Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


You can choose the genders of both Ortega and Dr. Mortum. Other romances planned for future books can’t have their genders changed because they were are set in stone during the first book before they were even considered for becoming ROs.


Thank you :cry: I can survive the hype with you guys backing me!

Welp. Now I want to make some more moodboards.


The hype is killing me!!! Our time needs to move faster! =D


aggressive crying noises

Guyysssss I’m so excited, but Thursday is so farrrrr :sob:


We can do this! It’s so close. Just think of it as two more sleeps! It won’t be long and then the whole weekend can be FH


Oh god yes I feel like this is such an Ortega thing. I can see it too.

Hey thanks for that reminder of why I love them and why Ortega breaks my heart. Also we never really get to see Ortega’s very first reaction to seeing the MC since the MC doesn’t see Ortega until they call out to them- just imagine Ortega’s reaction to first seeing this person that they maybe kinda sorta had some pretty romantic feelings for ontop of being good friends and then who died and is now sitting right in front of them, alive and… well, maybe not well but at the very least alive.

It also makes me wonder if Ortega had ever seen someone who looked like the MC before on the street and thought that maybe there was a chance that they were alive but had always been proven wrong before. Or something along those lines, especially during the early grief and denial period. Just food for thought and heartbreak.

Just three more days.

We can do it.

We can hang on.

Three more days.


You say this now but we all know death is awaiting us on Thursday followed by a resurrection period of spastic flailing and tears

I’m probably projecting but I am willing to bet Ortega gives great hugs


Sounds like a plan. I’ll put it on my calendar.

You know what I’d put money on it.


I should’ve added that Ortega better because who else is going to hug us when this game drops? I’m so sure we’re all going to be a mess of feelings and no one in the cast seems like the type:

Steel? Pass. Would probably rather die than give a hug but he wouldn’t have a chance to even reject a hug since he’s forever in a tin can and suits of armour aren’t hugging material

Mortum? Pass but out of self preservation. The doctor is alive in the shady part of business for good reason and honestly would fear them more than the Rangers. If we were friends, would totally go for the hug but we’re not so let’s not

Herald? Gives press hugs – the quick one arm around you – and probs doesn’t feel as genuine so pass

Argent? I won’t even be able to get to pass, she’d probably just look at me and go “nope” then leave


But I have lectures this weekend! :sob: :sob: :sob:


Bless your heart what kind of nightmare Uni is that?!?!?! I’m sure it’s a good one cause they want to put the extra time in, but that is cruel and unusual to take the weekend. Be a bad person like me and read it under your desk.

Okay no wait the educator in me does not agree with the fan girl in me. Save it as a treat for staying awake through it…

Welp, it’s official I would give my right foot. (If nothing else my cinnamon crunch cupcake and from scratch Cinnamon cream cheese icing recipe) for that change of perspective! Just to see that moment. Perfect angst tears now. Though the perspective shift was one of my favourite features of WH, so I might be a little spiled wanting tha. But oh my god, yes the denial stage, they must have done similar during then. Though what might have been worst? Those mornings that they woke up and just sorta forget for a moment that the MC is dead, and then it comes crashing down again.

Or worst? Since a lot of us agree that Ortega would be the one to fuss over the MC’s eating habits and make them eat by bringing them food? What if before the incident that Ortega had talked them into coming over almost every morning to eat breakfast with him so he was at least sure that they ate something before they went out training or whatever? So for like the first month Ortega keeps accidentally making too much food or setting another plate?


Music school. :frowning: 'nuff said.

I’ll try cram between orchestra and sitzprobe and chorus. :sob:


Or avoiding certain foods since it reminds them of the MC

Keeps MC’s fave mug at the backside of the cupboards because they can’t bear seeing it

Making a habit of visiting their grave whenever they have a bad day because at the very least they were partners and talking to them always made them feel better

Mama Ortega grieving with her child and also worried since the MC and them were quite close and Ortega’s never been exactly as they were before (like a part of them died that day too)

I could go on but it’s only a few more days away


I’m excited to see everyone theories and screaming when the game comes out. XD

Also I really, really hope Mama Ortega is still alive when the story starts up. QnQ


I can almost feel the tears that will be shed as I read this. Just 3 more days. 3 days.

Just gotta get through my exams this week and I can have the weekend free to read!


I have been playing the demo since its inception, and now that it is almost officially released…
Am I the only one that still have no idea how I am going to proceed with my MC? Especially when dealing with Ortega…

Will my MC romance Ortega as is? or will I just romance them with my puppet? Will I do both?? I DON’T KNOW MY HEAD IS SPINNING :persevere::tired_face:
I want the MC and Ortega to have a happy ending…but I can’t deny the allure of delicious angst from raising Ortega’s hopes, only to break their heart into millions of pieces. SO. MANY .POSSIBILITIES!

For my first play through I am probably gonna choose LOTS of contradictory options because both my MC and me are a mess and any sound judgement is gonna be thrown out the window.

Same case with the charming, villainous doctor…


That’s the beauty of these games, the ability to go through multiple playthroughs.


Damnit, now you lot are giving me Ortega feels…

Gonna headcanon some of that… or wait… does that make it canon? Damnit, been spending too much time in the fandom. Also, don’t think it has come up in game yet, but Ortega can and will cook…


One of us, one of us, one of us…


You’re all making me sad with your ideas and ‘what ifs’ :cry: