Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



What I mean by that statement is that this video might not have anything to do with the next installment at all, or that, if it does, the association is so vague and unclear that we would not know it until you read the next installment. A bit like Nostradamus predictions. You only associate one of those super vague and unclear premonitions with an event after the event has happened. In that sense, Nostradamus predictions are not worth the paper, or servers, that they are written on. :laughing:


Well it was fun to read and gave me some food for thought either way. I thought they may have mixed their minds via telepathy but I hadn’t considered the heartbreak entity living in the MC’s head. I love theorizing about what could happen next even if we’re wrong :grin:


My sentiments exactly. :grin:


Definitely not the only one. I have very specific playlists like one for what plays at joes, Mortum x MC shippy stuff, Ortega x MC shippy stuff ofc, for when MC was Sidestep, etc.

So here’s just one of them. This one is really for the game itself, I mean, based on my run through it and by extension also based on the feelings of my canon MC (Akira). You can guess which songs play at which parts (HAHA) but for the most part, chronological

  1. To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters [Ramin Djawadi]
  2. Take Your Bow, Knave [Austin Wintory]
  3. Life in Ruins [Manaka Kataoka]
  4. Devotion [Joe Hisaishi]
  5. Sixth Stop [Joe Hisaishi]
  6. Regret [Shoji Meguro]
  7. Betrayal [Christopher Lennartz]
  8. Threat Incoming [Yuki Hayashi]
  9. Blooming Villain [Shoji Meguro]
  10. Last Agni Kai [The Track Team]
  11. Somnus [Yoko Shinomura]


Solas [Trevor Morris]

Because Akira is on a path she feels she can’t stop being on despite someone she cares about deeply asking her to reconsider


Except I feel like Akira hasn’t gone over the line (yet) like the way Solas has. And is much more sympathetic


Solas is on my hit list. Damned treacherous treehugger!


That’s a funny way of spelling “Glorious liberator from the false gods.”


That’s a funny way of spelling “Sexy bald badass who defeated Flemeth.”


I really love those songs, especially the last one so perfect!

DA Trespasser spoilers: The music when you find Solas at the end would fit really well for when/if Ortega ever finds out you are a villain.


There’s a reason why I chose the extended suite :wink: the theme of when Solas tells the Inquisitor about the truth (bonus if the Inquisitor romanced the Egg) is exactly how I imagined the BG for the MC if they get alone time to tell Ortega the truth

Like possible parallels are too good except again my MC is not genocidal among others :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants the more shippy playlists that I have, I can drop them here too (because frankly I have a lot like even down to character playlists)


There’s a thread for stuff like this now! (Check bottom of the original post) but iirc I did Days of our lives (romance with both) and picked choices like “To flirt with.” “Try to figure out what he thinks about me.” etc…


Speak for yourself about the MC xD

Do post the shippy playlist I like what you posted!


Yes blue we need to see these playlists.
You know just cause I’m not totally going through you guys playlists/music you think fits the MC to add to my reading playlist. XP


Will there be a second game to the series? It’s way too good to end where it did.


this game is part one of 3 books.


Then, are the other 2 books not released yet? If so, any idea when they’re coming out?


So, I had strength and telepathy boosts, and I managed to defeat Argent. I don’t remember my stats, but I remember be pressing her buttons talking to her and that made her not be as focus. Then, I tried to get in her mind, which gave me the achievement of looking into the abyss. Still, after this I defeated her and got some of her hairs.

Also, with Ortega, he did punch my nanobores container, but still I managed to fix it in time. If I remember correctly, the nanobores were starting to get lose, so my MC had to let go her focus from the fight and dive full in with her telepathy to put the nanobores back insert control, all this while ignoring her physical body since, even with the help of the rat king, it was a struggle to stop them from getting lose.

  1. It’s against the rules to ask the author for status updates, in order not to pressure them. In this case Malin doesn’t mind it, but FYI.

  2. She started on book 2 while book 1 was in the editing process. She thinks she might get book 2 submitted this year, so published next year sometime. Fingers crossed that writer’s block or life don’t interfere :crossed_fingers:


Yo it took me 4 billion years but I finally made time to play this and I’m so happy I did because this book is awesome and I can’t wait for the next book!

My literal only problem is that I have no idea who I want to romance! Dr Mortum is amazing the accent how can you resist??. Ortega has THE FEELS and the drama so I have to love them. And I’ve heard that Herald is going to be a RO in the next one and like??? Yes, please, I need that. How are one book have so many Baes in it. This is an attack against me.


I had the same problem, the solution? Romance Ortega with the MC and Dr Mortum with the puppet! I also made an extra save, with Ortega as the RO for both MC and puppet, because I want to see how that goes down next game xD


But Dr Mortum is a Bae and I feel bad catfishing them! They deserve 100% of my love!