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Two more days. Two more. Comes back to life







edit: Quick question- the last beta was how much of the current game being released? :confused:




Honestly, when this game comes out Imma lose it, and I’m right there with you with writing a nice fat review for the game.

@Lurker Same, and I keep failing to explain it in full detail to where they understand so I’m basically just gonna float the demo over as soon as it releases on the app store.

@Kattz This website honestly doesn’t get half as much recognition as it deserves, I love this site and the community here is amazing!

heavy breathing



I kind of disagree… this is interactive novel to the core, where story telling take the main essence of the novel, it is about the reader/player Role- play into a protagonist who is well written into a story … “gaming” element is included but in the end, it is about the story of a pre-determined character , to include different variety of powers is like developing multiple stories within one package, which i think is illogical…for example, a hero with telepathy surely has different interpretation of his action and personality as compare to a hero who can manipulate elements or flying … because the story can tell of how it feel like to being able to hear what other is thinking , or what is the moral of respecting others’ privacy for being a telepath :slight_smile: for hero who fly, the story can write of how it feel to be able to fly or (not able to fly ) …
To be able to choose your own power, may means that the story will concentrate of what sort of arsenal you are shooting with , instead of concentrating on describing your power in dept … to describe each power in-dept with different story-arc of course will involve many writing and as i mention, it will be like developing multiple story in one package …

I personally prefer a pre-determine power that will gives detail impression and story-arc about that power , example when i shoot lightning from my hand, i prefer to read about how opponents will feel after being hit by a lightning , and how opponents think of using insulator or water to counter my power … rather than reading no matter what i shoot, my lightning, fire, frost , energy blast etc from my hand … the reaction will be the same "Argggg… " and the enemy fall down and succumb to my power without even indicating what so great of my power :slight_smile:


My impressions was that the games usually gives us several options, and it’s more rare to see predefined powers etc, like in Fallen hero. :slight_smile:

Currently I prefer a predetermined power-set, which functions as a fundament for the MC and how the world reacts to them. The story could thereafter implement choices, thereby shaping the powers and creating nuances in the story. The reason why I currently prefer this, is that the alternative with many choices for the MC’s base, makes coding much more much more complicated. This imo highly increases the risk of either the powers the MC have, not feeling like a unique traits, which shapes the MC and more like “replace power adjective A with power adjective B” but otherwise no changes or impact in the story. There’s of course also the high risk (especially with new authors for WIP Hosted games) that the extra amount of coding makes the task too difficult and the WIP gets, cancelled.

In general a way to make me worry for the future of a Hosted WIP is if the author implements too many options.


gasp well ain’t God good! :scream:
Hehe well the first book is releasing tomorrow for me! As long as there is no delays!


I agree with your reasoning, it always seems when they have more than one power set in a story that the power always comes across as tacked on. (might just be me, since I’m conscious of the reality that there is a choice) I feel like authors never really go into how the powers really affect and shape a character and how they act in their given world. This story felt really organic, this feels how someone would plausibly feel about being a telepath and how this would affect their daily life.

Examples in the cafe scene where you can people watch without actually looking at the people, and the fact the mc doesn’t recognize Ortega right away and instead recognizes them through the fact of how their mind feels to them. These are the sort of things that really sold the entire deal for me with the powers, that the main character actually felt like someone who had to coexist with their ability in their everyday life.

I fell like your earlier question may actually require a whole thread on its own, it would be a nice resource for future game developers to have when considering their character’s power set.

Right there with you,


That gif is just perfect :joy::joy:


You guys are so lucky! Still 2 days for me til the game is out and I can buy it. Really just about 36 hours but it’s still so far away… Honestly, I just hope that my exams won’t take up to much of my time on Thursday. Curse you school education!


LOL, my friends are so done with me right now. I talked them all into buying WHC now I’m talking them into this. XD There will be converters before I’m done. Or I’ll be gagged and hogtied in a closet cause they need me to shut up. X3

So excited though~


I wonder if this is going to be release early like TWC. XD I can’t wait to try this out.


I think there are going to be Two Titles release tomorrow :slight_smile:

It is unusual but it will ensure an eventful weekend ahead :slight_smile:


CCH 2 has a route where you can develop your powers don’t know if they are customizable but you can definitely develop super powers in it if you want to.

Hero rise is basically marvel comics where the social issues are atleast as important as the actual hero business if not more so. The powers you have were never really choice based otherwise the building up of social issues in background wouldn’t have worked well.


Do you live in Asia? Man tough break on the release for you, I’m personally lucky I still have nails to chew…

I can hear the song from this gif in my head every time I think about the release.


No dice it’s officially the 14th where I’m at just checked the playstore and nadda…looks like it’s gonna be the 15th. I’ll check for updates in an hour and die from joy if it’s up. I’ll inform you from the afterlife.


TWC was release on the 8th , 9 am in my side of the world so I was surprised it was released early since usually the official post from CoG usually happens 9th 2 am. XD
So I am hoping the same thing will happen. It is only 21 hours before the 15th here.


I’m located in the USA, East coast. You?


I live in Southeast Asia so our time is ahead.


I think it’s near to impossible to expect a release on 14th since u are in USA…So it’s definitely the 15th for u.



it’s worth a try anyway, lol who knows maybe I’ll get lucky.


Well if it happens, it is good for me too since I get it earlier than expected. So, wishing u all the luck in the world.