Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


You can persuade him to get rid of it and he does :>

Double points if this is a romance thing


Nevermind, and where ?


Ya’ll Ortega’s romance will kill me like in game this is almost a decade in the making

And everyone can see it except Herald (AMAZINGLY)

Also is anyone getting some Jason Todd feels from the MC? Or maybe just me regarding Akira


In my case, with my MC it is always a romance thing with Ortega whether she wants to admit it or not (seriously I just love the Ortega romance). And while I’m personally not that fond of moustaches, my MC is more up for teasing him about missing half of it, and if it feels like he actually wants to keep it, she would probably let him make the choice, as to not feel like she’s forcing her opinion on him.

and @IlliterateSandwich I imagine him drawing it on and my MC just dying from a mixture of amusement and secondhand embarrasment, because “why is he like this and why do I lov…like him so much!” xD


I always headcanon mc and Ortega secretly being shipped by Argent. I have no idea why but that just became a thing of me imagining she is secretly rooting for the ship to sail. It somewhat makes sense that Herald may not see it on account of how he was a huge fan and he’s still somewhat hung up on the fact his idol is now back from the dead.Idk.


I feel like he just gets persuaded by the fact he’s still into the mc, I don’t think he really cares about mustache considering how he doesn’t appear all that defensive about it.


I’m all for oblivious, hero worshiping, fan boy Herald but imagine him taking it to the extreme and being way off base in his assumptions.

Cute/Funny Scenario

Herald confronting MC: “So… I’ve noticed you’ve been pretty distracted lately and can’t help wondering if it’s a person that’s distracting you and well…”

MC mentally freaking: OMG no. If he even mention’s Ortega’s name I’m going to have a breakdown right here and now. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it.

Herald: “Is this about Steel?”

MC: What the [insert chosen expletive here]? Where did Steel come from?

Herald awkwardly continuing after noticing MC’s expression: “I’ve noticed him staring at you sometimes…”

MC: “You mean his Death Glares?”

Herald: “And then there are the times where you two just wander off together…”

MC: “We go somewhere to argue in seclusion so we aren’t yelling in front of everyone.”

Herald: “But then why did Charge ask to keep an eye on you two that one time?”

MC: “Because we argue all the time and he thinks we’re going to kill each other!

Herald: “Oh… so it’s that kind of tension and not…?”

MC: “NO.

MC: …

MC: Wow this boy doesn’t just need physical training, he needs some intellectual training too.


Poor herald.

Basically besides the looks and the luck with getting the flight (and super strength?) he has this paper mache relationship with ardent that is just for cameras from what we’ve seen. He also personally gets his butt handed to him by his idol who is the cities newest villain, oh and they hate him cause we just don’t like his face,oh and he’s somewhat dim when it comes to people.


Hey, I have a weird question. People in here are all saying they can’t play the demo anymore, but I’m still able to play (what I believe is) the full demo. So is that not supposed to happen?


Huh. Where? It is removed from.Dashingdon?


The link was removed in the original Fallen Heroes thread. =O

Edit: I forgot to check dashingdon. It is still up.


Huh. Apparently I have 2 dashingdon accounts. Now what is the login to my old one again… Good spotting.

Edit: deleted


On romances though: Mortum’s is actually super OTP worthy too but I’m too enamoured with Ortega’s romance that there is def some guilt at play here :))

(Like I’m sorry Mortum, if Ortega wasn’t around you’d probably be number one in my heart but alas the new/old flame stole my heart and kept it)

I have 0 clue as to how Argent or Herald will work but I’m very hopeful for it. Steel has me very intrigued since he’s not fond of you at all – or it seems like it – but gosh the possible angst of having feelings for Ortega in the past and possibly having feelings for Steel in the present


If I recall I believe steel’s hatred of the MC stems from the fact they are a telepath, that and Ortega is overly trusting of them and infatuated with them.

I’m defiantly doing a Mortem loveline, but Ortega comes first hands down.


Sorry if I caused any problems.

Anyways, Steel’s route is probably my second choice after Ortega. The tension between the two is so interesting and I wonder how it will play out when and if we lie about losing our powers.


Nah, I just think Maylin intended to close the demo a while back so people would be licking their chops for the full release. I just want the chance to be sincere with Steel and just ‘attempt’ to have a heart to heart about all these problems. Not sure about a romance cause that just might break Ortega’s heart if my MC did that, talk about a blind side.

The powers problem is a huge can of worms for many reasons besides the mc lying about them. Such as the fact we’ve even lied to Ortega about the fact your a natural born telepath where he believe’s you got your powers through the power drug in the game. (This leaves Ortega to believe that your powers couldn’t grow but you could only become proficient with it.
I wanna learn what hapened at the farm.


Yes add to the drama of Ortega having history with the MC and if heading towards a romanced!Steel, he’s jealous and hates it. Tries to not lash out but ends up manifesting in a horrible way? Idk, Steel just seems the type to have unhealthy coping mechanisms

But yes. thank for the reminder of why Steel dislikes the MC

Honestly I would like a scene where they begrudgingly will have to work together :)) and see how the dynamic works from that


I want it

I feel like that essentially hits the nail on the head when it comes to steel, horrible coping mechanisms sounds like a big possibility but we haven’t seen enough to make an accurate guess. Man I need the game…


I thought so too, but Steel isn’t an ignorant bigot (though he can be a real ass at times). He acts like that towards telepaths because he knows the real dangers they can perform, however he also knows that Ortega is immune to telepathic attacks/suggestions so I can’t see him hating the MC because of how Ortega acts toward them. Well at least with regards to telepathy.


Was it ever explained why Ortega is immune to MC’s telepathy or was it just because of his own powers? That part was a bit hazy for me.

Edit: Oh thanks @IlliterateSandwich. That kinda makes more sense now. I remeber the seizure part but never connected the two


You do have a point ,it never does explicitly say that steel hated the mc being near Ortega. I just assumed, he may have had dealt with one in the past prior to the heartbreak incident. This is just another reason to build a time machine to get to the 15th quicker. I need answers dammit! :sob:
@Argentum he has a disability with seizures and his electrity in his brain has something to do with making him immue to telepathy .