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Lord…I cry every time


Yeah my dear friend , i was referring for Rosie/Boris :slight_smile:
and i agree with you, Rosie didn’t strike me as very clever person as well… and she seems to like to mix with her friends without a sense of urgency , drinking in the bar and gambling at casino etc… with her new found wealth ( paid by my MC ), potentially she will expose herself even more … perhaps my MC shouldn’t had drag her deeper into this mess, but genuinely i kind of pity about her life struggle , not earning enough with her dangerous works … especially after watching her facing danger alone, so i thought to take her in and well …at least i can keep an eye on her while paying her for what she deserve …

I have no doubt Argent will do that :smile: but she is too vulnerable with psychic attack, i can’t help it to save her from drowning in the sewer :wink:

The puppet …hmmmm, in my self righteous ego…i consider myself doing him a favour, to give him a “life”, but i didn’t bother to alter my personality between my original MC and Puppet…so i act like the same old MC even in the body of puppet there were warning in the game that i shouldn’t invoke suspicion by acting too resemblance to my old MC, but that was exactly what i want and hope that Ortega will get suspicious but , she never even suspect anything even though i screw myself multiple times…Lol :smile: this also including i purposely leave a trace inside Argent’s mind for her to track me …i will be disappointed if they are all incompetent to trace me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…i agree with you on that , if you are planning to write a fanfic that include the MC’s past memory …you will face difficulty at least for the time beings , however i think there is enough idea to write something that only involve the present but not the past ( concerning about the actions and current status of the MC’s endeavour ) … I have always imagine how would it be if Harley Quinn is Batman’s sidekick instead ? That is actually how i view my MC , a much darker Batman with a calm vengeful mind, just like Batman…i won’t give in to petty violence …just doing enough to put down my opponents ( as was my choices ) , Rosie seems to be the less crazy version of Harley but with the same unsuspected naivety of Harley ( who constantly being manipulated by Joker and treated badly) …perhaps she could be treated fairer if she follows Batman instead ? :smile:


@malinryden Dare I ask if we get any book 2 flirting or at least the chance to make steel blush ? I figure probably not ,but I’ve gotta ask.
Also for those of you who don’t follow Malin on tumblr, she recently posted an excert between Steel and MC.

For those who don’t have access to tumblr due to your country not allowing it. I supplied the excert here as well.


WIP outtake below (in stage 2, raw, no spell checking, some code):

*label kitchen

The kitchen might be small, but it still got all the amenities needed for government employees. Not that you are interested in anything but the coffee machine, but it’s still interesting to see how much things had changed since their last headquarter. Everything was newer now, shiny and somewhat impersonal, as if there was a company in charge of designing breakrooms for all the Ranger teams. Perhaps there is.

You don’t care as long as you get a decent cup of coffee.

The cups are impersonal as well, there’s no trace of the old ones, chipped and personal, and in Ortega’s case, one that you had given ${him}. Did someone throw them out when they moved?

You didn’t expect to care. Or to get hurt by it.

It feels like a lifetime ago. Longer. Perhaps it is a testament to how deep you had slipped in the painful mire of memories that it takes you a few seconds to notice Steel in the doorway, watching you. Frowning.

“Want a cup?” You gesture with your coffee, exaggerating your familiarity with the room just to deepen his frown and dispel your own gloom. It works.

“What you are doing here?” Steel keeps frowning, hovering on the doorstep as if he’s afraid you’re going to steal something. You smile a little at the thought, today your intentions are pure.

“Waiting for Ortega,” you say, quite honestly, as you drop a couple of cubes of sugar in the coffee.

“That figures.” You can see Steel’s shoulders relax, and after a moment of hesitation he steps inside, heading for the fridge. “I still don’t like that you’ve been given access like this.”

