Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



That’s my intention.


We’ve haven’t actually manipulated Lady Argent into having romantic feeling or even love for us. All we’ve done is make her see us in friendly way, and as someone with psychic abilities who isn’t a threat. Romancing her is something we’re probably gonna have to do the old fashioned way.


Hmm what about something like Conflicted for the MC (I think my MC is mostly like that lol).
He’s usually okay and coping but can get depressed sometimes, but the main thing is that he is very conflicted between the 3 identities (the puppet, the MC and the villain)


Puppet The Charming, MC the Depressed, Villain the Ruthless


A disasters person - the game


By toggle do you mean you can switch between these at will depending on the mood and situation of your MC like the swear, or do you only choose one and stick with it until offered a new choice, similar to Children of the Gods?

Either way it sounds like a good idea, especially with how divergent motivations and actions are. I lean towards super tragic angsty reluctant characters while I’ve seen plenty of others have MC’s take the villain thing and run with it the whole nine yards. I doubt they would react the same to any given situation and this seems like a good way allow that


I see my MC as a depressed individual…for he knows he is going down the wrong path…yet he can’t even stop himself…I see the puppet as what the MC was like pre-heartbreak incident…and the villain…the path the MC is going down…a path he is so desperately fighting against…


Now, that’s a capital idea @Sammysam , though if anybody of the rangers is going to either “kill” or kill my mc’s villain persona he could certainly be persuaded to allow Herald the honours.


I’d rather do the killing.


I want my MC to find clever ways to solve and evade conflicts. Beats going into ranty evil Edgelord mode. For me, anyway.
I actually love when MCs have the option to go “fuck all of this, I’m out” and just leave.


I’m roleplaying my MC as just having absolutely abysmal self-esteem thanks to The Farm’s mental conditioning and Ortega showing interest in him like he’s some kind of actual person while being taught his entire life he’s a disposable tool has utterly twisted how they see themselves. Long story short, he’s now a megalomaniac obsessed with being everything Ortega is against and committing absolutely heinous acts of mass destruction and destroy everyone else they care about so they’ll inevitably kill him and prove him right.

“Ha, I knew you didn’t really care about me! I only had to smash every single one of your buttons with a hammer to get you to kill me! Pfft!”

He’s slightly based on The Joker, if Batman ever told The Joker he cares about him before his chemical bath and for whatever reason The Joker absolutely refuses to believe it.


My MC has a sort of similar mindset but has swung just about as far from megalomaniac as you get. She kinda clings to Ortega even though she knows it’s a bad idea. She also accidentally slips into a lot of old habits around him, so if she were to be able to kill him it would be to remove him as an obstacle. Not that she’d entertain the thought long, I doubt she’d be able to cut ties with basically the only person she’s ever trusted so permanently. Really she just wants him to leave her alone and even thats complicated.

Meanwhile I, as a player, am silently cheering Ortega on. Hopefully they don’t drop the “go see therapist” thing either. MC sorely needs it and I doubt mine will actually follow through on that promise. I’m also pretty sure Ortega already suspects something if MC acts too familiar during the fight.
The characters in this game are wonderfully real and human and I love all the drama that comes with it. I’m gunning for as happy an ending as I can get (God knows MC deserves it, all the shit they go through) but we’ll see how that goes.


so i thought to take her in and well …at least i can keep an eye on her while paying her for what she deserve

In some way, we would just be kind of adopting the sidekick. I would like to think that the telepath would make certain that they learn how to take care of themselves whilst being in their employment… Yes, I approve. I would do it.
Though, we still have to see if it comes to that. The sidekick is an adult after all.

Indeed, Lady A is worth saving. I truly am intrigued by her character. Though still have to get the scene where she is drowning. Have not chosen the extra power for telepathy for on the suit yet.

Honestly, I feel quite uncomfortable thinking that my MC is in the body of someone else, especially knowing that there is still a soul/mind/consciousness lurking inside that vessel… Which can actually start talking if it gets too much individuality and has some strange power with lucky numbers during the gambling scene!..
And yet, I find the puppet and the Doctor such a cute couple. Though in reality it is the MC through the body of someone else… Yes, I feel shivers run down my spine.

Though if the sidekick is Harley then who is their Joker? Not the telepath, since they are not the cause of their miserable life. Would be fun if there would come a baddie for that aspect of Rosie’s/Boris’ life, wouldn’t it?
I did actually imagine a cape like the one from Batman for my MC…
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN!


The personality balance proposal sounds great. Given your track record, I’m confident you could do it justice.


Aww… i think your approach is the most logical regarding how MC is dealing with Ortega, and i agree with you that, perhaps it is the best way of ending… However, i do feel like it is too conventional, somehow it lacks a certain dramatic spark on the relationship between MC and Ortega… well starting from the beginning, i do feel MC and Ortega were too “polite” with each other, although i will choose to flirt with Ortega…but it didn’t feel like our relationship elevate to the next level yet, even after reunite with Ortega …our progress seems awkward rather than heart warming, the hospital scene where my MC visit Ortega should had meant something more, but then there was my puppet who spoil the mood :stuck_out_tongue: At such, crying to Ortega perhaps will free up her feeling and create a new spark ? :smile:

And Herald, i forgot that he view MC as idol …so yeah seems like if MC really intend to trick someone into releasing them, Herald is the easiest target . :grin:

I believe Steel is the pragmatic “hero” like Iron man in Civil war, which means he won’t forgive “Bucky”…most likely Steel intend to make me as example to elevate the status of the Rangers :slight_smile:

But you are right on Argent, she is the most unpredictable but also the most thrilling nemesis … no one will know how will she react when she find out the sins of MC :scream: But at the same time, i am curious to see what type of personality she possess :hugs:

Thank you very much, you make me feel better and not ashamed of romancing Lady Argent :hugs:

Ummm…yes , i would hope to hide enough cash beneath a bunker and gives Rosie the key of it in the end, advising her to retire from "crimes " :slight_smile:

I know i must upgrade telepathy , but i forgot whether i must upgrade strength … there are some who claim you must upgrade strength as well in order to carry Argent’s body, i thought i upgrade speed (not strength) but nonetheless it was funny when it was stated i was having difficulty to drag her body to safety because her body mass was heavy… i am thinking perhaps her body molecule is made of platinum ? i am sure going to remind Argent it was i who save her from drowning if she ever capture me :smile:

I would think that when the puppet’s soul begins to wake up , we need to battle his soul in order to gain control of his/her body again ? perhaps something like when Rogue (X-Men) absorbing the soul/memory of Carol (Ms Marvel) and she needs to contain Carol’s soul from within her body ? That’s going to be interesting …if MC lost the battle , will our puppet be our new nemesis ? But hey, that would means Rosie will be against us as well since it was puppet who take her in initially … and that may answer your next question …

Our puppet turn out to be Joker’s personality ? Oh …i hate to see Rosie take away by joker puppet :triumph:

We do have a cape right ? :thinking: But instead of Batman, i think the violent MC is more like Red Hood ( ex-apprentice of Batman ) :smile:


A wonderful idea! I would love to see hpw this gets implemented!!! Though also curious as someone just said can we switch personalities from time to time or stick to one? If stick to one i dont mind because as a whole the odea is already really interesting!


I can’t wait for the second one…it’s gonna be godly and angsty I need to cuddle with Ortega


Going the friendship route here, but all things considered, I trust Ortega to naturally not turn us in if s/he finds out our identity, not much convincing needed. (Unless we’ve done some seriously irreversable harm like mass murdering, in which case their reaction might be more uncertain). In the snippet posted Ortega didn’t turn in criminal!puppet; they would probably do no less for their long lost best friend/crush who they feel a lot of guilt over.

Herald idolized Sidestep, not [charname]. And he is extremely idealistic. He doesn’t seem the type to acknowledge shades of gray or fighting fire with fire; he might be tricked into thinking we regret everything and want to reform (in which case we should go to jail), or he might be so disillusioned by us being a villain that his worldview is shaken and he hates us forever.

Pragmatic is definitely the right word for Steel. Forgiving or not has nothing to do with it; the question, from his viewpoint, is whether or not we are a threat. But does his priorities align with the Rangers, the Government, or Law and Order and the Public Good? How much does he know about the Farm? If he doesn’t yet know and we can present a reasonable and doable plan to fix the problem, he might be convinced to look away (or even help?).


Guys… our fave is problematic.

Ortega, I know your mother raised you better than this

Anonymous asked:
Remember that one scene where someone threw half-eaten bagel at steel? I think the internet would explode with bagel x steel memes. The one true ship we don’t know we need but we deserve.

fallenhero-rebirth answered:
Oh hell yes… I wish I could draw :slight_smile:

Power Move: he picks it up and eat it.

That… is actually more of an Ortega move…



Ortega, love, why would u do this? He takes the whole “haters gonna hate” tp the extreme lol