Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



You could do another playthrough since they don’t overwrite your previous save. I just wish we delete the old saves. XD


It’s complicated and doesn’t really matter…


Randomly. Does anyone play as an MC who doesn’t hate the Rangers per se but is definitely angry at themselves and it manifests in being angry at the Rangers? Like they’re fortunate enough to not have to deal with what the MC knows and are loved and respected?

And the MC is wrestling with the fact they’re falling further and further away from grace but know that they have to do this because it’s the “right” thing to do – and no one else will – and that being the shadow to the Rangers’ light might end up being the necessary “evil” no one else had the courage to be?

Generally complicated feels on my end because I actually like Herald and the current gang of the Rangers :))


I am in the same situation. My MC was a reluctant villain. Meeting Ortega again has complicated matter more. XD


I’m actually hesitant to call my MC a villain too. She’s there because she feels it’s necessary and she’s also very afraid of completely going full villain.

Ortega though is very much a weak spot for her and tbh if given the choice she’ll choose him every time. I just hope the feeling is mutual and he gets his head in the game and figure out what she means to him – otherwise this is one heartbreak that I feel she’ll never get over


Same pretty much :smiley: my MC pretends and desperately tries to convince herself that she is a villain but doesnt actually hurt the rangers to the point of breaking bones or letting them die, hell more often than not she ends up saving ppl tho she will paint the walls red with the blood when it comes to the farm


Frankly, the more I think on it, the MC could be bordering on a Jason Todd regarding the Farm and Ortega should they chose?

“I’m not angry because of ___ and ___ but because they took me away from you”

Like potentially Ortega could’ve been the one good thing in the MC’s life and gosh now the angst is 10x more real now? If the MC is indeed engineered to be some sort of tool of war and then finds meaning outside of that and the government finds out and decides to reboot everything so that they don’t lose a prime specimen OH GOSH


Same my main villain. Part of her still miss being Sidestep, and if she wasn’t so much down the villain path, she would even accept going back to being a hero.
I’d like for her to be more of a “sometimes you need a villain to beat evil” than just the bad girl/guy.


I have 2 playthroughs, one of them the MC goes full villain (breaks everyone’s bones and kills a lot of people in the explosion), I would consider him a full villain.

The other one is the one who feels like they are falling and this is inevitable, but I would still say that they could be considered a villain just for their methods even if he is sympathetic.


That’s my guy’s motivation. He doesn’t necessarily want to be evil, but since being a hero failed him he sees no other option. Either safety as a villain, or imprisonment as either a hero or if he tries to live in obscurity. Basically I want my guy to have a tragic death while being held in Ortega’s arms, wondering why it’s raining for the death of a villain, and why the rain tastes so salty, all while Ortega wonders if there was anything she could have done.

There wasn’t. This was fate.


Yes to this, but only because he’s got copious amounts of envy. He does hate every single one of them, and takes pleasure in walking amongst the Rangers with them being oblivious of who he really is.

Ortega is the only thing holding him back from going berserk. If it wasn’t for him, MC would’ve never believed things like friendship, caring, and all those good feelings actually exist. He has zero to no empathy and a very high drive for reward.


Admittedly while death in Ortega’s arms sounds lovely as an ending I really just want to earn a happy ending for my MC. She deserves good things – especially to be the hero I know she could be – and I want to give her the chance for that

Frankly, I’d love her to actually get on board with the Rangers – unofficially because I can’t imagine her serving in an official capacity – as mission control? Keeping them out of trouble and what not and only going on the field if it gets that bad but otherwise yeah

Also I’m weak for the idea of fanboy Herald getting to serve with his idol and basically being the moment ruiner for Ortega

(Courtesy of Steal ofc)


Welp…what’s up muh beautiful bean footed people…I just completed my third run through sadly I’m such a sucker to be nice to people…I can’t bring myself to harm them… and let me just say…I love this…I love this more then any other COG or Hosted Game…only one other has come close…but this one indefinitely took the cake also…man it took me a week to scroll down here…and bahhh!!! Spelling errors… shakes fist


In my canon playthrough, she was too busy getting obliterated to attempt that…


You can make as many saves as you want


I absolutely love this game and right now I find myself hunting for three more achievements. (Days, Close, and Scar-face)

In my canon playthrough is one of the best things ever because my character is a villain that is reusing his old name as the rebirth of a dark phoenix, robbed the gala, absolutely stomped the Rangers(threatened Herald, choked out female Ortega, and Spoils of War for Argent), and keeps the puppet around(slowly turning independent) for the Docs sake.

I really can’t wait for the second just to see how crazy this tale gets, especially with the Farm, Hallowed Ground and the Rangers dealing with this new rising villain.


Yeah, but it eventually ends up as a mess. I’ve got seve different saves of the same character in the Lost Heir and it’s annoying af.


I apoligize for how much of a spacey train wreck this comment is…

Well if you want quality content you have to pay for my premium package. yeah that’ll be 3 easy payments of 99.99! wow what a deal

My MC likes to think of it as the actual therapy, not the trash that the Farm shilled out. They sure feel better after making the Rangers eat dirt.

Also on the flip side, I feel like my other MC has a rough plan for peeling back the curtain on the special directive, the rangers are simply collateral but they’ll understand when it’s all over. Just have to keep them chasing their tails.

I feel like Ortega played an integral part in the MC actually becoming who they were today. If it wasn’t already established that Ortega meets the MC after they decided to become a hero. I would have assumed that Ortega had tried to rescue them and found out they didn’t need rescuing, or by some chance came upon Ortega in trouble and helped them. What spurred the cynical sidestep down that path?..

Also why does Ortega know what the MC looks like under the mask? LIke it’s established that the MC didn’t trust anyone especially not anyone government issued, so why does the MC trust them with this? Did they get outed by accident? Was it at the Psychopathor scene? Did the MC choose it? @malinryden I need answers!!! If it’s spoilery I apologize for wasting your time with reading my dribble :persevere:.

@squarelyblue I wanna feel some of that Herald fanboi love tbh. I wonder if Ortega is the jealous type?:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

I head cannon just mopping the floor with Hollow ground. Ugh, I want to cross that killing line when it comes to the villains. It would be even better if Ortega found out you were the villain and was okay with it till they discovered you killing or have killed hollow ground and a ton of their lackys.

@Jax give yourself a villian name that differs with each playthrough. Thankfully Malin’s already accidentally done that where the really important variables are taken into account when the press picks your name. any more detail than that and just write it afterward as a side note on the save label.


XD One thing I do is I put my MC’s name on save file so I know which is which. In TWC though, I out the RO’s name plus the date finished xD


Or you know, just do like me and do all your runs one more one week before the release of the second book just to immerge yourself all over again in this magnifique universe…
It will be an even bigger mess, but what a glorious one mon chéri