“Access like what? To your pantry?” You sit down at the table, making yourself a smaller, non-threatening target. Not that it matters, Steel is taller than you since his latest modifications. You doubt that he’s intimidated by you physically. He should be. “Afraid that I’m going to steal some cookies to go with the coffee? Or sell the secret that someone’s not been doing the dishes?”

“That’s no secret. That’s Herald.” This time the sigh is audible, and the frown is aimed at the pile of dirty dishes piled in the sink. Someone had eaten dinner recently. Messily.

“I like that you can still make a joke.”

“It wasn’t a joke.” Steel gives you a look, that for once is closer to neutral. Are you an ally in his fight against sloppiness?

“Huh,” you say, wondering whether you should take this chance to connect. It couldn’t hurt trying to break some of the ice between you.

#“I would have figured Argent for sure.”
"I would have figured Argent for sure.“

"Not Ortega?”

"I’ve met ${his} mom, remember? Dishes gets done in that household.“ You can’t help but smile at the memory. Another life. Another world. Did you use to be happy once?

"Hmm…” You’re not sure what kind of look Steel is giving you, but it’s different from the ones you usually get.

#“I could have put money on it being Ortega.”
"I could have put money on it being Ortega.“ You smirk a little, ribbing Ortega was the one thing you and Steel shared back in the day.

”$!{he}’s innocent. For once.“ Steel adds the last words with enough hesitation that you can’t help the smirk widening into a proper smile.

"Do I dare to ask what he’s done now?” It has to be something, you don’t need to read his mind to see that.

"It doesn’t matter, it’s not…“ the words drift off as he looks at you oddly.

#"Good job trying to shift the blame,” I joke.
"Good job trying to shift the blame,“ you joke. "Is Herald the closest thing you have to an intern?”

"That’s not…“ it takes a moment for Steel to catch up, but when he does the sigh is heavy enough to be audible. "You were joking. Of course.”

"Of course,“ you say, sipping your coffee, the picture of innocence. "I know you’re too neat to tolerate a mess.”

"It’s simply easier to clean it right away,“ he says, looking a little awkward.

"You don’t need to explain yourself, you know? It’s not a moral failing to do the dishes.” You can’t help but smile at the look on his face.

"Hmm…“ You’re not sure what kind of look that is, but it’s different from the ones you usually see carved on Steel’s scarred face.


“Maybe I have been a bit unfair to you.” He speaks the words slowly, reluctantly. But he means them, you don’t get the feeling he’s trying to deceive you.

“Maybe?” you ask, one eyebrow raised to underline your point.

“I just don’t like mysteries.” Turning his back to you, he finally opens the fridge, grabbing an unmarked squeeze bottle.

“I think you’re making me seem more mysterious than I really am.” What is in that bottle? Something nutritious and horribly tasting if you’re reading the look on his face as he takes a pull. “I mean if you compare me to Lady Argent, I…”

“I didn’t say I was at ease with her either,” he interrupts, sitting down at the table across from you. The chair protests a bit under his considerable weight, but the furniture here is built for his use.

#“Remember when you fell through that chair at the Mayor’s old office?”
"Remember when you fell through the chair at the Mayor’s old office?“

"I’ve been trying to forget that,” he says, suppressing a groan. “Thank you so much for reminding me.”

"I aim to please.“ You finish your coffee with a wink.

#"Hah! I was right, you don’t trust her. I recognize your dour looks.”
"Hah! I was right. I recognize your dour looks by now, I’ve seen enough of them.“

"That’s not something to be proud of.”

"For either of us, I should say.“ You finish your coffee with a wink.

#"Have you considered that maybe it’s not us, maybe it’s you being a bit paranoid?”
"Have you considered that maybe it’s not us, maybe it’s you being a bit paranoid?“

"Being paranoid is my job.”

"Only if you’re right.“ You finish your coffee with a wink.

"This feels all too familiar…” He takes another pull from the bottle, followed by another grimace.

For a moment or two, there is silence between you. Not a comfortable silence by any means, but a neutral one. No aggression, at least none aimed at you.

