Mall at 4 o’clock, so if you weirdo want any…make sure to stand in line! for now…Adios and Eeeyaaaaaaaaaah!
Reporter: Damn…that donkey sure run fast…JIM! I SWEAR I’M gonna fire your ass if you don’t keep the chopper close for us to film them!!!


They probably would if MC asked nicely, lol.


You can break though the dampeners if you go to the auction as Step though it does leave a mark on them and I think it needs the telepathy suit upgrade


I changed my mind, I want a Donkey now.

@Nm6k Happy cake day!


I didn’t have telepathy upgrade and I could do it anyway.

Maybe because of the high strength of mind.

Kind of unrelated, but there’s an extension for Firefox that lets you see which variables changed every time you pick a choice (and also lets you see the code of the part you’re currently reading). It always helps me to keep track of the hidden variables, though you would need to play the game on the browser specifically (it works on mobile with Firefox Nightly and Beta as well, but it needs a bit of setup for it to work)

Edit: I forgot to say this, but it’s also compatible with the WIPs on dashingdon


Oh the check I was talking about was for reading Shroud’s mind

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I haven’t checked the other romances but for herald and a guilty sidestep does his romance end? Or does it matter if you’re a killer or not? I got the status heartbroken for him and even though he rescues he seems a little distant :sob:

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Unclear. It’s definitely on a pause for the moment, but I wouldn’t take the heartbroken status as permanent (yet). As an example, Mortum loses their relationship status for revealed/betrayed if you reveal to them, then gets a new relationship once you talk things out. Wait and see basically, but I’d have hope you can fix things.


Nah. Where would all the fun be if the romance was blocked at this point in the story? Malin wouldn’t do something like that to us : D

But I suppose that whether you are a killer or not (and whether you want to change your behavior) will have a big impact on how your relationship with him goes.


I don’t know, having Barrett of all people as the psycho-ex could be potentially unique kind of fun.

Well, if he breaks up with your Sidestep then that’s what you are going to be, exes to each other. /s

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Psycho ex? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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All romances after reveal seem to be balancing on a tightrope of morality and conscience. Herald romance in particular is just “WHY WONT YOU HATE ME” “I DONT KNOW!?”

At least the way I play it lol


Herald apologizes in B3 for yelling at MC too much during the first conversation xD Poor guy thinks that maybe MC wasn’t serious.

I feel like he won’t want to give up MC even if they did terrible things.
Can be a little easier with other Rangers, because none of them is so idealistic and maybe they can understand MC better.