Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


I feel like Steel and the MC could make a pretty neat team-up. I also got the vibe from Steel that he might be the kinda guy where if the MC could really prove themself capable in fights then he might grow some begrudging respect for them? It’s hard to say considering we haven’t seen much of him but that was the general vibe I got.

Y’know I’ve always wondered about this. Maybe it’s just because I’ve already fallen so deep down the rabbit hole of this game that I’ve lost all sanity in my theories that have been stewing since I first played the demo or maybe it’s just me but I wonder about how much Steel might possibly know about the Farm that was mentioned- and if that’s where his distrust comes from since it seemed to be pretty heavily linked to the MCs telepathy- or if it’s some other drama in his past life that makes him dislike telepathy.

Or if he just dislikes telepathy in general.


Personally I feel that part of the reason why Steel dislikes the MC is that they’re the wildcard even prior to their death. They aren’t part of the team per se – I mean they are because Ortega’s (used to be) a marshal – and this is someone who hates uncalculated risks. Or at least he gave me that impression :))

So on top of being “untrustworthy” from the beginning, I’m sure when he finds out that the MC is alive that’s straight to his shit list x10

I mean, Ortega must’ve grieved for the MC. So I think if ever he might feel like the MC is just a whole lot of unnecessary trouble for his friend (since the poor sod lost them once, what if they lost the MC again? I don’t think Ortega could handle that and it’s going to hurt Steel to see them in that state)


Just a reminder that it’s only book 1 of 3 that’s coming out, so there won’t be answers to all your questions in there. Just a deeper rabbit hole. :slight_smile:


Amazing. I’ll go grab my shovel.


the hole starts here


wow, Ortega is so popular. i feel like i’m the only one that has Mortum as a favorite. :sweat_smile:
this was why i was so nervous when we had loveline popularity poll and Ortega was so much more popular than Mortum that i was afraid that Mortum was going to be no longer a love interest option. :persevere:
my top two favorites are Mortum and Herald.

i like that Mortum and I get to know each other and build up our relationship from the start. there is fun in trying to learn each other and solve the mystery puzzles that we’re hiding from each other. and the fact that Mortum is going to try to learn more about current me than past me also helps. yeah, but mostly, I JUST LOVE PUPPET AND MORTUM’S RELATIONSHIP. that hospital scene in the demo is just so great and shows the potential of how complex their relationship is going to turn out to be. i love it.

Herald is fresh blood and naive. i feel like he gives mc a breath of fresh air. he could be what mc needs to go back to the good side. because all other good side members belong to mc’s past which didn’t help mc to stay in the good side. mc just wants to run away from the past. so Herald is more likely to make mc remember why mc used to be a hero and what it feels like to be truly in a good side. Herald can be the positiveness that mc needs to turn back from being a villain.


Has anyone thought of the MC’s funeral and that Ortega and should MC have family had to bury an empty casket? And that Ortega probably had a speech about them but never said the more meaningful stuff until they were alone with the MC’s grave?

Because shower thoughts ya’ll

@OKidOKi well Mortum is a fave of mine too. It’s just that Ortega went swooping and am never getting my heart back at this point


While this might be me remembering wrong, I recall the MC don’t have any family. Which makes the funeral even sadder.


well, at least i know there will be someone who would also love to talk about Mortum :grinning:

for me, i just can’t help but feel uncomfortable around Ortega. he’s the huge portion of mc’s past that my mc doesn’t want to think about. but it seems Ortega doesn’t want to forget about it. the moment mc meets Ortega, mc ends up meeting other heroes who are also mc’s past. during the demo, mc was either in panic, uncomfortable, afraid, or angry in those scenes.
i felt better with the puppet though. since puppet and Ortega are strangers. I could perhaps romance Ortega with puppet, but my mc and Ortega can be friends at best.

but of course, i will force my way to play all the options in the games.


@squarelyblue and @Ventura Oh geeze, this now makes me think of a funeral in which Ortega is the only one who really shows up or stays at all since it doesn’t seem like they really knew anyone else besides Ortega and Anathema- and, well, Anathema is also reported dead.


@squarelyblue @RenaB @Ventura

Y’all are forgetting about Madre Ortega! His mother! She was only mentioned like once or twice but MC clearly knew her well. I imagine Mrs. Ortega was devastated especially if they were romantically involved with Ortega in the past.


Shoot! You’re right! Though the fact that it could just be Ortega and their mom… I’m not sure if that makes it worse or better. Like imagine her leaving her kid to mourn for their it’ssupercomplicatedmaybelover friend and afterwards just mourning together.


I’d always kind of imagined it like the entire rangers team showed up (any surviving ones at least) considering the MC mentions others not showing up because they couldn’t fight against the Heartbreak villain. Maybe a few other heroes the MC had associated with over their career? Then after everyone left Ortega kinda just stayed behind to grieve for himself…



honestly, i just really love your whole post (love scene with mortum was so good too!! ><) but the herald thing sealed the deal. actually when the demo was still up, my faves were MC, ortega, and mortum in that order. though herald replaced mortum later on mostly bc of malin’s confirmation that he’ll be a RO and the opportunities that came to mind. idk but apparently i just really have a thing for Pure™ characters that remind me of dogs (loyal, idealistic, warm, etc.)

though speaking of mortum, what do y’all think of their background? mortum is definitely not their real name. they’re quite sympathetic about the whole “starting anew” thing. they’re so used to changing their accent, acting, and perhaps they changed their face too. they also had an interesting reaction upon seeing ortega in the party.

i hate all of you so much and i hope you know that

honestly, same. i’ll force myself to play through everything even the routes i don’t like so much because i’ve been waiting so long for this gdi :sob::sob::sob:


Honestly I’m not gonna lie here… I had the stupid thought for a moment that Dr. Mortum is Ortega’s dad with a new body or a face change. Solely because the dude was on my mind after finding out he was MIA or KIA in service.

…But was there a body?!

Honestly, I don’t remember.
It was a crack theory to begin with but imagine the melodrama.


If that actually happens in the books at least we know who’s idea it was! Also, can you imagine how funny the reveal scene would be! All with the MC right in the middle, with just the most confused look on their face.


i actually also like the option to be a rival :joy: it’s just so fun either way.
awww, thanks for liking my post! and yes, love scene with Mortum was so good too! :heart_eyes:

i had this weird feeling that Mortum could be also ex-hero or perhaps brother/cousin of Ortega. OR FAMILY MEMBER/CLOSE FRIEND OF HERO WHO DIED WHO WORKED WITH ORTEGA. like Anathema for example?

yes, i understand your feeling :sob: at least i love most of the options and wouldn’t have much problem playing all the options. because seriously, there was a certain game that i had to grit my teeth to force myself playing all the options :grimacing:


I was able to try a bit of the demo but it is currently down and I didn’t get very far so I wasn’t able to finish. Steel seems interesting though.


Mortum could be locust. They did disappear and despite the preset gender, they could be cross-dressing as them. This would add a new thick layer to the Mortum romance if they knew who you were since the beginning and have been seeing your thoughts and poking fun at your identity during the entire relationship.

@resuri08 Not gonna lie , I’m kinda jelly right now.


omg, your Mortum theory is breaking my heart :sob:

and yes, i’m also jealous! i never got to play the latest demo