Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion



The other person’s consciousness is still there. You have to either overpower it through brute mind control force or manipulate it enough to continue controlling their body. If their will is strong enough or your brute force / manipulation isn’t strong enough, then the person can take control of their body or at least stop your actions. IIRC There’s a possibility that the controlled person’s psyche to be damaged. The other person knows that their body is being controlled after all. Imagine how terrifying it must be to be see your body not following your commands and be used for villainous schemes.

About resistance, Ortega is someone you can’t get into. I think it’s something with their epilepsy?

Well, there is that. They still seem to retain their skills though (as seen in sparring with Ortega and the first big fight) and they have their mind reading powers to assist them so they still aren’t super helpless in a physical fight… unless you’re on a fair fight with Steel or Argent, that is.


It’s definitely more serious and kinda bleak, I would agree. But it’s also not… hopeless? I don’t know, but that’s part of what I loved about the demo was that the situation of the game seemed very very dire and bleak but there was never a moment when it really felt hopeless? Like there was sort of hope throughout- and this idea that we were stepping in at a time when things are at their worst but also as we’re trying to make it better? If that makes any sense? Ha, just part of what I loved (and will love again in four days, I’m sure. :grin:)

On that note: Only four more days!!


Hoping it does release on time :((

I can’t wait to see if Ortega finds out in this book or the next one regarding who the MC is


I remain optimistic!

Whenever/If ever that scene happens there’s about a 100% chance it will take my emotions through a blender.


Ortega Ortega Ortega! chants


Swear this has been the best spring break ever. First I got Wayhaven. (Which is fantastic guys, I recommend it if you haven’t read it and need something to tie over the wait. That and playing RenaB’s WIP demo for Model Citizen. It’s what’s getting me through the wait for sure.) Now, this week is going to be Fallen Hero.

I’m really excited for the game, I got to agree with what others mention that yeah this game can feel a little tense and bleak which I call out for the fact the MC is so well written you get into their mindset and still have some autonomy about how they feel about it all in a sense.

LIke how my main MC? She is one who never thought she was good enough in her heroing days, but she LOVED heroing. She loved helping people and never expected a thank you or pat on the back. (When she got it though it felt like early Christmas.) While when the story starts off. She’s broken, full of pain in a way, reluctant in what she must do, but knows it’s the only ways she can be of help and maybe even use. Even if it means she has to become a shadow of the person she used to be and bring out parts of her she hates. (Though always try to keep the innocents clear of it all the best she can.) Though even as she knows this is a necessary evil and will become the villain to help everyone she can. She can’t resist her heroing tendencies. (be it saving someone, sparing someone, hell if we get the option in the future? Become a Robinhood-esq sort of villain) Though yeah. It’s more organic I feel than most other Villian stories that have come out in the last couple of years so super excited!

Also, my vain half has to agree with Idon’tlikeusernames. I want a chance to make our character take better care of themselves at some point in the series. (cause lets be honest they really suck at this thing called self-care and health.)

OR a great way to interact with the others is someone drags the MC out to try and work out the physical kinks and help them get back in shape. (Though I can legit see Ortega lecturing the MC on not eating well. No idea why I can just see the moemnt of

Ortega: -sigh- You know, I’d think after this long you would at least remember to eat twice a day? Nope, not listening, sit there and eat your soup and grilled cheese. Keep this up and I’m coming over with lunch everday so I don’t have to worry aobut you starving yourself."


This sounds like Ortega to a T, likely would have happened in the demo if if we didn’t kick his teeth in tbh


After some initial hesitance, I never looked back as one with an eye for high quality men as discerning as the jeweler’s loupe.



And without the cookie duster?


Why must he show off his clavicles so?

