Fallen Hero: Retribution release thread! (Book Two) (Spoilers Inside!)

For a moment I tried to entertain the idea, because I’m a simple potato and that could have been a nice plot point for Herald (who doesn’t have much going on atm), but it doesn’t make much sense?
Why would he become a villain? It can’t be out of resentment, seeing as the timeline of events leading to such a decision would have been super tight, since his family believes him dead. Not to mention, if he had help, why? Who would go through all that trouble for a stranger?
Hood’s theory, while still wild, is grounded on a nice handful of circumstantial evidence and it would explain some things. This one, even if somehow true, sound a little too based on shock value.
I admit that anything getting mentioned in-game at this point makes me suspicious, since they could be a subtle hint, but I’m not sold on this one… but hey weirder things have happened, so who knows. :clinking_glasses:

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Based on their conversation with Herald at the dinner\date, they didn’t have a good relationship with their parents. And all that connected him with them was his brother. There is many possible answers on a question “why?”. Why anyone?


“Why would you do something like that?” You ask the tough questions because you really don’t understand. Risking life and sanity when you had nothing you could understand. That’s the story of most boosts, one last chance, nothing to lose. “You had a good life. Money. Family.” He could have been normal. Why is he a hero? Or, if he wanted to be one, why not take the safe route and get modded? Parental consent?

“Have you ever felt trapped?” The question is honest enough that it makes you laugh, startling him.

“I’m sorry.” You look away. There’s still nobody paying attention, at least not overtly. “It’s just…you weren’t trapped. The gates kept others out. Not you in.”

“You’re wrong.” No accusation, but a soft, forceful denial. “Just because you have money in the bank and a nice house doesn’t mean there were no bars on the windows. No skeletons in the closet.”

“Were they your skeletons?” Because now you’re wondering, how much is hiding under there? “Or were they your brother’s?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He looks down, not putting up walls but closing the door. He needs to learn to build walls if he wants to stay intact. A door can be opened far too easily. “There was an out. We took it.”


“How did you end up here?” There are not many heroes back East, and they all tend to be government-approved or part of television shows, but he could have made a killing being either one.

“The same way everybody else did.” The food is finished now, so he picks up a piece of bread, picking at it. Breaking it into smaller pieces. “Because it was the only place where I felt I could be myself. Once I got out of the hospital, my family…” The memory is too close in his mind, staring at you, staring at him. Black accusations and disappointment.

“Did they disown you?” You shake your head, trying to get him out of your mind.

“I couldn’t stay.” He avoids the question, so the answer might be yes. “My brother had been the only thing keeping me there. So I went west. Where my heroes were.” His smile softens, and he looks at you, directly at you

If he survived, but burn injuries was severe and attempts to repair it did not give too good results, then he couldn’t be a hero people wanted to see in the media. So maybe he chose other path? Maybe he wasn’t even going to be criminal at first, but eventually he did? No wonder he wouldn’t let his “lucky, perfectly heroic” brother know he was alive.

Ok, ok, I agree there aren’t many clues pointing to Josh = Ember theory. Now I was just making things up :grin:

Btw. didn’t the author say that RO who has something to do with Ember is Argent? They have a history or something. Lord and Lady, huh :eyes:

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I meant in the context of main character not game popularity, lemme ask you now, what do you know about the MC and backstory of Wayhaven compared to FH? They have a mom and a dad that’s gone thats it lol

It doesn’t feel personal, the game is weak on story and backstory but makes up for it strong romance. Its basically a CW drama where you have a harem of friends and solve cases that are forgettable as well.

For eg what do you know about Batman? Spiderman? Naruto? Goku? they all had backstories my G.


Bruh Anathema got dissolved by her own powers which still makes me shudder thinking about it like damn…


Yep that is some nasty stuff there. It still haunts step right now and no one wants to talk about it. Despite the weird theory’s about them being alive it’s impossible to survive acid that strong.


Btw I still don’t fully understand what the “gates” are or represents, can anyone pls fill me in on this since I’m dumber than Ortega

Also does it make a massive impact on story or characters or just more nightmares maybe? thanks in advance fellow FH Fanboys

Also is it just me or is this game the only one with a friggin save feature each checkpoint like bruh all the other games don’t have that…

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We don’t know exactly what the gates represent, but my personal opinion is that they are essentially self instituted mental barriers that prevent the MC from getting too powerful. As each gate opens, barriers fall, the MC gets more powerful, but they also slowly go in sane.


Oh wow thanks, does it affect dialogue or choices in anyway like being a killer or not?

You made it sound so boring :joy: I’ve been wanting to read Book 1 & 2 again (as preparation for book 3) but uuuhh :weary: I keep putting it off, I’m not in the mood for those supernatural dramas.


but its true bruh x :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

whenever I re-read Wayhaven 1-2 like
I’m surprised at the lame story and how nothing happens even worse you gotta pick the 5 romance options like an “alternate universe” that locks you in it aint organic. Even you’re putting it off bahahaha

The only cool thing that happened was Book 1 you get kidnapped, tortured and afterwards end in the hospital, by book 2 you’re fine and dandy with a scar and some very brief moments of flinching at Murphy’s name. He’s either arrested or gone lol

Book 2 nothing happened again even more, everyone got the magic corona virus and we broker a deal with some forgettable villains and we go to a carnival, the best moments are flirting with your ex and and ROs and watch fireworks at the end. Like zero consequence to your actions from the previous game on character or story or backstory.

Hopefully Book 3 is more exciting, like so many fillers and needless clicking, it hurts my hand because I need to play the game 5 times to see the romance in both games and there’s no save system bruh.

FH beats Wayhaven in everyway possible, even the romance has poly options that makes up for the genderlocked characters like Steel, Herald and Argent.

Hopefully the next FH game you can romance a villain that is bigger and stronger than you and get a harem ending, I wanna romance all the girls personally haha



Well, I agree with all of this, but this isn’t thread about making fun of Wayhaven, so we better stop :laughing:

Btw. one thing came to mind about Herald. When he said his surname, he expected MC to recognize it… (I don’t remember exactly how it was worded) I wonder who his parents are and what they do. Are they famous or something?


What a weird place to talk trash on and spoil another game.


Hi, I’ve blurred the Wayhaven spoiler above, and please put feedback about Wayhaven in the Wayhaven threads. Thanks!


1- I’m not your G. So, back off with that.

2- No bad-mouthing others’ games, so let that be your warning. Do it again, and I’m flagging your comment.

3- Don’t spam this thread, you can edit your comment and reply to many peoples at once using the @personnne1 @peoples2.



Crappy Ending

Worst dad in the Universe.

Damn, Gower beat me to it. @Gower got the place covered :wink:


Haha facts, constructive criticism is often times disliked its cool. Usually good authors read it and learn but the fans take things super seriously, I don’t mean no disrespect to anyone but I’m already getting threatened with being flagged here for a valid criticism in regards to comparing 2 works of art that I love and how one is lacking in certain parts compared to the other. Reddit is much more accepting of criticism.

Most of my viewpoints a lot of ppl on reddit pointed it out first. Think of it like Fighter A vs Fighter B, they’re both great but Fighter B has crap stamina like Conor McGregor or weak defense like Earnie Shavers. Its legit criticism not badmouthing or disrespect xD some people are just fanboys I guess my G

Also sorry I don’t really know much about Herald since you barely talk to him in the game.

I just realized if you don’t hang out with him you guys never talk except like two times and I don’t usually romance male characters more than once so I may have missed the details on his childhood sorry my G

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Oh crap my bad I don’t know how to do the blurring thingy, noob here, my apologies

It’s not that constructive criticism is bad but what do you think Malin would possibly do with feedback from Wayhaven? You should have said this in the appropriated thread, that’s all


Herald’s power isn’t flight, heh.


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