Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



Just found a pretty good song for Ortega fighting the MC once they’ve found out the truth


So I was listening to this song the other day and, I don’t know, it felt like it fit Ortega when they realize “oh no, I think I like MC more than originally intended”


Thank you for saying that, i’m not really as confident about ky art but this isn’t really the time and place xD but also couldn’t help drawing the characters are just so cool and relatable!


I wonder if we will have the option of “kidnapping” and “killing sidestep” and filming it, and sending the film to the rangers.


Or to finally agree to “join the rangers again” only to be “brutally killed” by the villain that your playing as.


Ohhhhh that would be such a cool idea! Also one way to play with them psychologically! Also i do wonder how many key characters we can go off killing as well as villains…


It’s possible that in the third and final part we could choose to kill most of them, since Malin would not have to worry about continuity… For exemple at the end of a fight against steel, you would have the choice, and since other than in the epilogue he would not turn up, it would just be a matter of A. He lived. B. He died


You 're a terrible person.

I love it.


Just imagine Ortega or the other heroes’ reactions this is freaking great :smiley:


Ortega would definitely blame herself, since she would be the one that was constantly was pushing him to rejoin the rangers, and thus she would be indirectly responsible for his “death”.


Well at least she has the puppet, wait, Devilish grin.

Double fake mind controlled suicides on Ex Boy-Toy and New Boy-Toy, what a Heartbreaking event.


I don’t know if anyone’s still doing this but here’s a few songs that remind of the MC’s decent into villainy :wink:


Is there a way to beat the SCO in the beginning without being injured? I keep getting slashed in the back and it’s driving me crazy


I really want to go “I told you I’m Sidestep” on Ortega. Because I love him. Yes, I’m a horrible person.
In that context, which options raise Arrogance? I can do Daring alright, but I’ve struggled to keep Arrogance high enough.


…How is it that I adore Ortega x Sidestep so much yet at the same time some twisted part of me wants it to see it end as horribly as possible?


I wanted the sidetep x Ortega romance to be so messed up that at the hospital scene I literally chose killing her,
but when that didn’t happen I chose the “I care about you even though I shouldn’t” option
so all in all my MC is in love with Ortega but still wants to kill them


Man, there are some evil Sidesteps in this thread…

You guys leave Ortega alone :sob: They’ve suffered enough.


gotta agree lol XD but the idea’s are incredibly intriguing and equal times heartbreaking! Speaking of which, curious to know if there is a possibility of not breaking ortega’s bones with the strength upgrade? cuz everytime ive tried ive ended up putting him in the hospital in a robe? and i kinda wanna see what he’d be like if he could actually stand…


I’m just using CoG and HG to vent and release all the negative and violent feelings I have inside that’s all… I just want Ortega to fall into despair because they lost us twice, Argent to go off the rail because she’ll never be stronger if she keep wearing that so-called-hero mask, teach Herald a lesson about life and as for Steel… Well we’ll see how he fares without his implants…
I’m actually pretty nice in real life I swear


I am going to do a playthrough where:

I will lie to her all the way through, kill as many people as I can, put Ortega and Herald in the hospital, take Argent’s hair and romance Ortega with both the puppet and the MC. It’s going to be glorious! I basically only need Strenght upgrade for this right? So what should my second upgreade be :thinking: I will also have intimidating armor so Ortega is going to be afraid of me. Oh and then go visit the hospital for a kiss :wink:

I love you Ortega :smiley: :heart: