Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



@Vacco_da_king @L_M

Both of you know that most probably both Lady Argent and Ortega are going to Kill us right ? Lol :wink: :smile:


Not if we kill them first.



How can you Kill someone you love ??? :triumph:

I am in the same boat with you… i will allow Lady Argent and Ortega to kill me instead in the end :hugs:


No, please, do not make me think about it…

@daze, I did not even want to kill the nameless SCP, let alone one of the lovely ladiesYou dark, dark human being…

Though I would adore some love-hate kisses being shared with a blade at each other’s throat. Because… science?


Of course their gonna kill us, especially Argent…Ortega may just yell why


Yes, we need to have makeup sex cuddles for science!


Hey hey hey, i don’t want to do it either
I’m just assuming that Malin will be Malin and feed on our tears. What if we can’t stop our own characters?


I half want my MC to get beaten to hell and back when he is unmasked as a bloody and broken mess…as the MC stares at the unmasker at the person who the MC trust for it was INSERT ROMANCE CHARACTER


I will allow Lady Argent and Ortega to kill me instead in the end

Surely we will be given a way out?.. Right…? Please? …HELLO?

I cannot imagine the intrigue to stop once the telepath has revealed themselves. There is too much about them yet to be uncovered and the possibilities for the love-hate relationships… Oh dear, I cannot wait to delve into those.
Anyway, therefore I believe that there will be possible ways to create some sort of redemption?

@daze, Sorry, I do not believe you to be a dark human being, I was fooling around c:


Yes, it was confirmed that a redemption path is possible.
I will go down that route >:V


Aha! Wonderful! That brightens my perspective considerably!


I want mama Ortega to redeem me😓


Same here. I love angst, but only if there’s a possibility that not everything will end up being awful.

Also I was half joking, too. That’s pretty much my normal communication style ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Honestly, I would prefer to get the redemption from someone like Steel and Lady A.
Especially since Ortega seems to be very trusting and smitten with the MC, and is therefore likely to forgive them. Though… On the other hand… It means that the MC’s actions can hurt all the more… Oh dear lord… I really do not want to hurt her…

@daze, I thought so, but I was not sure. And one can never be too careful on the internet.


No. Absolutely not.



(I firmly believe she’s possibly the kindest force on the planet and also the scariest. Can send villains packing by her slippers)


Be prepared though XD if we get our happy ending that we all want there is undoubtedly the ending where our souls will be crushed and our tears be shed… though im kind of excited to see who we can off first because im a very angsty and morbid person tho granted i shall shed so many tears…


Indeed, I believe this will be my mantra through every hardship that will come whilst I continue reading this book and the future installments.


I want her to set my mostly anti-hero MC on the right path…starting him on the journey of redemption…and the one to eventually unmask my Mc…because well…she would be more then likely see things from the MC point of view…then the others maybe Herald would see things but I don’t know


It’s that, ice-cream and beer that gets me through the day :smiling_imp:

Also, you guys win. Steel will be romanceable in book 3. I am having too much fun writing him.


Now I did like to see how that will be made possible with all his hostility and suspicion I am encountering throughout book one!

Though I doubt I will be romancing him any time soon… Stil I love that the possibility will be available!