Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



My song for book two :wink: Make of it what you want…

Megadeth - Sweating Bullets


Hey guys, I absolutely loved it. I have a few questions about how things could have gone and I am planning to replay the game to adjust a few things.

First of all is it possible to romance Ortega with my MC and the doctor with my puppet? I think I would like that ending more than my puppet with Ortega and my MC with no1.

Second of all, what kind of name does the press give you if you let them? I am tempted to just try it out once, but I don’t want to end up with a bad name.

Third, what happens if you select a different plan? I chose to destroy the building and I ended up planting bombs.

Lastly how do the upgrades make a difference in the outcome? I chose speed and enhanced telepathy and speed let me win everything and I chose to end everything quickly too. I am tempted to go back and choose strength and monologue a bit does that change something? And can you beat Lady Artega at the end? I chose to run away and I succeeded.

Thanks! This game was absolutely fantastic and I am looking forward to the next one already!


Oh, you’re absolutely not alone in this.

I think he biggest one for me was The Devil’s Back by The Pretty Reckless

also Never let me go by Florence and the Machine,
Overdose by One Eyed Doll (for heartbreak flashbacks),
Failure Games by Flobots and
Everchanging By Rise Against (acoustic version)

  1. Yes, you can have a romance with Ortega as the MC, if you’re not injured in the final fight then you can visit Ortega in the hospital and kiss them as the MC. You can also get Mortum to take you to the Gala as the puppet, and I think you can sleep with them too.

  2. It varies depending on what your plan was, how many people you killed, and what your suit looked like, whether they know you’re a telepath, and your arrogance. It’s stuff like Destroyer, Enigma, Mastermind, etc.

  3. Obviously blowing up the museum blows up the museum. Robbing it lets you get loads of money, and you can rob the bystanders of their valuables too. It makes the getaway harder though. Destroying the Sidestep exhibit has you wreck all the displays of heroes and villains, possibly giving you a funny method of humiliating Herald. I don’t think planning to fight the Rangers does anything, since you fight them no matter what.

  4. Yes, the upgrades make a difference. For example, speed, armor, and telepathy can all let you blow up the museum without getting injured, and strength will let you steal a strand of Argent’s hair for study. Getting away is a lot easier if you’re speedy too. I think telepathy can help you beat Argent in a fight too, the easiest way I found was to go slow in the sewer, try to ambush her, fight her physically. If you’re a fighter, have 70 daring, or are uninjured and have the telepathy upgrade, you should win, and also get her respect. Monologueing is basically always a bad idea, though it can sometimes be okay with Ortega. Usually you’ll get hurt by another Ranger.

  1. It sure is.

  2. It depends on what type of suit you wear and if you do something obviously telepathic, what your goal was (rob/destroy/erase), if you kill people, etc. Also, if your arrogance is higher than 60 they add “the” to the moniker.

They are:

Mysterious suit

Puppetmaster (create illusions at certain points in the fight), Mastermind (known telepath), Saboteur (bomb the museum or destroy the exhibits), Enigma.

Terrifying suit

Nightmare (known telepath), Terror (kill people), Destroyer

Imposing suit

Dominator (known telepath), Destroyer (kill people OR bomb the museum/destroy the exhibits), Conqueror.

Functional suit

Mastermind (known telepath), Marauder (kill people), Mercenary (rob the gala), Saboteur (destroy/erase), Marauder (again, idk why).

3 & 4 - Steampunk Ninja beat me to it :slight_smile:

  1. Alright thanks I think I will do that.

  2. Hmm honestly those don’t sound all that great, I am thinking of going conqueror and chosing the name Imperium or something like that.

  3. I think I am happy with blowing up the museum, but destroying the hero exhibits might be fun too.

  4. So the best choice is pretty much just speed right? I didn’t notice telepathy making a difference, would I have failed to use the trap I set in her without that upgrade? I think for the next playthrough I will go Speed+Telepathy and beat everyone and then beat her in the sewer uninjured with telepathy. And I think I would like to talk with Ortega.

