Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



I can imagine that. Poor MC. No idea what they would be able to do then. Seems like a possible bad end.

… And then there’s the whole business with Locus and the ReGenes (and the “clones” of our MC… who might also have something to do with it). Aaaargh.

… Calling it now.
Everyone’s a ReGene. Including your grandma’s cat.



Well it seems up to us to help decide on this :))

Q: who would be down for a Disney marathon and who would pick what

My take:

Ortega: down af until Sidestep’s death and suddenly said movies don’t hold as much appeal as they used to? Then BH6 happens and this is the one movie you’ll probably catch them watching repeatedly for just one scene. Likely will watch this with the MC when they reunite if they’re willing

Herald: you would expect Herald to be the first in line to love Disney movies but is just…okay with them? Only exception is Mulan and catch him singing the chorus of I’ll Make a Man out of You as obnoxiously loud as possible. Real talk though: identifies too strongly with Mulan in the snow being like “I just wanted to prove I could do things right”

Argent: is also just okay with Disney, not a fan of the more recent stuff – will likely punch a wall or someone if she hears Let it Go one more time – but can be convinced to watch Bronze Age/Renaissance Disney if there is a need to marathon. Likes Fantasia the most – fave sequence is the Toccata and Fugue one

Steel: would seem to be the least likely to enjoy a Disney marathon but is actually the one who enjoys it the most out of the Rangers? He’s the real nerd here because when does Steel half assed anything? If he likes it expect him to be that fan but also has his rep to protect so marathoning should be fun if you keep sprouting wrong trivia (just watch him try to not correct you). Would never admit but probable fave is Enchanted for the meta and has strong opinions on the live action adaptations

Mortum: just as bad as Steel but doesn’t hide the fact they enjoy Disney :)) it becomes a sore point in terms of discussion because there (probably) is still an idealist in them (though that’s going away fast, but MC might be able to stemm that) and Disney tends to run on things like belief and hope. Loves Treasure Planet more than any nostalgic 90s kid tbh and probably has jammed out to things like Standout in the shower at one point in their life or another


Okay, of course. Dr. Mortum would love bloody Disney! That makes so much sense. (the rest is greek to me :))


Steel’s favourite Disney character is Donald Du- gets kicked out


Well thank u i just choked on the chips i was eating

@squarelyblue awesome choices lol! Tho steel watching disney is my fave also learning this fact dr mortum has to be protected at all costs this character is just too freaking precious


All this puppet talk is convincing me :open_mouth: , didn’t know about the hospital bit and the gender changing in that scene. The best thing the mc could do is drive very far away and put a bullet in the puppet’s body then burn the body and burn all their belongings. But the mc has a set personality to some degree, they’re not a blank slate. And they don’t seem suspicious of the puppet, so my actual mc will just try o lead a normal life in the puppet’s body whilst continuing their relationship with hMortam.


Probably accurate. Donald Duck apparently is a Sergeant in the USA military with an actual file so Steel should have his respect /brick’d

The MC could use a Baymax though tbh


I have finally started playing Fallen Hero: Rebirth, after having seen the amazing art of Daze. Yes, I am fangirling on someone’s art, please let me be. I just love art. And my telepath has just walked out of the new headquarters of the Rangers. How far in the game am I, could someone give me an estimation?

I really like the story so far!
Though I am slightly worried, for I read that Ortega will start flirting with the puppet even though their bond with the telepath is high and they have had a crush/love/‘it is complicated’ relationship in the past… And I do not like that, not at all. I know I should not have read the comments, but I did and now I have to deal with it. But I cannot… I like Ortega, a lot, but I do not like it when potential lovers are that easily distracted whilst it is being indicated that they supposedly have such a love for another character…

Also I made my telepath spare the SCP (or was it SPC?) when the Wolfpack had shot them and I would love to see said SCP return later in this or the second book!


Towards the middle-ish but still pretty far

Ortega can flirt with the puppet if you encourage it. You can have a thing in the past but since you were dead and all for 10 years(?), you can’t exactly say the MC and Ortega have a romantic relationship off the bat since obviously very different places in life :stuck_out_tongue:

Ortega though will drop the puppet if they know the MC still has feelings for them


First of all, thank you for your answer, the link, and your opinion! c:

middle-ish but still pretty far

Far away from the middle, as in you have a lot of stuff to cover still? Or as in: You are far ahead of the middle, therefore nearer to the end?
Sorry to bother you with this question… But I am just… very precise…?

but since you were dead and all for 10 years(?), you can’t exactly say the MC and Ortega have a romantic relationship off the bat

Seven years to be exact.
Yes, you are completely right! I certainly do not expect Ortega and the telepath to get (back) together at once, since it also seems from the context that they were not actually explicitly a couple even back then. Therefore I had and do not expect anything yet to happen in book one. But I got worried by reading some of the comments (I know, I should not have, I am a bad, bad woman) that Ortega had completely given up on the MC and therefore back to their previous way of having flings.
Thank you, again, for shushing my fears and sharing that link with wonderful information!

I cannot wait to throw all my theories and whatnot into the forum, just want to read the whole of the books first.


I just can’t wait for Ortega and my MC have angsty make up sex cuddles


I am on the same page as you, Vacco. Certainly would not mind stumbling on a bonding moment or two in book one with Ortega.
Though I love the intrigue as well, and the small signs of Ortega wanting but not daring to touch the telepath… Oh, dear lord, those have me close to swooning.


Hehehe~ I’m in it for the angst and awesome cuddles :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As in you’re probs somewhere moving towards middle, but still have more to cover. Once you finish the Argent episode that should be the half way point? After putting on the villain suit that should be the beginning of the end

Oh trust me on this. Ortega does not give up on their loved ones. Romantic or not Ortega has the MC’s back and will go to the ends and earth for the MC

(Hence why the reveal is going to be painful)


If your puppet force Ortega to abandon your MC or make comment to ask Ortega to choose between both of you, Ortega will give hints he/she actually love your original MC more :wink:

I am personally saving my love for Lady Argent :blush:


I can’t wait to see the face of Ortega when she sees the MC be the villain the same caring, nice MC that only occasionally tells her to shut up


I think your a heretic :stuck_out_tongue: the only true romance is lovey angsty the queen herself, Ortega-bae


I disagree , Ortega is my good friend all along … but Lady Argent is my true rival-mance option :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I was chuckling when i read that how heavy her body mass was when i save her from drowning :smile:


Bahhhh! I challenge you to a bae off, whoever win gives up current bae and accepts the correct bae :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
but If Ortega wasn’t in the way I would get Argent booty or the Doc’s booty…


@squarelyblue, Thank you so much for giving me an indication as to where I approximately am within the story.
Also, indeed, I quiver in fear for the reveal (for I take it you are talking about when the telepath reveals to be the villain)…

I am personally saving my love for Lady Argent :blush:

Yes, I have seen you people talk about Lady A for a bit, she has a lot of fans. I myself have yet to truly get around to reading about her character, therefore I am still pretty neutral about her.
Though I have always loved to make a crack in an Ice Queen’s mask and make them love my character… Yet I there is Ortega… Ohh, the internal struggles… Such chaos.
Truly, I should not be writing here, I should be reading the story. Instead of contemplating who to love, I am not even far into the game it seems! So much left to discover!