Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!



Santa Ortega? :thinking:

Not bad, but… I rather have him beardless and have him wrap himself up for a nice Christmas present… :grin:


I much prefer the one Sammysam shared. hahaha


I’m half sure that’s even in character for Ortega…

(including Christmas songs played by him on the guitar to MC)


Excuse you this is the real Ortega

Code name: pornstache

Edit: /s


The moustache suits him so well


I have and it deserves all of the praise and statistics its an amazing game tbh! Also OHMYGOD IM KEEPING THIS MOUSTACHE ON OSCAAR ISAAC :smile: this is way too good christ!

@LeBaloo ooohhhh that looks actually honestly really good!

@Taylor_Enean not bad! Tho he reminds me of santa clause


Hmmm…either young Jensen Ackles or young Ryan Reynolds would work better for me, but then I’m really not a fan of Pettyfer.

Naw, we know male mc used to be somewhat good-looking at least when it comes to their face, neck and hands, the farm may or may not have done a number on the rest of their body. On the other hand the mc does have a warped and distorted self-image, since if you choose to have a puppet who looks like younger mc and is briefly confused with (young) mc by Ortega, they are apparently really pretty. Then again Ortega is apparently really into people who look like the mc and if the mc was originally designed as a spy or leader they would have been made handsome but not too pretty as the ideal template for a spy or leader.
It’s all complicated in this game but we’re apparently going to learn more in the sequel.


Good looking enough to seduce but not enough to draw unwanted attention. Like the kind of person who you only notice is good looking when you’re conversing with them, as opposed to being struck on sight.


Yep, that’s pretty much the ideal for most intelligence service field ops agents. Even been told so by people from the intelligence community.
In contrast to how they treat their own body the mc is also going to significant effort to ensure the puppet looks their best, so that might still fit better with handsome as opposed to drop-dead gorgeous.

Like a jaded, faded washout. But then at least if you choose to play your mc like that even that is deliberately done to some extent. Though I do wish the mc would actually bother to put their regular body through a regular workout routine. Not wearing flattering clothes, having a decent/stylish haircut or using cosmetics are likely deliberate parts of the washout look and appearance.

Here’s the previous discussion on mc looks.


I apparently missed my calling for being an intelligence officer specializing in recruiting and managing honey traps.

Though with the MC’s uh, questionable state over the past several years I imagine they look a bit rough now.


Bahhhh…I like my fantasy even though I know your completely correct…


Ah, god dammit just read the descriptions for Locus and Anathema again, and I really had it wrong in my head >.< But anyway changed my fancast for them:

Anathema: Alia Shawkat (doesn’t really fit in the category “chubby” if you ask me but otherwise it’s the closest I got…)

Locus: Hm either China Anne McClaine or Amandla Stenberg

Ohhh~ you are right he fits well too.

And that’s why I like fancasts too: it’so a good way to see what kind of types people have. For me neither Ackles nor Reynolds do much considering the looks department for example as much as Pettyfer is not to your taste :sweat_smile:

But I wonder if you have a fancast also for the other characters or only for your favorite (I mean…I assume he is your favorite based on that your MC sounds as unhealthy considering Herald as other MCs do for Ortega). Do you want to share if you have one?


I used to have the hugest fan crush on young Jensen (wasted quite a bit of time watching some things I wouldn’t have otherwise, Dark Angel, cough, cough, just to see him), kinda sad he makes an effort to look more “tough and macho” for that silly Supernatural show, cause I just loved him during his “pretty boy” days. He’s one of the cutest things to ever come outta Texas, at least to me. :blush:

Usually only my favourites, usually pretty content to go for what the author gives me on the others.
That said, I do have male Mortum. Trai Byers looks just perfect for that role, maybe a bit on the young side for an accomplished academic turned mad scientist, but then I always figured Mortum isn’t averse to treatments that ensure he looks (a lot) younger then he actually is.
If I really had to cast male Ortega, hmmm…I’d probably go for Magic Mike co-star and CSI Miami cutie Adam Rodriguez. Super hot when young(er) and he has aged really well.
Can’t find any of him with just a mustache, but he pulls off the beard really well now that he’s a bit older.
Since Steel is half-cyborg I really just pictured him as an Asian sort of Adam Jensen from Deus Ex. But I haven’t considered a real life actor or model to map him to.

Again, usually pretty happy to go along with any good suggestions by the author or other users for the women.

Yep, sure is and he’s both my mc’s crush (though that part was really unplanned on my mc’s part falling for the brat when they actually met in person) and rival both. So yeah, for my mc it is as complicated as the relationship with Ortega seems to be for, if not a majority, then at least a large plurality of my fellow forum users. :grin:


Sorry if that was discussed before, but does anyone have the descriptions for f!Ortega?
I’d like to draw her as well.

I have a sneaking suspicion that she doesn’t have a mustache.


Tall hispanic short dark hair lack of facial hair…and uhh wing everything else?


I think she also has a signature high ponytail. Her hair was long back in the day, but she has it short now.


Okay okay i dont think this was mentioned before but Freddie Mercury as M!Ortega? eh eh?


wouldnt be too bad xD and freddie mercury is hot lol


I’m going to hell for this


well… now… let me just say… MY EYES XD OMG i mean i wanted it but i dont know what i wanted to expect??? not this tho LOL