Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



Well considering the MC thought they were impervious, it’s not to say they don’t have regeneration capabilities to boot. Also I think the character’s gender changes with the MC’s.


I think we going to see more of them next time (and yeah like @IlliterateSandwich said, Anathema gender always same with MC), they are one of few person MC feel close to after all. I very much doubt their role already done. Though whatever they already dead or not is up to question…


Yeah, it is rather suspicious that aside from Ortega, Anathema is the only other who the MC actually like and somewhat trusted. I understand why they didn’t get more screen time considering the time crunch and also how awkward it would have been to shove it into the turmoil of everything else happening.

Really hope for more of them in book 2 :blush::blush::blush::blush:


I think Anathema is dead for real but it would be nice to be able to reminisce with Ortega or Steel or even by ourselves.


You know part of me wants Anathema to be something like the Hughes (FMA) of Fallen Hero in that they realize things waaaay before the main cast does hence why they kicked the bucket earlier


All I am saying is that a lot of set-up has gone into them (I didn’t know their gender switched depending on the MC) and during my first playthrough I was just expecting a reveal that they are going to show up.


Who knows maybe the farms that sick and twisted to bring back the dead just to screw with u :confused:


It also may be the type of thing that Malin put in the first game because he liked Anathema, and their character and impact, but didn’t know if they would have their place on the sequels… Like we saw with the poll, everything is not already fixed in stone for the sequels, so if Anathema get mentioned again whether alive or dead, it will be meaningful for the story and that is all we want :smiley:


Well, I’d assume the Rangers would know if Anathema was still alive. The only reason they thought the MC was gone was because they were told so. Steel saw them being whisked away in an ambulance and then declared to die. But they had Anathema’s body which was still in that house. Unless someone took it away and we just haven’t been told in the story so far.


Why didn’t they get the body of the MC, why would they get Arathema’s


Anathema is a really cool character i wish we couldve had more backstory but im happy with the interaction we got :>


Well, when Rangers make assumptions about someone being dead, it ends up being quite dangerous… for them…




Anathema’s story is not over… sort of.


You know mortals probably shouldnt ask a god how to prepare Ramen, but how do you pronounce Anathema?

Long A Short A Long E short E

is it Ann A Theme ma?


Hm, I actually believe it was mentioned Ortega tried to get the MC’s body, but was told they all had been cremated. Though we were never told if that was the same fate with Anathema’s body so pretty much anything can be the truth. I guess only time (and book 2 or 3) will tell.


Ohmyyygooooodd!!! Reallly?! I cant wait :smiley:


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But in all seriousness, I also don’t think Anathema is alive. I mean, the MC pretty much saw her melt her own face. So unless the Farm found a way to beat death, they’ll stay dead.

What I didn’t know, however, was that Anathema changed gender depending on the MC. I thought she was always a woman. And that… opens up a lot of interesting possibilities…


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