Failing Quick Test for Stat Page?


I’m new to the forum and to these games in general. Even more new to coding one of these games. I’m mostly brute forcing my way through the process and when I hit walls I look for answers.

I could not seem to find a thread on this particular issue I am having of failing a quick test but not random test. As well as this failure does not seem to be causing any problems with the game working properly. Any thread I have found that is similar not helpful or I am too new to see how it is helpful.

Here is what the test tells me:

Error: line 36: Not a number: Braylan

The code in questions reads as follows:

*if Braylan >0
percent Braylan

If I have missed a thread on this issue I apologize for creating a redundant thread.

I really don’t know how to fix this issue and at this point I am assuming my methodology for coding is wrong/causing this problem.

Any and all help will be much appreciated.



For what you say Braylan is set as a variable that is not a number. if you can look at the code where you created that variable and check that is set to a number and not a string or something else.


That fixed it!

I feel as dumb as a box of rocks. I should have figured that one out.

Thank you for the super quick reply!


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Don’t worry, it happens, sometimes you look so much at the code that you stop seeing it even when its in front of your face :rofl:


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