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Fallen Hero Complex

It’s not you, is it. Smoking blindly and drawing a map finely in spilled sugar with one hand while tugging on the fabric bunched at your leg with the other. Even now you want to escape. What route would you take? I’ll go with you. Fuck, take me with you, and this time I’ll be the sidekick. You’d try to run, I know. Step to one side, then the other and I’ll be right there trying to keep rhythm until we both end up dancing…

You weren’t mine to rescue, you said, the unnatural white of your eyes red. You said, again and again, reinforcing those walls daily, and there I was bright and early every morning with a sledgehammer and a smile. You weren’t mine to rescue? Well, did you ever once consider that you were rescuing me?

I know, I know, you hate clichés…or maybe it was just me.

My watch pinches the skin on my wrist. Caught like you could never be, pain like it was. I can’t move and call your name and have it not be you. So I’m stuck. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a scaredy-cat by the toe.

C’mon, man, this is childish.

Then again I was young once. You probably never were. Hell, in all the important ways I looked up to you.

Well…look at that, sharp shoulders curl and sigh, your once sweet face gone sad. That time you called me sensory overload? You played it off with the usual moody awkwardness while long black lash shadowed darker still over sharp cheekbones, mouth’s bow damp from your tongue and hard work, your breathing all over the place. And I’m the one who was sensory overload? Damn, kid.

I want to tug on your sleeve until your coat slips off your shoulder and pull you in. Now. I want you to hold me back like you never would.

And you never can.

'Cause I left my savior to the goddamned reaper and could only bribe a caretaker to leave tech mags and chocolate instead of the minty smokes you punished yourself with. Only the dead should taste ashes. And I’d rather you suffer through Scottish rain and my mother’s incense, remember?
When we both fell and needed air, that was the one time you kissed first…

It’s not you.
It’s not.
I whisper your name.
Again and again.

Then louder until it’s you.


I’d like to report the murder of the author of this game. Dead from feels…


Uggh! I am absolutely thrilled! I can’t wait to sabotage my own relationship with Ortega! Make em cheat on me with myself and be jealous…of myself. Wonderful!
Please love me Ortega! No wait, the other me! Eh? :sweat_smile:

Its not unlike a juxtaposition of character. My doll MC is perhaps more truthful to her emotions/wanting for Ortega. Wanting to love her the way she always wanted to but never could and such.
So, which fake will Ortega choose? The deceitful “real” MC? Or the plastic doll with a beating heart?

This game has awoken something in me. I’m an angst junkie now.


Well thank you now I’m trying to not cry at work after being hit by the feels train. Though no seriously A+ that was just fantastic. QnQ okay I’m going to cry for Ortega under my desk now.

This game isn’t even out yet and I’m already destroyed.


Hey what the heck I didn’t ask to sob today. (But now that I am I’m not going to complain.)

To be fair you brought this upon yourself by having the gall to write something so amazing and beautiful and fantastic as this. How dare you have so much talent and skill and creativity.


Lol you remind me of that one girl who catfished her own boyfriend online. Probably to see if he would be faithful or something.


Context please

Is it a date type of cooking or is this a flashback or what



Same, domesticity is my weakness. This is probably why I’m so obsessed with Mama Ortega and their mother/child relationship with the MC.


Wait! There’s gonna be more books?!?! Satchel :scream::scream::scream::scream:


yup, it’s a trilogy of pain, love, and suffering.


Omg I might be old and wrinkly by the time book two and three are out :joy:


A few more days and I all I want is a big damn kiss moment between the MC and LI of choice

Potential angst of the MC coming clean and telling them they’re too far gone to stop and this is goodbye


And then pleads with the MC and MC is conflicted af and oh gosh

Give me soft tender feels when the MC absolutely feels they do not deserve

(And then they do something that proves that the LI is right – in a good way not in a tragic way – which gives the situation hope)


I just saw that there’s two days until release. I might be slightly hyperventilating right now.


Maylin has made a lot of headway into book 2 while book 1 was still in copyedit. So old age isn’t your problem, It’s the feels.


I’m rather excited for the beta testing if Malin’s going to put it out as a demo

[or if it’s private I am very willing to volunteer as tribute]


You can honestly bet I’m going to make a long ass review when it comes out like I am so ready to write meta-analysis stuff for this game like you have no idea


:scream::scream::scream::scream: that’s good news! Please let the beta for Book two be soon. Like end of the year :joy::joy: jk


Thursday cannot come fast enough! I think my friends are tired of hearing me go on and on about FH. :relieved:


Please do.

And I always say this for really any indie devs especially if it’s their first game getting published, but please signal boost Fallen Hero (and Wayhaven and any other great game that you love on this site) like crazy if you aren’t already. It not only helps them but it also helps CoG when you bring attention to this media.


For some reason I can only really see Ortega do this (you know, still putting the MC first, even when they understand the terrible things they’ve done. I somehow think Ortega got kind of tunnel vision with the MC). Especially since they have a past and so much backstory together.

And in general, what I’ve said from all the way back to the early demos, if there’s someone who at least would hear out the MC (and wherein a redemption arc would function) it’s Ortega.

Granted I will admit I am super biased towards Ortega. ^^


That is my preliminary time table…