An opportunity?

“Listen…” you hesitate briefly, for show as much as anything. If you’re going to have any hope of him lowering his guard you have to play this right. “What is it really that bothers you so much about me?”

“Do you want a list?”

“Start at the top then,” you suggests, amicably.

“You’re a telepath.” Steel doesn’t even have to think before answering, and it’s not like you didn’t suspect that had something to do with it.

“I am.” You look straight into his eyes and smile. “Are you afraid I’m going to read your mind?”

“I have assumed that you already are.”

“Chen…” you press your fingers to the bridge of your nose as if to ward off a headache. “It doesn’t work that way.” The headache doesn’t disappear, Steel is still there when you open your eyes.

“So you say.” He has crossed his arms, and from the look on his face you imagine he’s probably thinking really hard about something he wants you to pick up. Just to prove a point.

#I’m curious, I’ll try to browse his mind,
"Nothing I say am going to change your mind, is it?“ You brush the gentlest mental fingers over the surroundings, trying to feel if there’s something here, if it’s a trap.

*if subterfuge > 70
You sense nothing.

"Doubtful,” Steel replies, and you can feel his resentment.

"I don’t need for you to trust me.“ You turn your back to him, ostensibly waiting for the machine to churn out another cup. Instead you focus on the angry thoughts of Steel behind you, finding…

Huh. Not anger. You stare at the slowly filling cup, leaning into Steels mind behind you, finding suspicion, yes, but also regret. Mostly regret.

"I don’t distrust you,” he admits since you’ve gone silent. “You’re allowed to be here.” He’s guilty. Guilty over how he’s been treating you, but also over how things turned out.

"I’m glad I’m not seen as a danger to the team,“ you’re not quite sure how to deal with this information, so you grab your cup and turn around with a neutral smile. "Though maybe you are a danger to me. Helping Lady Argent like that… she could have killed me. $!{wear}, she nearly did. She’s dangerous.”

#I’ll get some more coffee and change the subject.
"Nothing I say am going to change your mind, is it?“


"I don’t need for you to trust me.“ You have your back turned, waiting for the machine to churn out a new cup. "Just to tolerate me.”

"I am,“ he admits. "You’re here.”

"I’m glad I’m not seen as a danger to the team,“ you turn with the cup and a smile. "Though maybe you are a danger to me. Helping Lady Argent like that… she could have killed me. $!{wear}, she nearly did. She’s dangerous.”

#I’ll try to explain how it works.
"You don’t understand,“ you start, and since Steel doesn’t interrupt, you continue. "Just imagine that you were inviting me to your apartment. Just because I walk through the door doesn’t mean that I will run around and tear open every closet and open every drawer. A telepathic intrusion is not something that just happens, it requires work, and is dangerous.”

"You are still seeing my apartment.“ A stone might have budged, he does not.

"Is that so bad? I mean I can see how it could be, if you had something to hide in there and never wanted anyone to see.”

"It’s not like that.“

"I know it’s not. My point is, my telepathy isn’t telling me anything that a conversation with you over coffee would. Reading someone’s intention is not that different from reading someone’s body language.”

"You can do a lot more than that.“

"I’m not Locus, I’m nowhere near Alpha level. Helping Argent like that… she could have killed me. $!{wear}, she nearly did. She’s dangerous.”

“Stop.” Steel holds up a hand, giving you a stern look. Did you go too far?

#I’ve had enough playing nice, I’ll get up and leave.

#I apologize, I’m here to build bridges, not break them.
“Sorry” you say, just in case. You’re here to build bridges, not break them. “I’m not here to complain about Argent. In fact, I gave her a talk about teamwork earlier.”

"That’s unlikely.“ It doesn’t look like he believes you.

"I never joined the Rangers,” you say with a sigh. “But you can’t say we didn’t work well together.”

#I said nothing wrong, if he can’t take it, it’s his fault.
"You know I’m right,“ you say with a shrug. You can’t win with Steel, but maybe you can drive a wedge into the team. "She’s a wild card.”