Do you happen to know what would happen if I helped the Wolf Pact? I never explored that route only helped Rosie. And if you chose to minimize casualties do people react differently to you?


Thanks, that’s interesting. I like how they add the if you are arrogant enough xD


Interesting theory fuel, and you can get points in a hidden skill (leadership).


Speed and Telepathy are my personal favorites. Strength lets you hurt Ortega and Herald without trying, Armor keeps you safe from pretty much everyone but Ortega. Telepathy can help if you’re trying to avoid casualties and is basically an “I win” button against Herald and Argent. Helping with the Wolfpack is dangerous but if you have high subtle manipulations you can help them kick the Special Directives ass. And like @bobsmyuncle said, it makes you a better leader and can give you a spooky epilogue.

Not killing anyone at the museum seems to make Ortega hate your villain much less, and changes some details in the hospital scenes. I like it because I can get the lovely combination of Ortega being in love with me, and suspecting that I’m the villain. I even named my villain Sidestep once to maximize Ortega’s emotional confusion.


Oh my god that is absolutely savage xD taking the name of the dead hero seemed fun (how do you do that by the way?), but naming yourself Sidestep seems absolutely hilarious.

So if I understand right I could do something like this:

Take speed+telepathy, beat everyone with speed or maybe Ortega with her old habits. Avoid casualties while blowing up the building and beating Lady Argent with the trap on the surface and with Telepathy underground. In this playthrough I would romance Ortega with MC and the doctor with the puppet. I would lead the Wolfpack and generally have a really great playthrough and ending. I would only monologue a bit with Ortega and for the rest knock Herald our immediately. This seems doable and good right?

Thanks for your opinion I am curious about what you think!


Most of that sounds fine, but you might get injured during your monologue with Ortega. I think it depends on whether you’re honest and what your character’s motivations are. I was honest in my monologue and said that everything felt like fate and I wasn’t injured. You might get hurt in the fight with the Wolfpack, but that shouldn’t affect the rest of the playthrough.

You need 50 Daring to name yourself Anathema, and 65 Arrogance to name yourself Sidestep. Naming yourself Sidestep does make Ortega hate you, but if you’re fight Ortega like you know them, monologue honestly then they’ll switch to being suspicious/sympathetic.

That does sound like a pretty nice playthrough, though I’d probably just romance Ortega. I’d feel bad romancing both of them, even with a second body/personality.


Hmm yeah I was planning on being honest. I am going to play my character as someone who feels like this is just fate (like I did in my first playthrough) so I can be honest about that.

I think I like Rebellion as a name for a villain that I am creating so I will be choosing that. But basically if I fight like I know her and then tell her my real motivation and don’t hurt innocents she won’t hate me as bad? And if I beat Lady Argent in the sewer I will become her nemesis right?

I will see what I do with the romance, I kinda like how messed up the situation can become so I will either romance both of the girls, I really like both or romance Ortega with both MC and puppet, because that sounds delightfully messed up, but I will see what I do then.

I am thinking my character is like a rebel who wants to show the world all the messed up things so he will be relatively non violent, so I will choose speed and telepathy and get a conqueror armor and either blow up the museum or destroy the exhibit. How do you humiliate herald that way by the way?

Could I also ask you how your actions during the heartbreak incident and the dream/whatever that was impacts the rest of the game?

Thanks for your answers, you have been a ton of help in crafting my canon playthrough!

Oh and just to be sure by acting as my old self I sustain no injuries right? And you can beat Herald with just speed right? So you don’t give away your telepath abilities until the sewer when you go slow and then ambush Argent right?

  1. Yes, Ortega doesn’t hate you unless you kill people or name yourself Sidestep.

  2. You can humiliate Herald by either using the telepathy upgrade, siccing the crowd on him while destroying the exhibits, or monologuing at him, which will get you hurt.

  3. The Heartbreak Incident basically gives you boosts to your psychic stats, as well as giving your MC some more characterization through their trauma. My first MC seemed to suffer a lot of suicidal ideation after attempting to shoot herself during the incident, and also hated the taste of metal due to the gun. I got a lot of flavor text after that referencing my MC’s mental state. There are lots of other possibilities though, such as your MC feeling incapable of friendship, like they aren’t in control of their actions, or like they have to control everything around them.

