Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



I sorta saw Steel as a Asian version of Nick Fury…eye patch and all


ooohhh <3 <3 well hello there good looking! also XDD does give off the imma kick ur ass aura

@Vacco_da_king saamme XDDd i keep thinking of nick fury… heres hoping hell also have the line to go renegade on the council xD if we manage to persuade him on our side lol


If you persuade him then you are god tier my bean, god tier


I’m sure he could be “convinced”.


Is it bad that I’m scared of half of y’all for y’all’s use of quotation marks?


You will get used to it.


You know…I’m pretty sure I was told this earlier kek


“Fixed” it for ya! :crazy_face:


Nominating Daniel Wu for Steel as a fancast if he hasn’t been mentioned yet

I’ll redo the others after combing through details again :)) but M!Ortega is Oscar Isaac to me if there was a movie for FH


@resuri08 did mention him before, but we all gladely take the additional pictures. :grin:


I read this story and found it captivating and can’t wait for the second one.


I am aware that it has been days, but I do not care, I have to give you my compliments. Your art is masterful, it is stunning. The symbolism is astounding and inspiring. I love all the details you put in there.

Also, it makes me want to play the game very badly (I bought it, but have yet to play)

Bravo! I hope to see more of your work c:


Awww, thank you so much ;///;
I love adding details and symbolism, so I’m really happy you like it!

And play it! I’m replaying right now for about the fifth time and just keep getting more addicted to the game :'D

And I certainly will post more, I can be pretty persistent with my fangirling. ಠ‿ಠ


Mortum confirmed as someone who will kick ass and take names in B2 (potentially depending on the path)

Me: oh shit son /prepares popcorn


I’m SO excited for that. In the beginning I thought he was alright, but in subsequent playthroughs I chose various options and really, really came to love him.
I mean, he freaking stares down MC if the puppet gets hurt. And then there’s his seemingly very interesting past, and the scene in the hospital where he meets Ortega made me even more curious. Aaaaaah, how am I supposed to wait til the next book without going insane and coming up with weird theories?

I drew one of my MCs and her puppet :upside_down_face:


This looks soooo good <3 and im guessing the girls ur mc and the males the puppet? or is it vice versa? also Mortum is awesome <3 ever since i hooked him up with puppet he just makes my puppet swoon <3 i really cannot wait to see where the love square ends up lol


The angst for a love triangle of sorts is noice…but I played my Mc as a “I hate you Ortega” kisses Ortega “don’t leave me” cry


Mortum would’ve had my heart if Ortega just didn’t steal it first :((

Mortum is so quality I honestly feel bad for being unable to commit to them. I’ve settled for being bros with them and hoping we become best buds (as much as possible anyway)


Yes, I get that. (even worse, I feel like Herald will be added to the “characters I love” list with the next book, and I don’t know how to handle that. At least we can be friends. Phew)

At first I was completely against romancing anyone with the puppet, but now that I finally tried it (and most of the other options, as awful as it felt) I have a save file with MC/Ortega and puppet/Mortum. I feel sorry for everyone involved, but… it’s for science. Yes. whistles
Since I can’t exactly see that ending well I have a friendship save, too.

@Flaine1996 thank you! :'D and yes, she is the MC. I take pretty much every opportunity to play a female character. (the puppet is pretty much an exception)


mood :sweat:

Unfortunately the first name on her list is the MC :frowning:

I’m curious, what is everyone’s MC’s intentions toward the puppet? Status quo, permanent bodyswap, releasing them, or something I haven’t thought of?

I’m such a marshmallow, I want my MC and the puppet (whatever their real name ends up being) to be friends and kick ass together.