Why indeed…

To me, Ortega is still that dazzling dalliance of a simpler time, (whence he came tap, tap, tapping at us to lift that mask and accept the kiss he so achingly desired to give), underneath the 'stache and maturing papa bear vibes, not yet in the prime of his life, yet not quite the playboy and hot property of youth, and all whilst accepting of what’s to come with a great wide, dimpled smile. He seems a unique brand of smoldering and kindness which is both magnetic and indecipherable to my sweetly acrid, nefarious nesting doll who has a tenuous understanding of the human experience at best. Ortega feels very much the earth element, and could naturally be an attractive grounding source to any MCs searching for something so intensely real to touch that it hurts.[/but enough about his sensuality and charisma :wink:]


I’m just here highkey suffering over the fact that – since I’m playing a romance route – the two lost one another, grieved, and then found each other again but are in very different places. MC is hellbent on vengeance or whatever other agenda and Ortega is still busy being a hero (god knows how much MC’s death weighs on their mind) and when they meet again it’s on the opposite sides of the field

And gosh, I can only imagine how high the emotions of Ortega must’ve been running when they see the MC in that cafe. Person who they loved – but a relationship never materialized – being alive after being assumed dead for years? Idk how that scene looks like now but I’d imagine MC being alive is the second chance of wanting to do things right by them and just maybe rekindling that romance. Though again, from the last time I played, Ortega’s more concerned about their wellbeing over anything else tbh


[I think it’s been made perfectly clear at this point that Ortega is my fave thing in this series at this point and I only have high hopes for this title]


Honestly, the hug seems mundane when you consider the circumstances that surround it. I still found the scene great despite the fact I hadn’t the slightest clue who this person hugging the mc is when I first played the demo.


I’ve been keeping my excitement pretty well in check but y’all are making it hard not to get hyped.


Dude up until two weeks ago I would check the hosted games board every hour to see when FH got out of Copy Edit hell.


Ok guys I’m still alive. Haven’t had a excitement attack yet but it could happen any day now. Anyone else feeling light headed or is just me? What are these spots? Oh boy…


Big mood

I just want to cry over MC and Ortega with all the info out so I can start writing fanfic/fan content and just pour out my undying love for this ship

Like I’ve just settled in making mood/aesthetic boards just to starve off the hype


Ortega seems to be a popular RO based from the posts here. :thinking: I can’t wait to get the game so I can relate. :laughing:


Is Ortega a man? Or you get to choose the gender?




No. Seriously. Ortega is one of my fave characters because of how rich they are as a character and is a very good foil to the MC. I could go into more detail but that’s spoiler-y

And the MC is no slouch either – or any of the cast for that matter – and generally speaking everyone is fully realized without having to rely on a relationship. Everyone has their own story, wants, desires, goals AND are independent because of that. Biggest peeve is when characters can’t stand on their own – especially if they exist for the consumption of another character, doubly so if this dynamic exists in a romantic angle.

Ortega and MC are great because of shared histories but are conflicting right now in the present and this actually enriches the kind of story they have. I could go on on why Malin is brilliant here, because gosh I could name a few titles that could learn from this, but I haven’t seen the full game yet. So with what I know this has me very excited

@Frogs you can choose!


Moodboards really are the answer for staving off hype anxiety, I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this. :sob:

I still need more info before I would call sidestep and Ortega perfect (They are the serious OTP for me and like 90%) I feel like Ortega is hiding something it’s a little too perfect for Maylin not to pass up the chance to turn the blade in our hearts. Like it’s a trail of candy leading to a meatgrinder kinda feeling…

@Frogs you get to choose the gender for mortem , a henchman, and ortega.



Okay. Ortega and MC are serious OTP worthy – would rank it right beside Garrus and Shep from ME – but they def aren’t perfect. I’m so sure there’s going to be something other than the MC’s current situation that’s going to throw a wrench in them as a couple and definitely more than one hurdle for them as people

I think though Ortega is too important right now for the unthinkable to happen. Maybe in B3 but I’m cheering for MC and them to have a “work for your happy ever after” kind of ending

[Or happy as happy can be given the world of FH]


Man book 1 ain’t even out yet and book 3 already around the corner like.

I do love them together, and I can’t bring myself to romance mortem in good conscience due to the body not being mine.