  4. You can avoid injuries as long as you have the Fate motivation or you don’t let Ortega respond. You don’t have to hide your telepathy either, it doesn’t affect the Argent fights.


Wow this really is the most detailed choice of game so far honestly xD

My motivation was that my villain was trying to get back at the people from the heartbreak incident and I think I will stick with that.

I think I will just go with the bomb and avoid casualties.

I think I am really liking this playthrough that I thought up and thank you for your help with it, I will let you know how it went!


I went for maximum efficiency, as I don’t care about killing some random strangers (however I don’t mind it, should it come to that)


This is what I did in my first playthrough, but I think I would rather go no killing on the next, because those are not the people I want revenge on.


Can I still hop on the musical bandwagon? Sorry for the info dump, you guys, but I was making this list for lil ol me literally the day y’all started this, sooo…
(music videos and specific snippets of lyrics from the songs under "summary)

MC reacts: body, self-image and identity issues, how MC resorts to their telepathy to hide and to heal
My Body is a Cage, Peter Gabrielle


“My body is a cage
That keeps me from dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key

Though the fear keeps me moving
Still my heart beats so slow

You’re standing next to me
My mind holds the key
Set my spirit free
Set my body free”

MC reacts: The Reveal
For MCs who are all about that self-hate - extra points if you’re a shady RO-juggling MC:
You Stupid Bitch, Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tv show, kinda-parody-but-also-way-too-true)


“You’re just a lying little bitch
who ruins things and wants the world to burn.”
“Won’t stop the self-pity ‘cause I’m on a roll,”
“You’re just a poopy little slut who doesn’t think
and deceives the people she loves.
Now he knows I’m not some innocent lamb,
He sees me for what I am,
Which is a horrible, stupid, dumb and ugly,
fat and stupid, simple, self-hating

MC reacts: being evil and all that good stuff (secrets, lies, masks…) pre-Reveal
Terrible Things, April Smith And The Great Picture Show


“I just reflect what you expect
So you don’t suspect that
I could be exactly who I am”
"who could have predicted
The monster that I’ve become”
“Oh how you’ll run
If you knew a single one
Of all of the things that I’ve done”

MC Reacts: Heartbreak - conflicted anger and blame-placement towards Ortega
And the World Was Gone, Snow Ghosts


“I wish you felt me falling
I wish you’d watched over me
You said you’d wait forever
But I blinked
And the world was gone”

Just… MC, I think.
Muddy Waters, LP


"What you’ll see is the worst me
Not the last of my kind

In the muddy water we’re crawling
Holds me down
Hold me now

It is not clear why we choose the fire pathway
Where we end is not the way that we had planned
To get across you know we’ll have to raise the sand."

MC reacts: catching the feels
Mostly for Ortega and Mortum relationships, me thinks
Dream, Brandi Carlile


“can you read my mind? Has it come undone?”
“in my dreams,
I can feel the way, I can just come clean
I keep it to myself, I know what it means
I can’t have you, but I have dreams”

MC reacts: being loved and looked up to
Initially imagined it for MCxOrtega, though it’d probably fit really well for MCxHerald too.
Love Like You, Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe - y’all should watch this show)


“If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love”

“I always thought I might be bad
Now I’m sure that it’s true
'Cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you”

Welp, sorry for the long post again, just had to get it off my chest… But now I can go through all of yours! :smile: (i have to say this is a wonderful way to be introduced to new music!)


Who else thinks Dr. Mortum is going to betray our MC. I finally did not flirt with him and the epilogue for Dr. Mortum changed.


When I did the Mortum romance she seemed kinda menacing toward my MC for endangering her girlfriend. I wouldn’t be surprised if that phone call is what motivates her to want the puppet to quit her “job.”


Yes but have you tried having the puppet not flirt with them at all. Basically keep everything professional.The Doctor gets a phone call and it seems like whoever is on the other line wants to know who the new villain is. I think they are going to betray the MC regardless of the romance with the puppet.