Fairmath calculator: online, no download, live (instant)


I know someone made a fairmath calculator in choicescript, but it’s slow and you have to download it. I made a much fast and instantly-calculating fairmath calculator (Links at bottom)
The choicescript wiki is incorrect where it says the formulas for fairmath but I can’t edit that page.
The real formulas are here (you’re welcome):

addition: round(x+((100-x)(y/100)))
subtraction: round(x-(x

Link One My original calc. (on scratch)
Link Two made by @Eleckar based off of my formula, this one’s on google sheets. Lets you compound with the same number.
Link Three This is based off of @Eleckar’s work and also on sheets. This one allows compounding with any additional numbers, but only all addition or all subtraction.


How do you keep track of your Fairmath?
Master List: Links for Beginners

Hm, neat.
Pretty useful to simulate a stat increasing situation.

A cookie for you, sir. :cookie:



Thank you. :grin:

I’ll be sure to use your corrected formulae when editing that page (which I’ve now bumped up much nearer the top of my very long Wiki To Do list), although the main intention will be to (try to) explain fairmath in the simplest terms possible for the majority to easily understand, using typical examples rather than the actual math involved.

Your online calculator is a handy tool though, and very nicely done. Is that URL likely to remain online indefinitely, and if so would you have any objection if the Wiki fairmath page linked to it?



Your online calculator is a handy tool though, and very nicely done. Is that URL likely to remain online indefinitely, and if so would you have any objection if the Wiki fairmath page linked to it?

It should be up for all eternity, but every 3-6 months, the site is down for maintenance for up to 5 hours.
Also, yes, I would be ecstatic to have it linked on the wiki. I’m pretty sure there’s even a way to embed it, if you wanted to do that. However, please leave credit to @Twiger_Fluff @ forum.choiceofgames.com

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Here’s the embed code: (you must add a < to the very beginning)
iframe allowtransparency=“true” width=“485” height=“402” src="//scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/168459345/?autostart=false" frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen>

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Oooh this will help me progress my games a lot faster. It has been a bit annoying replaying the entire game just to see the maximum my stats can go. Thank you!

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You’re welcome. That’s why I made the calculator :grin:



If enough people are interested in this, I could update my program to allow to have several increases at once because 50 %+ 20 is not the same as 50 %+ 10 x2.



I like what you got (especially the new formulae), but the platform is a bit iffy. I redid it with Google sheets, for those with a Google account.

Link to calculator


Master List: Links for Beginners

It would be very handy for the reason @EmperorHeartless mentions above, as a way to quickly determine the end stat as a result of several successive choices, making it easier to decide what the min value needs to be set at for the next stat check—without having to run an actual play-through up to that point.

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I added your link with credit to the top post so people can find it easier.
@Vendetta I added a way to show several compounding:

It’s Here But instead of making it on Scratch, it’s based off of @Eleckar 's spreadsheet thing.
For now, you can only compound addition on addition and subtraction on subtraction. Someone spreadsheet-smarter than me can maybe add buttons next to each thing to change whether to take the addition or subtraction output from the previous one.

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I’ve added a multiplier to my sheet as well. :slight_smile:

Also, if you rename yours it won’t be copy of copy of.



@Eleckar @Twiger_Fluff

That Wiki page has now been revised & updated. If you guys could check it out when you can spare a min and let me know if you think anything needs tweaking, I’d appreciate it.



You have the sharing permissions set wrong for “Fairmath Multiple Calculator”


The piece is nicely constructed, though.



Interesting, thanks for the heads up. I’ve never actually used it before personally (beyond just looking at something someone else has shared) and didn’t notice it had actually made a ‘copy’ in my account for which I first had to change access permissions. Fascinating.

I’m glad the article meets with your approval, and many thanks for looking it over. :slight_smile:



On the wiki, it says that fairmath will never give a value above 99 or below 1 but it can give both 0 and 100. Other than that, the page looks awesome.

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Under what circumstances? I tested it extensively to be certain in my own mind and it never resulted in greater than 99 or less than 1. Indeed, even applying an increase to a value of 100, or a decrease to a value 0, resulted in 99 and 1 respectively…

Edit: Just tested them and both the calculators we link to on the Wiki do allow results to achieve 0 or 100, which is not the case with ChoiceScript’s own formulae from what I can determine. A slight tweak needed in those calculators, perhaps?

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Umm alright. You’re not wrong, but I think choicescript is wrong. For no reason should 0 %+ 100 not equal 100. That is if I understand fairmath right. Maybe they did their formula wrong? The idea of fairmath is to… blah blah blah (it’s on the wiki) but adding to 0 or subtracting from 100 should be unrestricted.

It doesn’t make since to not let a percent be 0 or 100.



Yeah, I see what you mean. I’m assuming they decided 1-99 works just fine for game purposes (which it does, really) and so long as writers are aware of the limitation (e.g. so they don’t set an *achieve condition based on actually achieving 100 in a given stat…) then it’s unlikely to cause anyone any real problems.

If you do manage to nail down the actual formulae used please let me know and I’ll update the Wiki accordingly. Thanks. :slight_smile:



Well I wonder if their formula is the same thing but with a condition that just sets anything above 99 to 99 and anything below 1 to 1.

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