Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



You need to have above 60 points in either the daring or cautious stat.



Okay, was sitting at work last night playing with something I am pondering adding to book two and I wanted to hear you guys input.

Since time has passed, and everybody’s MC’s are developing on slightly different paths, I was pondering adding something like a personality toggle. Basically it would be an on/off thing used to give slightly different flavor text in certain scenarios, and sometimes open up new things (maybe). Like the tech savvy/streetwise thing. Right now, the ones I have come up with are:

MC: Aggressive, Depressed and Coping.

Puppet: Argumentative, Professional and Jovial.

EDIT: Changed ‘caring’ to ‘jovial’ for the puppet after a suggestion. Works a lot better.

I don’t want more than three per person, and I don’t want a separate one for the Villain, because coupled with the suit-style that becomes madness. Please let me know what you think, or if you have other suggestions for the trinity!


Sounds good, though I wonder where on the spectrum between depressed and coping my MC lies.


If i play both MC and Puppet with same personality , will i get similar attributes for both ? :slight_smile:

i want to do that in order to test Ortega, to see whether she will suspect MC and Puppet are the same person :wink:


You know me too well :smiling_imp:


Sounds like a good idea but the thing with those descriptors is that they are more likely to change than things like techs savvy/Streetwise, so you might want to consider a way to change it.


Oh yeah, of course you can change! That’s the whole point of this book. They will be able to change at certain important points in the story, just like motivation and sexuality.


That would be an amazing possibility, and possibly making things even more complicated for us. To keep everything from falling apart.
To create the idea that every playthrough is different from the other.

Also, I do not think it would be necessary for the villain to have such options since they have no need of such emotions during their fights and villainy acts. In fact, such emotions would only make the missions more difficult to keep organized. Besides, there are already possibilities to bring more drama into the battle by hesitating whilst fighting the Rangers (especially regarding Ortega).

And if it is brought up like the savvy/streetwise choice in-game then it will not break the immersion of the player regarding the story.

@Eric_knight, That is such an interesting idea!
I will be responding to you today, was a bit chaotic yesterday c:


@Eric_knight has a good idea. I’m imaging it won’t take long for Ortega to figure us out if we have the same personality and looks as our puppet.


Sounds great :slight_smile: sounds like it might be better as a stat though? Easier to change and aggression, depression and coping can be a spectrum if you get me. Like some mcs might be just a bit depressed, where as my mc would be severely depressed :stuck_out_tongue: .


I can’t wait to approach Lady Argent with Puppet’s body too… i want to see what is Argent’s reaction when she meet the puppet ( a stranger ) who seems to know her like the MC…
Since i always confuse which body i am in… i might be in Puppet’s body but thought i am still in my own body ( I am too excited to see Argent again) …so i will say to her " Hi Lady Argent… How is you mind problem ? Is it getting better after our last conversation ?? Errr… why are you looking at me like that ? You remember me right ? :thinking: Oh, Oh, wait wait, who am i now ?? "


But do you not think that would take away the immersion from the story?
Because it would become something akin to a light switch, turning it off and on. Which would make it feel a bit forced to me, I suppose…? But maybe that is just my musing.
I can see your reasoning as well and you are right, it would be nice to have the possibility to regulate the amount of depression. But mayhap a ‘light switch solution’ is not… the solution? Perhaps it would be a possibility to make small adjustments/choices regarding the emotions throughout the story? No idea how one would have to code that though, just speculating for a bit.


I can’t wait to approach Lady Argent with Puppet’s body too… i want to see what is Argent’s reaction when she meet the puppet ( a stranger )

Well, Lady A is not very keen on other human/living beings in general, always actively keeping everyone at arm’s length. Therefore I could see her hackles go up like crazy when the puppet would comment on her ‘mind problem’ and if it is getting any better. It would be an hilarious situation.


@L_M & @CreepyPastaKittyFay : The reason why I set it as a toggle, is because that makes it easy to code for me in text. I do agree that this is a spectrum, and it won’t feature in all dialog, just now and then. A ‘coping’ MC will still be able to have an argument with Ortega for example, it will just not be as loud as an Aggressive one.

I know that it is not a perfect solution, but considering all other variables I have, I feel that if I make them as toggles, I will be able to use them a lot more.

