Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



ahhh!!! aight aight will try that for my next playthru thankies!


I find that option rather unfulfilling. On the other hand, it’s very satisfying for me to absolutely wreck the Rangers…


if you use telepathic powers she calls you a cheater. To get your cape I think she still has to be conscious in order to snag it from you. It happened to me where my character ate the wall with the nanovores and the wall flooded. She had the cape and declared me nemesis without being a cheater.


I didn’t use any telepathy during any of my fights with the Rangers, actually. I named Argent as my rival, so I “studied her” and knew how to defeat her, then got to the sewer in the clear, then when she started running after me, I out ran her cause I had speed boosters and she never caught me. Apparently that triggers the cheater epilogue. Unless it’s a glitch?


I’m pretty sure using the rival method on Argent also counts as cheating to her. You can still make her respect you by beating her in the sewers without Telepathy, but you can’t if you run.


I never tried to run away from her cause I was curious if how the scar face scene was but I never got it…


I think the “studied her” involved using telepathy to make the pain she feels feel worse when the car explodes, so maybe that’s it? I would think she wouldn’t notice, but I guess maybe it counts?


…late to the party, didn’t yet find time to read it, anyway it’s so great to see it published, it was already as WIP terrible good at finding the right note to get me emotional invested and that stayed exactly the same… I love to throw my MC into suffering to let them march directly into tragedy and no other game gives me the tools to do so besides this one Didn’t finish it yet though - I have to mourn that in the final version one of my favorite interactions isn’t choosable for me anymore :sob: I need time to get over that - but soon. I hope. Idk I feel the loss of that beautiful interaction to showcase how possessive MC can be pretty hard right now
Anyway…nothing better to levitate one’s mood as to get into the headspace of a possessive villian out to break bones and hearts, their own included.


Wait, Whet? Whatever interaction you’re talking about just know, I grieve with thee.


Okay that makes sense. I’ll just beat her the old fashioned way…


Being jealous when Ortega mentions their friend, used (at least at one point while this game was still a WIP) to be open to choose even if you didn’t flirt in the past, now that’s no longer the case :cry:
I loved how possessive that option let MC seem specifically because actually they weren’t romantically involved with Ortega and at most a good friend with no reason to feel like they should hold such a special position that justifies jealousy. And also how it was a very early way to indicate that MC may has some suppressed feelings considering Ortega even if they kept anything like that far far way from their mind. (not really through the game code mind you, but through personal interpretation based on the own playstyle, what’s basically as strong as the code when it comes to interactive fiction).
Now in the final version it’s only choosable if MC and Ortega already had a thing…what I guess is fine, but is not nearly as heavy with subtext you can interpret into it considering the MC’s personality…l really liked that interaction okay (I have no idea which of the other options I instead should take, it’s like an identity crisis considering my MC…okay maybe that wording is a bit too dramatic It’s not )? :sob:
I need time to get used to not being able to choose it.


I absolutely loved this game so much. It was incredibe and so satisfying getting to be so many different types of villain. And Ortega is life :heart_eyes:

I do have one question though (I haven’t read through the whole forum yet so I apologise if this has already been discussed):

Are we as the player still supposed to be in the dark about our full backstory, the heartbreak incident and everything that triggered us turning to villainy as this will all be laid out in a later game? Or is it all pretty much spelled out in this book and I’m just too stupid to piece it together?

If we’re not supposed to know yet, I hope it’s all spelled out relatively soon 'cause as much as I love the slow unravelling of a mystery, it’s a little hard to shape my character when I don’t fully understand their motiviations yet. And could anyone who’s kind a lot smarter than me hit me with any theories they’ve pieced together from what little we do know?

(Or if we are supposed to know by now, then my bad, I’ll just bury my head in shame over my stupidity).


its true we aren’t supposed to know much of our backstory as of the moment, all we have are the little bits presented in the game :smiley: as for the heartbreak incident most of the pieces are already there but i think it would be a main reoccurring event so it might get expanded upon!

as for most of the theories i was able to read and catch up upon the main character could be a re gene that gain consciousness and escaped the so called facility, aka the farm, or they could be a clone by the same people who made re genes for God knows what purposes >.>


Oh good haha, I was starting to worry I was just really slow and had just missed a whole lot!

I did get confused about the final part of the heartbreak incident. I kind of got that the suicidal thoughts thing started to get to us and we separated from the group but after we enter that room I got completely lost as to what happened next haha. I’m assuming though that that was part of the point, and it was meant to get a bit confusing from that point on?

Oooh, I totally wondered about the re-gene thing myself while playing but the clone one hadn’t occurred to me. That’s a really cool possibility too. Thanks :slight_smile:


XD nah its cool! I was incredibly confused the first time as well :slight_smile: it took alot of rereadings since once i get obsessed i try to read every detail :smiley: as for the heartbreak incident it gets a bit confusing once you face off with what i believe is a kid who escaped from the farm? but yah the entity you fight isnt really clear who they are or if they are actually you… but as far as i can tell once u enter the room the thing tries to get into ur brain and u try to fend it off alone or wait for back up either way whether u managed to shoot the thing or not it does enter ur brain and makes u jump off the window

sure sure XD these aren’t my theories though but i do like the possibility of us being a re gene but developed awareness. as for how not sure as of yet >.>


How do ya’ll think the gender of the source of the Heartbreak incident is decided? I’ve tried all sorts of gender representation and stuff, but I messed up my spreadsheet at some point so I didn’t get to figure it out. ;v;

@malinryden Could I perhaps translate it to Korean? Choicescript probably doesn’t support the language, but surely a port to Twine can be arranged. I just really want my friends to be able to experience this. I know a few that’ll love it as much as, if not more than, I did.
If it helps you decide, I’ve done professional translation work before, though as a part-time job. Since you probably have no point of reference I’ll just shamelessly say I’m pretty good.
…Wait. Does Choice of Games LLC hold any right over this game? …


i actually noticed that it follows the gender of your puppet? since i usually have a female MC and male puppet the thing is always a dude but when i tried to have both MC and puppet as female it was female as well the only thing different about the thing was the color of its eyes which always followed my MC


I wonder… in the beginning of the story, when it mentions that regenes not having a mind or soul, it tells us “well, that’s how the story goes, anyway”. So i suspect regenes may always have a consciousness. Maybe it’s just removed or damped due to their implants and MC was able to escape before that happened?


Oooohhh! Would make sense though! i do wonder tho if its also related to the skin turning blue/green? Maybe having the dampeners or implants directly implanted causibg the change in skintone?


Romancing Argent:
For when breaking Herald’s bones, stealing the name of his favorite hero, being that favorite hero and rejecting him isn’t enough.

Should’ve name yourself, “Mister(Mistress) steal your girl.”


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