Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



throws drawing at the thread cause it can’t be saved

it’s kinda symbolic


Kinda looks like a cover of metal album…
I LOVE it… And the strings just add to perfection


Thank you TwT
And now that you mention it… yeah, I can see it. I had something else in mind when I started, but then I just… drew and ended up with this.
Once I’m done with my own drawings/project I’ll draw Ortega (as I had said) and the new armor from the front. Somehow. (⚆_⚆)
Yeah. Cause I can totally stop thinking about this story…


Goodaamn looks great!!! I love it! The ambiance is amazing and it does look like a metal band cover in a great way!


Looks amazing my beany artist…though for my Mc I see his suit as being…heavier…you know…to obscure his identity…but what you have drawn looks beautiful :kissing_heart:


Holy Sh** @daze that looks amazing:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:, kinda makes me self-conscious here. I just got finished drawing Marshal Steel last night and it’s not anywhere as good as yours.


still looks amazing!! nice jobbb hot damn!!!


What are you talking about, this is amazing ;_; I love your style!


Way way better than my stick figure drawings.


Also I’ll accept that design as canon. Headcanon.
Now where are the others? ( ͡ʘ╭͜ʖ╮͡ʘ)


Mine is equivalent to a stick figure with a cape saying “boo”


Did you btw see the tags for the reblog of your art on tumblr? You are fighting the good fight XD

Good Job


I always imagined Steel as a burly man in his 40s, with an aggressive facial expression (mostly due to his view and judgement of the Main Character)


My own headcanon for Steel’s look was always Anthony Wong… but that’s me and my love of old HK movies…


I sorta saw Steel as a Asian version of Nick Fury…eye patch and all


ooohhh <3 <3 well hello there good looking! also XDD does give off the imma kick ur ass aura

@Vacco_da_king saamme XDDd i keep thinking of nick fury… heres hoping hell also have the line to go renegade on the council xD if we manage to persuade him on our side lol


If you persuade him then you are god tier my bean, god tier


I’m sure he could be “convinced”.


Is it bad that I’m scared of half of y’all for y’all’s use of quotation marks?


You will get used to it.