Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



I wonder if Ortega will be killable in the next installment…



If anyone dreams of killing Ortega…



i think they will be? or im not sure tho i did ask malin once on tumblr if there still romanceable till book 3 and they said yes so not sure if u cn kill them off and also kinda wanna know who i can off first if i can regarding the rangers xD

also @Theguyfive_Jbra not really XD id do the same but lol i also wanna see different paths each mc takes XDDD soooo… lets see it rain blood!


The Villain is all Id, the Puppet is Superego(Ego-Ideal)/Ego, and the MC is Ego/Superego(Ego-Guilt).

/= over

Meaning, the Puppet is the perfectionist, the MC plans, and the Villain is all impulse.

And thus, Malin is actually a time-traveling Freud, conducting a social experiment through this game/book and gathering data through our responses.


So, I made a quick sketch of my MC, and I wanted to share it with you guys :smiley:. She likes to keep a low profile at all times. She is, generally, cautious with the method to follow, but some times, she can’t help herself and is a bit too curious looking into others people mind. Some day that will bring her trouble, I’m sure of it.


This might seem a bit out of the blue, but do we have a set age/date that the mc escaped the Farm the first time? I know Sidestep debuts in 08 but if MC’s villain persona took three years to build than we probably wouldn’t have made our debut the same year we escaped since we were likely starting from nothing.

She Looks great, well done! :smiley:


Looking at timeline, I’m pretty sure it’s around these time:

2004: A huge scandal rocks the Re-Gene project after its operatives are suspected of human rights abuses in another proxy war in Panama. It is never brought to court, as the Re-Genes themselves are androids with artificial minds. But the scandal moves the project back underground, where it has remained ever since.

2005: The Special Directive is formed, rumored to be a black-ops strike team of Re-Genes deployed against anyone deemed sufficiently dangerous by the government.

The set age/date most likely classified and spoiler :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of classified, it’s probably just me overlooking things, but I find the stats screen rather suspicious. The stats screen looks like a report, what if it is progress report? Maybe someone tracking MC progress?

…Knowing MC it’s kinda unbelievable, but I might as well throw this thought out since it’s already bothering me for long time.


To be fair it’s a pretty good format for a stats screen. I imagine the farm keeps a close eye out for it’s favorite runaway, though. It is also possible for them to notice we’ve returned to LD if you mess with the special directive. Or a least I assume they know. Pretty sure they’re closely related. And don’t forget all the other attention our debut can draw in the epilogue . There are probably a few people tracking us.


rubs hands together
I’ve been lurking on this forum for an incredible amount of time (I specifically made this account to interact with this game lmao) and it’s time to step forward. I’ve put on a detective hat, bought an incredible amount of red yarn and switched my camera to grainy black and white, and we’re off to the races.
So, I follow Malin’s tumblr, and it was said there was a person who got everything in future installments 100 percent correct. I checked the original post (the one with the laughing cat) which was posted March 24th, so I made a spreadsheet detailing every theory posted by a person on this particular thread prior to March 24th. I hope to add in the excitement/anticipation thread-once I find it, and have the time, lmao. There were 25 people I put in the spreadsheet, and I know the number will only grow, but for now…

Below are the most common theories, as well as which theories I think Malin was referring to. Put under read more and spoilers. I didn’t put in usernames for the sake of time until the “which theories might Malin be talking about”, but eventually I’ll probably make a kind of masterpost of theories if ya’ll allow it.
I have too much free time since school’s ended :///


Big wall incoming

My questions were:

What is MC,
Why did HB happen/what was HB,
why gender and eye correlation,
why are MCs powers increasing,
why a villain?
What is the Farm/what does the Farm do,
Who or What is hollowed Ground
What is the puppet/why no family

Overwhelming consensus on MC’s past is that they’re a Regene. Specifically, an infiltration type, meant for covert operations. They do know a heck of a lot about Regenes, and there’s a lot of “it could have been me” mentality when it comes to them. It also had the largest amount of people comment on it. 15 said Regene, two said human, and one was “not regene”. All others did not address it.

On Heartbreak, only 4 touched on why, two saying that it was a plot by the Farm, other two say it was a) supernatural entity or b) Heartbreak projecting others trauma on.

For gender correlation for puppet and eye correlation, the most common idea was that Heartbreak was a regene as well, whether the MC was a base or not.

For the MC’s powers increasing, it was between “Farm experimenting” or “Heartbreak combining with MC/unlocking latent powers.”

For the next one, why the MC could only do this as a villain, technically only two people commented directly on this, but considering most people believe MC to be a ReGene, it’s pretty obvious taking that into account, as the government is the one they’re hiding from (and they label the government, they can’t exactly be an officially sanctioned hero in this.

The Farm? most agree an offshoot of the Special Directive, maybe the people who make regenes.

Hollowed Ground? There’s a bit debate here. Of the four who specifically mentioned Hollowed Ground, three think they’re a precursor to the MC, like an earlier “batch” from the regenes. Although it appears then I should just mention that, RenaB’s theory is one I’m putting forward as a possible fighter for the “100% correct”, so I included it.

The puppet? Easier. A regene, most likely, possibly bait by the farm as well.

Now that that’s done, my personal theories on which theory Malin was talking about.


Now, we know that this theory hit the nail right on the head, and shocked Malin that this happened, so that obviously implies this was one of the more detailed theories. It wouldn’t be such a surprise if one thing was guessed, and one thing was right, right? Thus, I only considered theories that touched on three or more parts, or more specifically, I went through the entire thing and put everyone on a spreadsheet who theorized, and of course, before March 24th. I certinally might have missed someone, and since I got some peoples theories by linking multiple posts they made, please tell me if I’m a) wrong or b) you want me to delete you off it!

These would be @iMadeYouReadThis , who theorized MC is a human, and first person to be born with powers naturally, which fits that MC is neither modded or boosted. Heartbreak correlates because it looks different to people depending on what scares them the most.

@JMH thinks that MC is a regene whose powers evolved after heartbreak, and, in a unique twist I had never considered that I have to applaud for being so surprising yet working so well, that the reason that we cannot be a hero of any kind is the remnants of Heartbreak in our mind causing us to create this situation, an elaborate “death by hero”. Hollowed Ground is an earlier regene of same genetic material.

@RenaB thinks that MC is a regene, the puppet was based off of HB villain, that MCs powers are increasing because HB combined with them or they were experimented on. The farm is a government facility who makes Regenes, and Hollowed Ground is the person the MC was “based” around, continuing the idea of an infiltrator, and that puppet is a regene. Personally, this is the theory I subscribe to!

@idonotlikeusernames thinks that the MC was essentially a regene, HB was a “version” model of the MC, and that Hollowed Ground was also an older model. To go with regene theory, this idea that the MC is altered in terms of dna and brain structure, they also brought up the theory that Locus is a ReGene, which is really interesting! I know we’ll learn more about her later but I hope this is true!

@zenbu thinks that MC is a regene, that HB was orchestrated by the Farm to test MC. The Farm is also why the MCs powers are increasing, and Hollowed Ground and MC are both from the Farm. The puppet was planted (by the farm, of course). It really goes well with both this idea of this puppetmastery, shadowy organization, and the MCs intense fear of them.

Last, but certainly not least, @forWantOf thinks HB is projecting others pain onto them, that MC is both a regene and genetically related/connected to HB, and the incident with HB unlocked MCs true abilities, which does seem consistent with what we know.

Of course, I haven’t had time to check the other thread out, so I might be missing people, but it might be one of those! I could be wayyy off the mark (wouldn’t be the first time) but hey, I love this game.
Sorry for all the text!


I feel like the first theory you stated has been thrown around since the original demo released and that was the one I stuck with back then and now.

If your gonna be sleuthing your way to the theory that explains it all, Malin just posted again on tumblr commenting on said theory. The theory that guessed the entire story was from way back on the first thread. You may want to check back there for more theories and try and gage Malin’s reactions to them.

(She also said that the truth is all there it just isn’t stated outright. So there is enough pieces in the first book to piece it all together, but just not enough for any solid confirmation…)

Also another useful thread might be the interview with the cast she did. It provides insight into the characters including sidestep and the puppet. She answers all the questions like they were sat down for an interview by the press.(It’s pretty credible considering that a lot of the answers are truthful ,on point, and now that I think back on it foreshadowing

Oh yeah you forgot the theory that sidestep is really heartbreak in sidestep’s body, and they got possessed during the fall down. That would be devastating…


Holy smokes! Fellow thread lurker un-lurking to say thanks for doing all that leg work!

I’m really interested not just in what evidence there is - but what red herrings happen to be in here! Maybe I’m too into stories that jerk me around but having the MC being traumatized + the majority of our HB information come in the form of dreams makes me very paranoid of what we can and can not trust from those sequences.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one worried that HB was still messing around with us. I’m a fan of the theory that HB is still trying to finish off the job.


OMG PLEASE DO. The discord channel for Son of Satan has a masterpost of tumblr links to all kinds of things, I’d be so spoiled if this thread had one too!


And don’t forger there’s DMs tumblr and twitter… But wow I applaud your effort!


So i’ve been replaying fallout 4 these days and now I genuinely feel bad for capturing all those synths. Especially when this game could possibly show the POV of someone who’s similar to them


Haha, I think I might have been gently cautioned to not let this consume me by Malin- I appreciate the concern, but don’t worry! My goal atm is to make a masterpost of theories, which shouldn’t be too hard- I’m a fast reader, and I like having projects to work on. This game is certainly good enough to suck me in, but for now, simple stuff. I’ll put in this particular thread (all of it) and if anyone could tel me where to find earlier ones that’d be great
Besides it’ll let me contribute more to this community then making fallen hero as vines, and pawning it off on this poor person I follow on tumblr who I kinda unintentionally helped suck into this game. @that person (not putting full because Idk if they’d want me to) if you’re out there, just gotta say, from the bottom of my heart, my bad :slight_smile: sorry you had to deal with those lmao


Oh right! And do you have a link to the first thread??


Thank you for letting me know! I’ll add that as soon as I can get to a computer and add it to my sheet!


Its cool! thats what the thread is for anyway :smiley: to post all your theories also really good job in the masterpost! as long as u dont go crazy or tire urself out XD your doing a great job! also if u want to post everything in one post you can always @[insert name of person you want to reply too] so u dont need to post multiple times :slight_smile:


Hey guys been lurking for awhile and I wanted to say that I love it when a community is so involved with such a great game it’s always great to see


Out of curiosity, does the HG group person’s ethnicity change based on your protagonist or puppet? Or are they always Asian?