Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



“Sort of” means she’s coming back as a zombie.


I would be fine with that, maybe re-gene reconstructed him or something?


Or that they’re dead but there is more to say about their story… It could really be anything given the cryptic post of Malin
One of the problem I would have with them really coming back is the fact that the HB incident was a terrible blow to the rangers because they lost one of their key members and a really close ally… One of the two coming back (the MC) is a good way to reopen old wounds, but if the other was to come back too, I think it would just be a way to diminish the impact the incident was supposed to have… To me Anathema and their set up was a tragic sacrifice to make us understand all the losses O and the rangers suffered that day, and with them all their admirers…
Just my opinion though and I’m starting to repeat myself so I’ll drop the subject after this post


She’ll probably come back in a flashback.


I’m working my way through plotting out what I want to save as my ‘canon’ run of Book 1 but I’m torn on what action to take at the gala. Could anyone give me a brief summary of what happens if you destroy the building or rob it? Those are the only 2 I haven’t done yet. Are either of them violent? I’m trying to stay as ‘good’ as I can.

PS I just went through the first time after picking Argent as my rival and WOW. That fight scene at the end just did something for my soul. I WHOOPED her. Which made me feel abit better after how bad I felt after getting the ‘You Scared the Baby’ achievement.


I bravely chose to strategically retreat from Argent after absolutely pulverizing Herald.


if u destroy the building u need the speed and armor upgrade because if u let the chargers blow early u will be saved but hurt and u can do this with minimizing civilian casualty by telling the people to gtfo as for robbing it im not sure cuz i havent done it yet >.>

And also i love the unbreakable achievement because God does it feel good to break her physically <3


I know, robbing just seam so… meh…
I love this achievement but I also love the one when she gets a piece of your cape and use it as a trophy


same xDDD i dont do the robbing route cuz i wanna go out with a bang lol also OH! i havent done that yet but if she does keep ur cape can she still see u as a worthy rival if u beat her physically?


I chose robbery just because future planning reasons? You need capital to move things and get things done. And also because I think my MC can’t bear to destroy her past, even if she does feel herself slipping.


I chose robbery as well. Just want my MC to have a quiet retirement. XD


Then next I’ll probably STEAL ALL THE THINGS.


Ugh. Apparently out running Argent counts as ‘cheating’. Well fine if she wants to be pummeled in a sewer I’ll gladly be of assistance.


wait seriously XD omg thats hilarious she really wants to fight u lol


Really? It just felt good that my MC was able to outrun Argent. XD


As I remember (not sure though) if she gets your cape then she has bested you but I don’t remember her calling us cheater


ahhh!!! aight aight will try that for my next playthru thankies!


I find that option rather unfulfilling. On the other hand, it’s very satisfying for me to absolutely wreck the Rangers…


if you use telepathic powers she calls you a cheater. To get your cape I think she still has to be conscious in order to snag it from you. It happened to me where my character ate the wall with the nanovores and the wall flooded. She had the cape and declared me nemesis without being a cheater.


I didn’t use any telepathy during any of my fights with the Rangers, actually. I named Argent as my rival, so I “studied her” and knew how to defeat her, then got to the sewer in the clear, then when she started running after me, I out ran her cause I had speed boosters and she never caught me. Apparently that triggers the cheater epilogue. Unless it’s a glitch?