Fallen Hero: Retribution release thread! (Book Two) (Spoilers Inside!)

It was just a guess on my part anyway, you are probably the best at figuring out the answer for Pudding over there :grin:

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Good to know!
Explore money GIFs


Ah, sorry, there’s a catch i haven’t noticed, didn’t track things back far enough. This will only happen if you place the tracker on Jake’s date earlier in the game, not Jake himself. This route is only availaible for hunter or thief Sidesteps, i’m afraid.


A variable that might play into it that I haven’t seen discussed is the variable from B1. There are two options where you can choose just skimming minds and another where you blackmail more prominent people. I believe this variable, along with robbing criminals in B2, should give you near highest standard of living. My anarchist, tech-savy murder-Step who blew up the gala has a whole skyscraper all to himself.

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Something of note though, robbing the gala and stealing the jewelry from the guests not only gives you inmediate wealthy status to give yourself the most luxurious base and apartment if you manage to keep that money, it’s also one of the hardest hits to the rangers reputation, at a flat -10. The only other -10 needs your puppet to meet Mia and talk about Lady Argent’s rampage and how she’s inmune to poisons and such like Dreamweaver.


Its not the interview, but stealing from umbral which determines your riches. Mob Boss and Anarchist track Jake, Thief is already rich and so only a hunter that doesn’t donate to charity can become truly rich.


I usually evacuate all the guests and empty the entire donation container into my bag (while Herald gets the jump on me, he then gets bamboozled with telepathy anyway).

Are you referring to a variable other than increasing wealth? Oh…the Rangers’ rep drops. I already drop it when I hand them their kidneys and dodge-tank Argent (and also make Joshua subtly hate them at the very beginning).

Really? Any particular reason why? I mentioned this because it’s either stealing from the gala with Mia’s interview (-5), stealing the jewelry (-10) or manipulating the crowd into destroying the exhibits (-10% I think) in order for you to damage the Rangers’ reputation at the museum, and that last one exposes your telepathy.


Speaking of the Jake thingy, what do you find more useful: Succeding at planting the bug for cash or failing for precog bonus?

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The only one of those that actually affects the rangers rep is Joshua hate (-5 rep) making a mockery of the rangers doesn’t make them worse heroes in the eyes of the public, it just makes you a more impressive villain. +infamy instead of -rangers rep. And if you want to maximize that infamy, its better to punch Argent with enhanced strength or cause her a super stroke with the Damocles trigger.


I find this a very interesting question because i find it very hard to ‘fail’ in games. So i have yet to experience the opening of the gates for sidestep.
I am very curious what people’s experiences and opinions are on this :eyes:


Well, this doesn’t open a gate, if I’m interpreting this right this is the moment where Ace plants a bug on Jake/Umbral’s girlfriend and fails to then get the hell out of there without stopping to destroy the tracker. If I remember correctly you fail it by being either too arrogant and daring or too cautious depending on how you go about planting the bug, although there are some variables that can let you succeed instantly, such as starting a fight in book 1 so Jake remembers you as a troublemaker and he completely believes your drunken fall.

Jake himself is the protagonist of the best of this, since in order to dethread him you have to end up in a bad position in the fight against him, and to get to the fight itself one of the paths is to leave too many clues of your plans so that HG figures out you’re gonna attack his casino. So it’s a failure after failure to end up with a possible ally in the future. Maybe. Probably not unless you’re a high infamy Mob Boss.


The Fallen Hero games, in my humble opinion, are a series of games that do failure right. Instead of being a downgrade or a simple loss, it leads to unique situations, hidden juicy lore and even potentially better outcomes than normally winning. Its balanced in a way that both types of outcomes serve the narrative.


I prefer to successfully plant the bug. I don’t use the puppet often outside of the predetermined scenes, so it’s not that useful for me to raise their precognition instead of getting richer (unless I’m planning to end up stuck in the puppet, in which I go for the bonus)

That’s the same for me, though I tend to make an exception in FH to see the different outcomes. Usually I like to open the gates in the therapy scene, that way I’ll be opening 3 gates at the same time without losing anything other than my MC’s sanity


Random thought. How do you think children’s minds feels for Sidestep, especially infant’s mind? Do you think it could be relaxing like with dogs?


Quite disturbing, I’d imagine. All the chaos and complexity of a human mind, none of the shielding or organization that comes with age and maturity.


I finished Fallen Hero about a week ago and I’m still not over it. I want to say thanks for the wonderful IF and give some personal feedback. :slight_smile:

This was my favorite part:
-How well thought out the story and its characters are. (For example, the reason Ortega finds Sidestep at the beginning).
-I love-hate the drama. (Love because the dialog is very natural and entertaining. Hate because I personally always want everyone to be happy).
-The description of telepathy. It’s omnipresent and I enjoy reading from Sidestep’s unique perspective.

This is what I was missing:
-I thought it’s very cool that Sidestep can have piercings. These were also relevant in the kissing scene that immediately followed and I was so excited to see how they would actually be included in the more intimate scenes. Unfortunately, they weren’t. In general, I felt like the piercings were more and more forgotten as the story progressed.
-I wish I could have read an excerpt of what the reporter wrote about Sidestep. Sidestep goes to the trouble of giving an interview and then you never get to see the result. :wink:
-And a silly one: In the dog park, I would have liked my Sidestep to think he is a cat person.


I have to admit, one of my big pet peeves about games is when they push dogs at you.

It’s not that I hate dogs. I just don’t like them, and that makes it really frustrating when the world seems absolutely determined to just shove goddamn dogs at you all the time, and that makes it really frustrating when games go “surprise! you like dogs!”


Maybe it’s just the fact I love all animals but I feel like far bigger things about Sidestep are set in stone so for me them finding comfort in dogs felt like just one of those things that were a part of the world/lore.

Plus I thought you could be unsure/afraid/dislike them to a degree? Sorry if I’m completely misremembering but could have sworn there was an option for don’t really like them but the dog thoughts are simpler thing still happens.


There’s option for Sidestep to have mixed feelings about dogs, but not being able to prefer cats is the series’ low point ;/