Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!

I apologize if it came out rude, I meant it to taken as a jest or a pointless nitpick.


What are the different possibilities for the bar scene where you go out with the Doc, and then a lady named Mecha is starting a fight with Jake from Hallowed Ground. I’ve only ever gotten them to go out and fight each other outside, or punched her myself. Is there a way to settle things peacefully?

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That’s okay. It’s an issue with the internet, ya know? Unless you add ‘lol’ to everything, it’s hard to tell joking from ‘fight me!’


If your MC is streetwise, you can choose to point out why would Hollow Ground man will cheat or something like that, fight will not happen that way. Not sure if there any other way.


I’ll just put this out there.

Useless rambling

I haven’t had… the best life. Not the worst, obviously. I was sexually and emotionally abused, and estranged from everyone with literally zero friends for over nine years at a tender age. I get by alright now, but as you might guess that kind of stuff isn’t as character building as having a normal social life.
I suppose that’s mostly why I was always considered a little bit of a villain. Even when I wasn’t trying to be(I’ll admit I’ve intentionally taken up the role once or twice), I was called out for being one - I was only genuinely trying to be good, but I guess it wasn’t enough. It didn’t take long until I started believing it, and started to negative feedback loop myself into a deeper hole, shredding my own psyche.

Okay, I’m not the best at talking, so let’s get this part of the comment over with. I wanted to write a really good review since this deserves it, but… yeah. I’ll try my best, I suppose.

Anyways. I’ve never, ever felt so represented in anything, not even things I have created myself. I resonated, cried, laughed, and fell in love. I felt understood for the first time in what, a decade? I started off as what I am - a closely guarded shadow, not at all ready to share anything and plenty ready to run, and ended up opening up more and more, until I was… actually comfortable with myself, and willing to fight myself to be a ‘better’ person.
The hole in my heart patched for once. Damn, I can name a dozen people who would say I sound edgy, but it’s true. It didn’t last of course, but it’s finally given me the push to actually reach out. If there are people like you out there, able to write things like this, surely someone will understand me. I don’t expect everyone to be Ortega, but I’m not as scared anymore. No pain, no gain.

This is something quite new and just what all of us knew we needed, deep inside. I hope that this flood of attention doesn’t tire you out because I’ve barely started and I’m already looking forward to my redemption. Don’t you dare not release the sequel. I will hunt you down, and I will give you all my money and beg on my knees. That would be rather embarrassing for both of us, wouldn’t it? Take all the time you need otherwise!

By the way: my almost complete collection of achievements got deleted for some reason, though I’m guessing that’s not something you can help about. I’m just actually kinda excited that I can start over now. With my experience so far I wouldn’t be surprised to find yet another delicious little detail you’ve hidden.

I look forward to more works from you, and I’ll probably be reading your comic while I wait. I’m so, so glad this blew up.

–Will Y

TL:DR; You changed a life. Thank you. You’re amazing.


i n h a l e.
Rivalmance is my favourite thing in the world. You’re the best.


Thank you so much for sharing this, I am tearing up right now. Glad this story resonated with people, 'cause it sure came from the heart. :joy:


Hey sorry to bother you, but I can’t get it to work. Could you please look up all the possibilities for villain names and how to get them for me in the code? Thank you very much!

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Psst, Android users…

If you want to get a peek at the code of any game you bought from the Play Store, just download this app called the APK Editor and choose the app you want to unpack. Then navigate through the menu and choose the folder called “assets”. All of the code should be there.

Just saying, is all.


Oh, thanks, didn’t know that. I always picked Steel, so I expect it to benefit me in the next chapter. (I really dislike Steel, same with Lady Argent. Those two are definitely going to die should I have the option to dispose of them :smiling_imp:)


When talking to Mecha, pick the option to point out Jake is not running the game.

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Unfortunately I don’t have it on android I have it on steam and the method is not working, so if anyone could do it I would be very grateful :smile:

So er… mind me since idk where to post artwork of our MC i wanted to post my drawing of her here though if its unnaceptable and such please tell me ill take it down immediately :slight_smile:


Your art is great and we love seeing people’s art/headcanon/theories :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing!


Ahhhhh! That’s it! Thanks. < 3

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Just found a pretty good song for Ortega fighting the MC once they’ve found out the truth


So I was listening to this song the other day and, I don’t know, it felt like it fit Ortega when they realize “oh no, I think I like MC more than originally intended”


Thank you for saying that, i’m not really as confident about ky art but this isn’t really the time and place xD but also couldn’t help drawing the characters are just so cool and relatable!


I wonder if we will have the option of “kidnapping” and “killing sidestep” and filming it, and sending the film to the rangers.


Or to finally agree to “join the rangers again” only to be “brutally killed” by the villain that your playing as.