There will also be interesting synergies between flags and stats, for example, let’s say you have the tag ‘treatment’ which means you did take Ortega up on the offer to go see a psychologist. That will mean that a treatment+depression MC might be written differently. Same with the various Heartbreak scars. The immersion comes in the stat synergies I think, not from variations within a single stat.


…that does sound pretty interesting :slight_smile: although my mc will always be depressed, imagine a therapist session with an aggressive mc :stuck_out_tongue: . But anyhoo fallen hero 1 was amazing, so I don’t doubt your decisions :slight_smile: .


Well, the mere fact that this could become a possibility will be amazing, and I would be thrilled to see the differences unfold.

Oh dear, imagine if the setting for the puppet were for the Rangers instead:
One could make Lady A even keener on arguing and an aggressive MC opposite her.
Herald who (suddenly) tries to be all professional and failing miserably.

OR Steel, who tries to be more caring, and not exactly succeeding, but the MC seeing that he tries. It would make my telepath’s heart beat faster for sure.
Kind of like the Beast (from Belle and the Beast) when he tries to feed the birds during Winter and at first the birds are scared, but when Belle shows him how to do it the birds are suddenly all over him?


Changed ‘caring’ to jovial’ for the puppet after a suggestion. I think it works a lot better.


I just wish she doesn’t tear off my limbs immediately :scream: I did make Argent “like” my MC when i was in her mind, although i am not sure whether i should do that… it was the only way to make Argent “like” us (to improve the relationship stat)… that’s why i mention Argent is a more intriguing romance interest than Ortega , next we need to argue whether manipulating Argent to love us is even consider love at all ? :thinking: and…oh, please take your time to respond our previous discussion , there is no rush at all :smile:

Hmmm… what if i just want to pretend i comply to Ortega’s suggestion , i go to see a psychologist but i know perfectly i am fine and know what i am doing … i just want Ortega to think i am having depression problem :grin:

Hey …this suddenly comes up to me, let say if and only if Ortega catch us and want to deliver us to justice, what if my MC cries in front of her and beg her to release me ? Do you think there should be a stat check to determine whether she likes us enough to let us go : :slight_smile:

What if the person who catch us is Lady Argent? Do you think crying will do any good to soften her ? :hugs:
Oh…don’t worry about Steel, surely i won’t cry to him :roll_eyes:


I’m still for the cold hearted: “Either release me or have at least the courage to end it once and for all”

…I think my MC only would cry if Ortega just couldn’t do that, for one because yeah, desperation and they don’t want back to the farm and two, because Ortega why can’t you just give up on the MC you idiot? You caring just makes everything worse.

lol, Argent when having to decide to either kill or arrest MC, yeaaaah not that difficult decision, I never thought Lady A is somebody who likes to make prisoners…or she feels quite sadistic and arrests them especially because MC would prefer death…Okay she is a scary person, could maybe somebody else catch MC?

I think depending on how you treated him Herald probably is the easiest to confuse no matter if it’s crying or asking for death over arrest…what means he could easely just also get punchend in the face so that MC can escape… (I’m sorry my trust in his abilities is not that big) or MC could kidnap him…

Yeah Steel is weird. I mean he probably would feel pretty validated in his impression of MC, but depending on how far of a friendship he and MC build, he may be more keen to listen to them. He seemed pretty intersted to know more about MC’s reason for the secrecy… So idk tears may could help? I doubt Steel got as much oppertunity to see MC vulnerable as Ortega did… so eh yeah I think it would go against his expectations a bit…


Are these going to be a front, or our real personalities? Will the people around us see through us easier if we have the same personality?

What would ‘coping’ be like?


The way you want to implement these variables sounds good to me. I liked the idea of that in DA2, though I disliked that we had to play in a certain way to get the response we wanted. You’ve talked about this topic enough that I would be surprised if I ended up not liking it, even if I wouldn’t miss anything if you decided against them. I already see the MC as “my” character and am fine with the differences in the storyline we have so far.

… Though for a moment I had to think of Highlands, Deep Waters and its sanity stat. Imagine if we had to handle something like this for MC. Come to think of it, maybe it’s less “sanity” but “paranoia”.