Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



Well now that depends if you play your cards right… :wink: headcanon territory for now tho.


@smuteczekbiczo was right, pick your choice on how you want to play your MC ingame , as it will match our head canon :slight_smile:


Hey hey art drop again, and then I disappear into the abyss again yaaaay.


i post a lot earlier on my tumblr then I gotta work up the nerve to share it here lmao.


Anyone know how to get chummy with Argent?


@VelvetDivine Hi. Um so form what i know you should joke to ease the tension before going into her mind then choosing to make Argent like you while in her mind and also choosing “Tired concern” just before leaving her mind. There might be more that can be done but this is all that I know of in Rebirth that will increase your relationship bar with her. I hope this helps.


Interesting theory here, but does anyone think Ortega might not be entirely opposed to your villainy? I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something about “understanding where they’re coming from” (“they’re” meaning the villain you become), even if he doesn’t agree with the tactics? Just a thought.

Also, really, really loved how this was written, especially with the feelings of uncertainty. Also, the possibility of a past relationship with Ortega and the possibility of still-present feelings for him definitely added to the feeling of being torn between two paths.


“Understanding” and empathy doesn’t mean accepting and supporting. I do believe Ortega will be important in defining the future relationships between the MC and the other Rangers for better or worse.


I Absolutely loved this choice story, I can’t wait to read the sequil! I’m new to this site.


If you really can’t wait there is an alpha for proof-readers and feedback going on on another thread. You can read the first parts already.


Since it was a massive pain in the ass for me to find a way to keep my arrogance high enough to name my villain Sidestep, I decided to try and update a previous post made by @zenbu.

  • I smile threateningly at him (+9)
  • This is too important, I will go and collect it myself --> I pause to listen in and look at the devastation (+16)
  • I will telepathically push him to escalate this confrontation --> This is getting fun, how far can I push him? (+6)
  • I wish I could’ve told them who I was (+5)
  • No, I can handle it (+5)
  • Rose might come in handy, I’ll give her a hand (+4)
  • Embezzle the rich (+9)
  • I wanted to see if I could possess her (+5)
  • Look forward to teaching them a lesson (+4)
  • This is the only home I’ve known (+2)
  • Yes, I am still a telepath (+2)
  • I just didn’t expect it had anything to do with the Rangers (+2)
  • I’m flattered (+1)
  • Suppressed annoyance (this will not increase arrogance but the other option decrease it)
  • I feel amazing I need to check out how I look (+4)
  • Excited. I can’t wait to get this started (+5)
  • I want maximum damage (+3)

This should give you high enough arrogance to use the name, even if you accidentally choose options that lower it.