Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



stops lurking

Hey guys, if I was to state that I find the MC hilarious, does that make the character humerus, or (our lord and savior)Malin a comedian?


Bahhhhh! Obviously…a fair fight…without stairs because you just gotta know Ortega or Lady A will be like “you turtle ass is blocking the entire hallway!!!”


In a fair fight we’d still have the nanovores and whatever our upgrades are. I have the speed upgrade so I’m thinking he’ll have a hard time making a punch connect. If you have strength/armor I would think you are basically on his level and it would depend who is better at suit building, Steel or Dr M.

BTW, I can’t imagine Argent caring that Steel is blocking the hallway. She can just go around him, leaving Lady A shaped holes in the walls :laughing:


So i had bit of spare time today and attemped to draw my mc’s helmet

Its disasterous



And for me I had armor and speed…because well…might as well be speedy af and be able to take a punch…But yeah…I have a feeling that if we fight with Steel it would be without nano-buggies but if we start losing we are more likely gonna get the option to use them…


Strength and speed for me. I want to hit hard and fast. Dodging bullets and lifting cars is an extra perk. Telepathy is useful, but I desire for my villain’s identity to remain shrouded in mystery for as long as I can manage to keep it so, unless a chance for an epic enough unmasking presents itself, of course. Almost like an actor who plays three distinct roles throughout a performance, I attempt to create different personalities and behaviors for the alternate incarnations.


Hmmm…Pretty sure Steel’s cybernetics are exposed for the most part, so assuming we don’t get knocked around to much and have enough time (i.e. a subtle MC capable of playing cat and mouse long enough) the nanovores might be able to ruin his armor and make it unusable. An MC with enough control might even be able to seep past the armor (exactly how tiny is a nanovore?) and would be able to eat straight into Steel’s cybernetics. I’m not sure exactly how dependant Steel is on his mods but it’d at least play havoc with his fighting ability. Either way anyone who’s boosted is going to have major issues with a competent enough MC without them ever having to use telepathy directly on them. A tech savvy MC might get away with that more easily, too, passing off their control over the nanovores as technological prowess.

I do agree that telepathy isn’t the most subtle enhancement ever but there are still ways a sneaky enough MC could pull it off to great effect while still maintaining anonymity.


You don’t have to use your telepathy in obvious flashy ways. It helps with controlling the nanovores. I picked speed/telepathy because it was pretty much how my MC used to fight - read their mind and then don’t be there when they plan to hit you. Also helps that Ortega can counter both of those, mwahaha. I really want my poor MC to get caught.

Not sure what kind of defenses Steel has in his armor or if you can skim his thoughts though.


I did that on my first run, however later on I tried out the strength upgrade and after seeing just how much damage and mayhem I could cause to the Rangers (terrifying Herald & Ortega) I never looked back since and also used it on my canon playthrough. Moreover, exoskeletons are cool. And so are nanites.


Agreed, lol Part of me really wants MC to get caught, even if my MC herself doesn’t, so I’m trying to balance giving the other characters clues with my MC’s extremely paranoid and cautious nature. I can’t wait to see Ortega’s (or the others for that matter) reaction to the reveal.



he does seem the sort to use dampeners after the disaster that was the heartbreak incident, that may adversely affect the nanovores. Maybe best to avoid tangling with him unless absolutely sure our boosters outclass his dampeners. I’d definitely stay away without them… I might have to do another run through at some point.


If they don’t, that’s what the jump jets are for. Fly up out of his reach and then, idk, throw rocks until he goes away.


Or, you know… Use an exoskeleton?


Ha! my main mc uses the jump jets and speed and she totally would, she already took Herald down so we know that’s not an issue. Not much the others can do unless Ortega manages to hit us with a lightning bolt or something. Definitely got a hit and run thing going on.


That’d work. I personally favor fast and sneaky MC’s but yeah, that’d work. :smile:


Since we are talking about MC’s fight with the Rangers…
Has anyone’s MC triggered an epileptic seizure in the fight with Ortega? I read that they can do it, but I haven’t even seen the option to do that. Not that I could do it ;_;


But then you can end up hurting Ortega and Herald :cry:

Ortega might be able to keep up with us, due to his speed. Also he’s willing to fight dirty, like when he can use a gun during the gala fight.

It’s been a while but I think you have to be getting your butt kicked (so, play against your suit strengths and don’t choose to fight like you know him). It’s offered as a last ditch kind of thing.


Didn’t even know he did that. Huh. Is that something he does if you have a super agressive mc? Admittedly I haven’t actually gotten around to playing an MC that’s gone completely off the deep end, murderous intent and all.

Yeah me neither, it’s like kicking a puppy. :cry:


It’s hard to explain, but it’s part of Ortega getting the better of you during the fight. If you don’t end it fast he gets crafty. Like attacking the nanovore cage, stabbing something metal through your armor’s insulation layer in order to conduct electricity past it, and shooting you.


Ah. I’ve only ever had him take out the cage.


Dont we all secretly want our MC to be captured? Just to see the shock and hurt from mama Ortega? Like… I get that…though the main reason I didn’t pick Telopathic upgrade was due to my reasoning that it was unnecessary…


Looks really cool!

Also @ApplePi same as well xD tho my MC is more aggressively showing herself off not caring anymore if she gets caught or not tho she realllly wants to be outed especially by ortega so they cn kill her off

Also i cn never get the epilepsy scene cuz the strength and telepathic upgrade are overkill to the rangers :’( i always unintentionally break ortega and heralds bones…