"Unlike you?“ He looks almost amused at the concern.

"I never joined the Rangers,” you say with a sigh. “But that doesn’t mean I want you to fall apart.”

“I know” he admits, with an honesty that surprises you. “I wish you would have.”

“What? Joined?”


“I wouldn’t submit myself to their background checks. You know that.”

“Reason two on my list.”

“Not everyone is in good standing with the US government, that doesn’t mean that they’re bad guys.”

“But it does mean that they are untrustworthy.”

“Or have enemies.”

You can see that he’s on the verge of asking more. There’s a softness to his thoughts that you’ve rarely felt, as if he’s actually listening to what you are saying without preconceptions. The question is, what are you going to do about it?


It was a great read! I am looking forward to more interaction between the MC and Steel.


Sparks will fly. Figuratively and literally. :scream:


Can’t wait for my Mc to fight Steel, for while I believe the fight with Argent was a test of skill and speed…I think the fight with Steel with be simply, who’s suit of armor is better


Are you that sure? Steel has years of expierience too, more than both Ortega or the MC as far as I remember. I would argue he is much less prone to make mistakes the MC could exploit as for example Argent (who is not used to lose and quite aggressive) or Ortega (we don’t call them charge based on their mods). Add his suit and the fact that it seems much more personalized as common and that Steel knows his armor’s limits in and out (just think about the epilouge and how Steel claims to know it better than the mechanics), while MC still has to get some training with their own suit I’m not sure if it’s that simple.


Well your more then right…but…gotta say I think the fight will ultimately come down to who can outlast the others suit before their own suit gives out

Though I believe the fight will if Steel has his way be a slow pace fight…but considering how that will ultimately end in Steel’s favor I believe it would be to the MC’s advantage to end the fight quickly with those nanoviruses


Pc: Born Depressed by Drill Queen.


Ours, because we can’t be defeated by walking up a flight of stairs.

Also, because we have nanovores that we can use to wreck him. I feel a little bad that he put so much time into improving and fixing it up.


I cannot see how Steel could have a chance at surviving the nanovores. He isn’t even aware we are in possession of this weapon.


“Sidestep, your reign of terror ends here!”

Sidestep chuckles with disdain and turns to walk up a stairwell with a dramatic flourish.

Steel nervously attempts to follow up only to immediately tumble and fall down, unable to get up like a turtle.


Edit: found another one. Featuring MC.


Speed upgrade in a nutshell


stops lurking

Hey guys, if I was to state that I find the MC hilarious, does that make the character humerus, or (our lord and savior)Malin a comedian?


Bahhhhh! Obviously…a fair fight…without stairs because you just gotta know Ortega or Lady A will be like “you turtle ass is blocking the entire hallway!!!”


In a fair fight we’d still have the nanovores and whatever our upgrades are. I have the speed upgrade so I’m thinking he’ll have a hard time making a punch connect. If you have strength/armor I would think you are basically on his level and it would depend who is better at suit building, Steel or Dr M.

BTW, I can’t imagine Argent caring that Steel is blocking the hallway. She can just go around him, leaving Lady A shaped holes in the walls :laughing:


So i had bit of spare time today and attemped to draw my mc’s helmet

Its disasterous



And for me I had armor and speed…because well…might as well be speedy af and be able to take a punch…But yeah…I have a feeling that if we fight with Steel it would be without nano-buggies but if we start losing we are more likely gonna get the option to use them…


Strength and speed for me. I want to hit hard and fast. Dodging bullets and lifting cars is an extra perk. Telepathy is useful, but I desire for my villain’s identity to remain shrouded in mystery for as long as I can manage to keep it so, unless a chance for an epic enough unmasking presents itself, of course. Almost like an actor who plays three distinct roles throughout a performance, I attempt to create different personalities and behaviors for the alternate incarnations.