Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!





I knew it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And I can’t help but be excited, too.
Let the celebration commence in 3… 2… 1…


Let us all dance between the lines ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Oh thank you thank you!!

Edit 1: Another angst save here I come!

Edit 2: And I always love the brooding ones!!

Edit 3: Me right now! Last edit I promise!

My emotions right now


I hope you are not forced into it?


Loved the game! Everything is perfect! This is one of my top 10’s!!! I loved the Hero Rise series and i love how this is basically the same, but your playing a villain! I would really love to, if you could unite with the Rangers for once to defeat 1 common enemy! That would be so cool!


Poor Steel…forever in my mind Asian nick fury yet my fourth favorite person…he’s gonna be romancable…


I’m pretty much immune to all kinds of pressure on account of not giving a crap :slight_smile:

It just turned out it was fun two write the MC/Steel slowly working on their mutual distrust and I’m interested to see where it goes from there.


Glad to hear that.

Also slightly jealous.


I think what the god queen of this universe means…is that Steel is probably gonna be tortured in book three if we romance them kek


I am just glad that you found it fun to write. I am looking forward to the MC’s further interaction with Steel in the future books. =)


Roughly in the middle of the game, yet still considerably far.


Don’t be cruel and set the steel bar too high now… :smirk:


So in my first play-through of the game, I used my older twin brother, Christopher, as the puppet and dated Dr. Mortum as him… I’m very happy with the direction that my game went in. I expect great things to happen in book 2. Which brings me to my next question: What would happen if the MC saw the puppet’s memories in Book 2, and/or what if the Puppet woke up?


Also in my playthrough the puppet had to kiss Dr Mortum, which was… Interesting! :joy:


Wow. Does your brother know about this?


Canon, IMO. When Mama Ortega kicks off her sandal you better look out.


Mama Ortega moonlights as the most successful Marshall on the West Coast: La Chancla.


I finished the game…And it is almost two o’clock in the morning…
Now that I have finished it I can understand perfectly why some of you prefer Lady A over Ortega. Though I do believe I still prefer Ortega, I see the allure in Lady A as well.

I will come back later with my various theories and ideas. Though, maybe I should first read the forum, before I repeat what has already been said a dozen times…

It is a fantastic game! I loved the epilogue as well, gives one something to look forward to. More to explore and more to want to understand.


In addition of Lady Argent and Ortega… you should have a look of possibility with our sidekick as well, although he/she won’t be an RO, but you could start a fanfic about them :wink:

Personally , i think the sidekick is in a peculiar situation … he/she is not as powerful and intelligent as Argent and Ortega, but seems the most loyal among all ROs… I am still curious of Ortega’s reaction when she find out about us, and Ortega is a hero/heroine … they will do the “right” thing, but the sidekick seems to be someone who had been force into a situation in their struggle to survive , sort of like Harley Quinn ??

and while Ortega is more faithful to original MC, Sidekick is more faithful to puppet , another thing is if Sidekick continue to help us, both factions will know about them eventually… so our sidekick actually in a more dangerous situation , for a ruthless MC…the sidekick is deadman/deadwoman walking already when the MC abandon them :slight_smile:

If you play a more compassionate MC, the relationship with the sidekick is actually cosy when we save them from the ReGene :slight_smile:


Heh, at first, I had no idea to who you referred with ‘sidekick’, but at some point, I realized you were talking about Rosie/Boris. Right, or am I mistaken?

If I am correct then:
Yes, the sidekick does indeed not strike me as a very clever person. Though that does not mean that I do not appreciate them. I quite like their honesty and simplicity. It can make one a trustworthy mercenary if treated righteously.

Ortega will undoubtedly do what is right, in every given situation. Not hesitating a second to put the MC in jail…sigh…
As for Lady A, she seems more of a risk for the Rangers, in my opinion. Perhaps she is even slightly unstable? As in, that she can get too worked up, therefore end up seeing red and going on a rampage against the MC? Shredding their every limb from their romp? In the sewer she fantasizes about doing it, or so I have read.
But if either of them are loyal… It depends on the person/cause I think. And, indeed, mayhap the sidekick would be the most loyal of all of them. Though I believe only when the MC treats them with respect and care. The sidekick may not be the smartest walking around in Joes, but they have a good functioning survival instinct, otherwise, they would not have been able to keep their head from being shot to pieces. Right, or do you think otherwise?

Harley Quinn, that is a good one. I had not realized until now, but the MC (or at least my MC) feels kind of similar to Harley. With the horrific past, forced into certain situations, self-hate and -doubt. Though mayhap the sidekick is best compared to Harley, since the MC is different for every player.

Your words make me wonder… How do you feel regarding the Puppet? And your Puppets interactions with other characters?

I feel the need to mention that I only have experience with Rosie, though I doubt that Boris’ path will be any different other than the way he comments on certain scenarios. In some ways, they are not ‘important enough’ to have completely different paths. At least, that is how I interpreted it.

Eric, my friend, you have no idea how I would like to write some fanfiction for this wonderful tale. But the uncertainty/vagueness regarding the MC’s youth and their likely horrible experiences on the Farm keeps me from typing anything (at least for now), I prefer to know a bit more when it is obvious that the storyteller has the intention to reveal more about it.
However, mayhap I should just let that hesitation go and write something that does not have anything to do with ‘the farm’.
Actually, is there any fanfiction written for this story yet? I would love to read some.


Well there is this one:

And this one(not really FHR related but still a good read):

There are prob few more but i coundn’t find em