Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



Wasn’t that after the museum incident we sort of have an achievement for not harming people? i would think Ortega will only have mercy on us if we get that achievement :wink:

We will convince him that it was the government’s fault …so he should hates the government :slight_smile:

I would think Steel is loyal to the government , it will be easier for him to state " By the law of the government" , rather than making his own judgement, at least that’s my perception of him :slight_smile:


That’s what is exciting with his character. How will he developed throughout the trilogy? Will he give up his sense of duty over friendship and/love? So much angst!


Hmmm… Do Steel ever had friends ? So far i don’t remember Steel particularly friendly with anyone, perhaps Anathema was closest to him ? Steel seems to only have working relationship with most people :slight_smile:

Well…honestly i think Steel might turn into someone like the Red Hulk , an intelligent super power being whose only aim is to destroy his foe(s), the MC :stuck_out_tongue: and Red Hulk used to be General Thunderbolt Ross, a loyal army general who pro-government :grin:


Perhaps on the a professional scale but since we are getting a friendship arc for him, I am looking forward to his character development.


True as well… it is great to have alternative option to interact with Steel :slight_smile:

Steel hadn’t fought with the MC, so i will agree i don’t know much of his strength … i suspect he already study all CCTV footage about my fight, except the one with Argent …most likely he is secretly developing a weapon against MC ?


Sounds like Ortega though. Honestly they would pull a Booker from Bioshock Infinite and Sidestep has to physically stop them from their disgusting habits

(Also why MC might’ve aged faster)


I’m still trudging my way through the topic but:



I wanna see Ortega squirm

Ortega: :eyes::sweat_drops:


well… that’s certainly your MC’s fault then, mine didn’t just get into one argument after another, no, they flirted as puppet, just to make Ortega feel terrible conflicted after the suprise elevator kiss (It’s Ortega’s own fault that they now have squirm in a weird love triangle with basically the same person). The spark is already there as a need to punch some sense into Ortega (coupled with the guilt that follows)… I love the “it’s complicated” relationship status, I really do… It perfectly fits the weird mix of “I need you, but you actually being here let’s me expect you to let me down, what I can’t bear so I do the only “logical” thing and punish you for not already having let me down as a way to have you jump through hoops that hopefully will lead to you proving my opinion about people true…I didn’t consider what to do should you not let me down, that probably would lead to a villainous bsod, so, don’t do that”

I as reader on the other hand hope Ortega to do exactly that, especially as my MC is not that “evil” in the things they are doing, but even if they would have caused more mayham I still think Ortega would be quite conflicted the moment they find out that MC is the villain they try to catch…and I really love the tragedy in Ortega wanting to help and thinking they could help ultimately either leading to MC’s death or them finding out the whole story and finally making sense of what the hell actually is going on with MC. (honestly I doubt that Ortega has it into them to kill MC if they didn’t go down the absolute dark end and even then I think they would prefer to arrest MC, that just seems to be the kind of person Ortega is…, but I love the thought of MC making them squirm under the pressure of MC’s actions and ultimata …again).

Either I or my MC are a bit sadistic when it comes to Ortega I fear…


All I want is for my MC to be okay. We all know that’s not going to happen anytime soon but gosh do I hope MC is going to have to deal with “when love is not enough”

Like as much as I love O, there are bigger things outside of their relationship and by god do I want the MC to deal with that in the most dramatic way possible

(Though straight up as of now O seems to be the default answer for me but I do want to struggle in picking them HAHA)


Hmmmm… as puppet i remember flirt a bit , but then i force Ortega to sort of say she and MC is over…which Ortega refuse and sort of angry with puppet, i think my puppet purposely make her lean towards MC even more :grin: I didn’t get the kiss scene for my puppet though…

For the time beings , my MC is still “behaving” , not willing to give them (Argent, Herald and Ortega) a final punch … i want to stay in this way, sort of Anti-Villain and see what other choices and motives i could lean on in Book 2, strange enough i do feel “fun” and enjoyable with the story, not fun in the sense of hurting someone …but fun as an out of place villain , or one of those “dumb” villain in the movie, i purposely didn’t hide my track when “healing” Argent , purposely say the “wrong” thing that may raise suspicious … it was fun when i directing the crowd of the museum to run away and i imagine my MC actually chuckle underneath his mask when he fought with Lady Argent in the sewer , with Argent lashing out with her threats about tearing me apart :smile:

and the scene of dragging Lady Argent’s heavy body from the water-way should be the funniest moment, i imagine myself stumble few times back to the water before finally manage to drag her up to safety , then saying to the unconscious Argent " Why am i even doing it?..you owe me one Argent " :smile:



Yeah…there are certainly a few more things going on in MC’s life… and I doubt that running for Ortega could fix even a fraction of it.

That’s also a bit why I can’t see my MC accepting arrest, even if it may still would give them the option to escape. The fear of the farm is much too strong to even risk them getting their hands on MC. No, really my MC is not afraid to die, but they are damn sure afraid to get catched by the farm again…

If MC gets what they wanted they would not just rip down the fabrics of social and political status quo but also destroy the farm and everybody associated with them… hopefully with the help of a few heroes they corrupted (They caused doubt already, they certainly can do more).

No fucking clue what comes after that, MC didn’t think about it either (completely honest…they are probably a bit suicidal besides being depressed, so thinking about a happy future is not one of the things they tend to do right now…good that they agreed to a therapy)… probably depends how everything will fall down, but may starting a new life in another country (maybe body?) could be an option too (even if I would prefer MC to work through their body issues instead of just jumping to a new one)…oh but yeah, shit happens in case the puppet wakes up… Another thing to deal with.

To see if they stay / Teach them a lesson for things that aren’t their fault.


dis why, actually:

I love Ortega, I truly do…but when I love a character, that usually means I’m going to torture the shit out of them emotionally as a coping mechanism because I love them.


Alright, both you and @Sammysam have your points :smile:

So to " torture Ortega emotionally " , i know how i am going to do it… when Lady Argent chase me, i will hide behind Ortega and plead " Save me …save me… don’t let Argent get me , i will explain later…just stall her for me !! " :grin:


It’s so sweet and wholesome that that’s your method of emotional torture. :sweat_smile:

My ultimate goal is to use the puppet to assess Ortega, perhaps lure him away, make him feel guilty for a relationship that never occurred, especially now when the person is in even less of an emotional position to begin one, but then MC keeps doing these things, like holding his hand, crying for for his pain, and he can’t help it. But when he tries to get closer…it’s like nothing changed when he wants everything to change.
I want to tear him in two, only to realize that each path leads him right to the villain, right back to the MC.
How he’ll wish things could have changed.

That is my version of emotional torture.

But using Ortega as a shield against Argent??? IIIIIIIInteresting…


I am going to be honest… Your MC is a total opposite from Charlotte. I am very surprise! XD


Believe it or not, my original MC for Wayhaven was actually Natalie but I had to scrap it because Nat was already taken, oops. I guess now we’ll never know what chaos Natalie would’ve caused in Wayhaven! ¯_(ツ)_/¯ especially since I planned to romance Nate with her…mwahahahaha

But back on topic:

I mentioned this in the poll thread, but I actually based Natalie off of an original OC I had (that also had a shady organization backstory), but that this version of Natalie couldn’t have the same distinctive surname because it just felt…wrong, but now I feel that that gut reaction might be wrong?

Considering the theories regarding the MC being from clone stock or something of the like, or at the very least, they were very much raised in a position where a surnname seemed…unnecessary. So how do you guys imagine your MCs got/chose their names (surnames and first names)?

In Natalie’s case…I imagine she specifically named herself after the Killers’ song.

Still choosing surnames for my MC, and I’m open to suggestions! :smiley:


Hehehe…yeah, even if Ortega knows i am a villain ? She knows exactly Argent will tear me apart if i fall into her hand , so will Ortega cold hearted enough and let me being tore apart ? or she think justice is more important ? :thinking: I hope Ortega can make the right decision … Let me go…Or Let me being tore apart in front of her ? :scream:


oooh, never mind, you do know the ins and outs of emotional torture, tres bien :ok_hand:


Similar feel except mine is addedly worried about the Farm capturing more people for them to use. So the heroic side of Akira makes her take the dark side because when the supposed “good guys” – the people who are supposedly looking out for you – are the ones hurting the world then she’s willing to make that move.

I feel like in the case of my MC, she’ll continue carrying the mantle until she’s either dead or satisfied or just has to be forcefully retired. Idk how far down the rabbit hole she’ll slip up – she feels herself already slipping from her original goal – but will see with how she deals with it. May train a successor though like her outfit is the mysterious choice so I feel it would be easy for someone to assume the role

(The telepathy part buts a damper on that but will see)

But really. I just want Ortega to pull a “I am with you until the end of the line” and for me to flailing over that for various reasons


Some sinister part of me still hopes for the MC to use Ortega’s feelings for them to convince them that they can’t possibly be the one doing all villainy and just pretend the enigmatic masked villain is possessing them.

I’d also like to go on record that I also adore Ortega.