Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



Man, there are some evil Sidesteps in this thread…

You guys leave Ortega alone :sob: They’ve suffered enough.


gotta agree lol XD but the idea’s are incredibly intriguing and equal times heartbreaking! Speaking of which, curious to know if there is a possibility of not breaking ortega’s bones with the strength upgrade? cuz everytime ive tried ive ended up putting him in the hospital in a robe? and i kinda wanna see what he’d be like if he could actually stand…


I’m just using CoG and HG to vent and release all the negative and violent feelings I have inside that’s all… I just want Ortega to fall into despair because they lost us twice, Argent to go off the rail because she’ll never be stronger if she keep wearing that so-called-hero mask, teach Herald a lesson about life and as for Steel… Well we’ll see how he fares without his implants…
I’m actually pretty nice in real life I swear


I am going to do a playthrough where:

I will lie to her all the way through, kill as many people as I can, put Ortega and Herald in the hospital, take Argent’s hair and romance Ortega with both the puppet and the MC. It’s going to be glorious! I basically only need Strenght upgrade for this right? So what should my second upgreade be :thinking: I will also have intimidating armor so Ortega is going to be afraid of me. Oh and then go visit the hospital for a kiss :wink:

I love you Ortega :smiley: :heart:


You’re going to need a seizure procedure.


What do you mean? Telepathy upgrade? For when? Or do you mean the trap in her mind?


Charge is epileptic…


Oh sorry didn’t get that the first time :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I feel kinda bad for what I am about to do to her. Not enough not to do it though.


No, unfortunately you will always get hurt killing… um… “it”.


Someone else might have asked this already, but hopefully you don’t mind me asking: how does one earn the Can’t Touch This achievement?

Also, I’m quite curious as to what happened to the Psychopathor. In the game, we can see him fighting Re-Genes as we flee with the rat brains, however what is your theory on his fate? Do you think he was killed, or will we be seeing more of him?


Can’t touch this if I recall correctly is go through all the fights with 0 problems. That means playing in your strength every single time, sorry but did not play this in a while and I don’t have the specifics in mind, maybe you also have to get your daring/cautious between 50 and 65 not over, but nor sure… If you can _ait a little someone will probably be more helpful than I


Well, I did beat the Rangers flawlessly and always used to pick manipulation-associated options, perhaps I didn’t get it since I got hurt while fighting the Re-Gene


Yes if you got hurt that is probably why you didn’t get it, but if you battle the rangers flawlessly you ll have no trouble doing the same with the regene on a second run :blush:


However, you always get wounded if you choose to kill the Re-Gene. The only way to avoid injuries there is by avoiding fighting it…


Thanks. I had a feeling that was the case. I wanted to fight it and have a no injuries run but oh well. Though at least you’re not forced to kill it


That’s funny actually because even though 9/10 of my playthrough are evil I actually never killed a regene… Don’t know if it is truly evil but still…


I kind of like to imagine the Re-Genes got him and brought him to the Farm and that they’re eventually going to use him against the MC somehow. I mean why create such a nice villain and then have him disappear when you just start the story, right?


Yup, I’m hoping we get to see more of Psychopathor too, but I would love if we somehow got to work together with him. Maybe for a particularly evil MC or something, there’s a route where we and Psych join forces.

What beautiful madness it would be.


This is what I believe too. Re-Gene defeats him 100% and either he is dead or captured, but I doubt that he would be dead considering the effect that he had on the story even with his minor appearance. I think there is a solid chance that we see him again next episode.

Now I have a question for you guys, what do you think about that hero Arathema (I think that was his name) who melts himself at the heartbreak incident and you can name yourself after him.

I think a little too much set-up has gone into his character and I don’t think he’s 100% dead. Even with his face melted, maybe the people that captured MC got him as well and somehow revived him?

I just think he might be coming back too, and we get a cool scene if we took his name.


Nope, I believe the set-up was a way to make us care a little for them, and I believe they are dead. The only survivors of the accident are the MC who lessened the impact with their power and was “helped” by the farm or would have been dead otherwise and Steel and O were protected but barely by Steel’s implants…
If the acid can melt all the skin it could likely pass through the nose, ear and eyes canals and get to the brain, if it didn’t destroy the skull