Fallen Hero: Retribution release thread! (Book Two) (Spoilers Inside!)

I’m a cat person myself, and although I think it would suit some of my Sidesteps to prefer cats, I don’t mind the fact that they canonically a dog person. The reason Sidestep loves dogs is because dogs’ minds have a comforting effect on them. We don’t know what effect cats would have on Sidestep telepathically. What if they’re mad like seagulls? :rofl: Also, Sidestep can easily find a bunch of dogs to hang out with, while it’s not that easy to do with cats, so perhaps Sidestep simply had no chance to connect with cats like they did with dogs. And what if cats won’t get along with Rat King, aka the best animal companion ever?! :scream:


Ironically enough I am a cat person who does not care much for dogs…


Awww! Same here lol Hey, Senpai! If you have a cat, feel free to show us in the Furball Thread!

But I guess a dog fit with Steel. Add to that, we wouldn’t get a scene with a dog in a park. (There are rare expectation mind you, I’ve seen Cats hanging on their owner shoulder in a crowded cafeteria, and one Siamese dragging an old man by a leash on a walk…lol but those are extremely rare!)

And if the rat king doesn’t freak out when Argent kiss you, doubt it would with a real cat :rofl: @Nemureru_Mori


Alrighty, he’s in the thread! https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/necessary-fur-baby-thread-pet-pictures/18120/1316?u=malinryden


Aww. That’s totally a “smug Sidestep” expression on that cat, if i ever saw one.


This is a bit random but out of curiosity, what kind of villains do you usually like to play as?

  • Pure evil*
  • Evil*
  • A hero in disguise
  • A killer who is unwilling to kill civilians
  • Not a killer, but that is willing to kill villains, agents, etc if necessary
  • A sneaky killer
  • Have killed in the past but is repenting now
  • What happens, happens. The important thing is your plans
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  • Pure evil, as in your MC wants to burn everything to the ground and kill every single character. Evil, as in despite your MC being a mass murderer who goes around blowing up buildings for fun, they wouldn’t go that far

Favorite motivations?

  • Justice
  • Revenge
  • Anger
  • Fate
  • A better life
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I wouldn’t call my primary character evil, per se, it’s more, he wants resources to take down the special division, and becoming a mob boss, the underworld leader of one of the biggest and most important cities on the West Coast, means access to money, manpower, And all the resources he needs to get his vengeance. He’s not going out of his way to commit mass slaughter to achieve his objectives, but he prefers to take the most efficient route possible, and if that means collateral damage, so be it. He doesn’t intentionally kill civilians, less because of some sort of a moral compass and more because it just looks bad from an optics perspective. On the flipside, he’s also not willing to risk his objectives on keeping his collateral count at zero, so he’s probably created a couple innocent dead bodies already.
This is one game where I actually don’t like playing the anti-hero trope, if only because it’s been flogged almost entirely to death by that point. I’ve played the bad guy who secretly just wants to be the good guy thing way too many times, and playing the psychotic butcher also doesn’t appeal to me, so Playing something where everything is just all business to you, that this is an option here at all, very much a fan of this


One of my favorite CoG experiences was starting an evil playthrough on The Lost Heir in order to romance the sorcerer and then redeeming myself over the next 2 books.


The way I see it, my main Sidestep goes out of his way to avoid killing anybody, but not out of any real ethical/moral stance. It’s because he thinks that the math just doesn’t work out in favor of killing. After all, at this point he’s just a thief who’s mostly hit villains and big tech companies that might as well be villains. Killing people won’t work to progress any of his goals, and it’ll draw heat that he doesn’t need and endanger his status with the Rangers. That makes it worth some extra effort and risk to avoid killing people, whether intentionally or through collateral damage. You can always start killing people later if things change and it becomes the smart play, but you can’t unmurder people if it proves to have been a bad move.


Hard to say, I like all my three villains the same.

#1 sneaky killer. Showing the truth & justice is Motivation so he does not kill in public because he cares about his relations with civilians.

#2 “What happens, happens”. His approach is like: will kill if in a given situation he considers it the best option. Can leave someone alive or even save if in a different situation it would be the most beneficial for him. Can be brutal sometimes, because he wants to build his reputation as a mob boss more bold than HG.

#3 happily varies between evil and pure evil. So far it’s a little more like the first one.


I can’t choose a single one as well, but my favorites are the pragmatic and chaotic routes. I absolutely adore playing villains who see everything from a logical point of view and are willing to do anything to achieve their goals. And I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of unhinged MCs who are always up to cause some property destruction. Especially since it can lead to a redemption arc later on.

As for motivation, anger is my default one basically, but sometimes I change it to better life or revenge in retri


My main Sidestep is an evil sneaky killer out for revenge against the very government that allowed their existence and on a more personal note the former Marshall who deceived them into trusting others for so long. He gives off the appearance of being a hero in disguise, specially since the Rangers’ reputation has fallen so much because of several incidents (Argent killer) and their political influence is around high 70s if I’m remembering correctly. They’re a puppetmaster ready to manipulate and even commit a massacre indirectly (maybe I should have voted pure evil)

Overall, I’d say I play a very standard anarchist. With the masses on my side as the bodies keep piling higher and higher.


While I’ve played a more villainous Step, Laurel Hunter was more about acquiring the achievements for being particularly vicious (and opening gates, and failing the stat checks) rather than actually being a character in her own right.


Hey who knows? Maybe opening all the gates leads to the secret golden ending where everything is perfect, instead of the death of the human race. The only way to know for sure is to try and break those gates.


Despite the entire premise I have yet to actually play a purely evil sidestep, I always end up being nice to the Rangers (outside of fighting them,) and most of the time the journalist walks away thinking I’m a hero.

I want to try a full puppetmaster machinations or bloodthirsty run but everyone I’m fighting seems too nice.


Argent isn’t nice.

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Lies and slander. Argent is very nice and am looking forward to more movies and cookies dates.

(and if we can rope Ortega into one that’d be the best)


Only if you get close to her. Normally she’s not nice.


She doesn’t have a reason to be.

Nowhere in her Ranger description it say ‘Give free Hug to the Vilain’. :grin:


So, I don’t understand why people try to protest when I say she’s not nice :woman_shrugging: